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Yuta Okkotsu & Maki Zenin vs. Cursed Spirits is a battle between Tokyo Jujutsu High first-year students Yuta Okkotsu and Maki Zenin against several cursed spirits. It takes place at an unspecified elementary school being investigated by Yuta and Maki for paranormal activity involving missing children.


Gojo brings Yuta and Maki to an elementary school where kids have been going missing.

Following Yuta Okkotsu's introduction to his fellow first-year students at Tokyo Jujutsu High, their teacher, Satoru Gojo announces their afternoon practical jujutsu class will be conducted in pairs. Toge is paired with Panda and Maki is paired with Yuta, much to her displeasure.

Maki can tell he was bullied and knows he's been passive his whole life. She doesn't believe he has what it takes to get through Jujutsu High but Panda and Toge stop her from being too harsh. While getting berated he was nervous and sweating, but Yuta calms down thanks to Panda and says that it's okay. He admits that Maki is right after all.

Gojo sensei takes Yuta and Maki to an elementary school where a two kids have turned up missing. Schools are paranormal hotspots so a curse manifested on its own and abducted the children. It's the jujutsu student's mission to exorcise the curse and rescue the kids. Gojo begins the mission after casting a curtain and advising his new student not to die, scaring Yuta.[1]


Maki exorcising a trio of curses with a single swing of her cursed tool.

Maki tells the transfer student to focus on the enemy in front of them. Yuta turns to realize there are three one-eyed cursed spirits with stiches tying two flaps of their body together. The curses rip apart these stiches to reveal a horrifying mouth with large teeth. The trio runs towards the students, making Yuta nervous. He asks what they should do and Maki tells him to stop talking and pay attention. She has a lesson for him: curses who team up are weak.

A giant curse surprise attacks Yuta and Maki.

Maki turns around to face the curses and slashes all three of them in half with her spear in one swing. She says the same concept applies to human's as well while Yuta watches impressed. They investigate inside the school to look for the students. Maki notices curses won't reveal themselves because of Yuta and asks to see his school ID. While's she's looking it over a giant curse appears in the hallway of the school and surprises them.

The giant curse breaks the building apart and sends both students hurling into the air. It opens its mouth filled with sharp teeth and attempts to swallow its prey. Maki tries to use her spear to stop herself from being swallowed but the monster's sharp teeth deflect the blade and cuts Maki's leg.

Yuta calls on Rika's power to save Maki and the kids.

Both students fall into the belly of the beast, where they find the two missing kids. One of them is unconscious and the other has been cursed. Maki's leg injury has been cursed as well. Gojo will come for them eventually but it may be too late by then. Maki asks why Yuta enrolled at Jujutsu High as a way for him to prove his resolve. Yuta dig deeps and reveals that more than anything he wants to believe that it's alright for him to continue living. Maki tells him he can earn his place and people's respect by exorcising curses because that's the kind of connections Jujutsu High provides for its students.

Inspired, Yuta puts on the ring Rika gave him from six years ago. He asks Rika to help him save everyone and the special grade vengeful spirit violently erupts from the stomach of the curse. It demands to know who this new spirit is but Rika tells it stop shut up and crushes its face with a tight grip of her massive hands. She enjoys the red blood covering her hand and continues tearing through the spirit looking for blue colors.

Meanwhile, Yuta uses encouraging words from Rika's human spirit to carry everyone safely outside the curtain.[2]


Gojo takes everyone to the hospital following the incident. In the waiting room, Gojo tells Yuta that everyone will be okay. Despite the good news Yuta seems concerned. Yuta reveals he summoned Rika for the first time and remembered his end of the promise he made with Rika as kids. He feels as if it's possible that he's cursing Rika and he's not the one who's actually been cursed.

Gojo seems to agree with Yuta's theory, claiming love manifests the most twisted curses. Yuta finds his resolve and decides to find a way to free Rika of the curse by training as a sorcerer at Jujutsu High.[3]


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