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Yuta Okkotsu vs. Suguru Geto is a battle fought by Tokyo Jujutsu High first-year student, Yuta Okkotsu against special grade curse user, Suguru Geto. It takes place at Tokyo Jujutsu High after Geto invades the school in an attempt to isolate Yuta and steal the vengeful spirit, Rika.


As the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons rages on in Shinjuku and Kyoto, Suguru goes alone to Jujutsu High to find Yuta. He casts a curtain that both Yuta and Maki notice. Toge and Panda are sent back to the school once the curtain is spotted. However, Suguru defeats Maki, Toge, and Panda all in brutal fashion.

Yuta arrives late to the scene of the battle where he finds his friends all bloodied and battered by Suguru. Enraged by the sight of his injured friends, Yuta calls on Rika's power and fully manifests her vengeful spirit form for the second time. Suguru tells Yuta that he's going to die and Yuta responds with tears running down his face that he'll kill Suguru for what he's done.[1]


Yuta and Rika fighting Geto's curses (Anime)

Yuta and Rika avoiding Suguru's first wave of curses.

Yuta uses Rika to secure his friends and tries to move to a safe area as several of Suguru's curses chase them. The rumbling of the pursuit shakes the school grounds, eventually breaking through a building as Yuta and Rika evade into the air. Suguru begins this fight with a large quantity of weaker curses before showing his more powerful ones as a way to test the Queen of Curses ability. Yuta and Rika move to a safer area where he heals his friends wounds with a reverse cursed technique.[2]

Suguru is impressed with Yuta's ability to heal so he allows him to go through with it. When Yuta finishes saving his friends, he asks why Suguru stopped attacking. The curse user adds that the distraction gives him time and asks them to continue. Yuta decides to use a cursed tool Rika can summon that has the Inumaki Family sigil. Using the megaphone Yuta commands all Suguru's centipede-like curses to die, instantly detonating them all on command. Suguru is impressed at Rika's sheer amount of boundless cursed energy can be shaped into any technique, making him want her more and more.

Yuta commands Geto's curses to die (Anime)


Yuta goes down to Suguru at ground level to confront him directly. Suguru recognizes that Yuta is impassioned with a strength he's never felt before. His body is coursing with cursed energy, fine-tuning his senses and increasing his physical abilities. He uses his inventory curse to arm himself with Playful Cloud and affirms that he'll have to defeat Yuta himself since the weaker sorcerers weren't enough. Yuta stands across from him sword in hand, telling Rika that they'll defeat him together.

Suguru states that humans are foolish for envisioning higher beings called gods. He finds this laughable since sorcerers already exist. Yuta quickly rushes Suguru and slashes at him, but the curse user side steps Yuta and parries his next swing with the three-section staff. Rika gets behind Geto but he's able to block her attack. Both Yuta and Rika follow up with their next attack but Suguru blocks the katana and Rika's fangs with different parts of the staff at the same time.

Yuta Okkotsu vs

Suguru engaging Yuta and Rika in close combat.

Yuta tells Suguru that he sounds immature for considering himself a god. The curse manipulator summons an octopus-like spirit from underneath his foot to tie up Yuta while still blocking Rika. Yuta slashes apart the tentacles attempting to restrain him, but this leaves his face open to being smashed by Playful Cloud. Suguru prepares to follow up and the staff nearly strikes Yuta again, but Rika is able to pull him away in time. The ex-jujutsu student uses the opportunity to educate Yuta, attempting to teach him about the evils of the weak trampling on the strong using sheer numbers.

Yuta's Black Flash (Anime)

Yuta resorts to using his fists to smash Suguru.

Yuta ignores Suguru and tells Rika he's okay as he finishes tending to his injured face. Yuta moves even more quickly and gets behind Geto, preparing an all-out swing using his cursed energy. However, the katana breaks apart from the pressure. Suguru reminds Yuta to only apply a little bit of cursed energy at a time, but he's interrupted when Yuta delivers a powerful left hook that smashes Suguru's face back and sends the man reeling, flipping to the ground from the impact. Yuta tells Suguru that he needs to believe he's allowed to live and to do that he needs to kill Suguru for hurting his friends.

Pure love cursed energy beam (Anime)

The final clash between Yuta and Suguru.

Suguru reveals that there are only four special grade humans and sixteen special grade curses. One of those sixteen is Imaginary Vengeful Spirit Tamamo-no-Mae Incarnate. Additionally, he's going to use all 4,461 in his possession into one attack - Maximum: Uzumaki! Suguru is thankful that he found Yuta before he could master Rika's full power. With no other choice, Yuta commits his life to Rika and empowers her with a kiss. Essentially sacrificing himself to surpass the limits of cursed energy, Rika evolves into an evil more powerful form, opening her cycloptic evil eye. Suguru calls him a womanizer but Yuta believes this is pure love. A beam of Rika's concentrated cursed energy classes with Maximum: Uzumaki, creating a gigantic explosion that concludes the battle for good.[3]


Rika's curse is lifted (Anime)

The curse on Rika's spirit is broken.

Suguru barely escapes with his life, as the entire right side of his body has been singed and nearly destroyed. He believes he will get her next time, but Satoru Gojo finds him shortly after. Satoru confirms all his "family members" got away in Shinjuku and Kyoto. Suguru realizes that Satoru knew full well that Yuta's growth would be triggered in this battle. Satoru trusted Suguru enough not to kill young sorcerers with potential.

Suguru is surprised Satoru still felt any connection to him and returns Yuta's ID. This confirms for Satoru that Suguru was behind the elementary school curse as well. He gives Suguru a chance to speak his last words and the former jujutsu student admits that he couldn't be happy from the bottom of his heart. Disappointed, Satoru wishes Suguru could at least curse him at the very end.

Meanwhile, Yuta wakes up from the battle to Panda, Toge, and Maki. They're alive thanks to him but he claims he has to go with Rika now. However, Rika's cursed form crumbles apart and Satoru arrives to reveal the curse has been broken. He reveals that Yuta cursed Rika's spirit with his cursed energy by rejecting her death when they were kids. Exceeding the limits of that power freed Rika's spirit, unbending the curse from her at last. Yuta and Rika say their last goodbyes as she reveals she was happier with Yuta as a curse than she was when she was alive.[4]


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