Yuta Okkotsu ( (おっ) (こつ) (ゆう) () Okkotsu Yūta?) is the main protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen's prequel series Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High. He was initially a Special Grade Cursed Human haunted by his late childhood friend, Rika Orimoto. Satoru Gojo mentored Yuta and enrolled him at Tokyo Jujutsu High. Yuta is currently a second-year student at Jujutsu High. He was studying overseas until after the Shibuya Incident.


Yuta is a young man of average size with disheveled black hair and dark blue eyes. His body language makes it easy to tell that Yuta is very stressed. His posture is very unconfident and his eyes have dark spots under due to lack of sleep.

At his old school, Yuta wore a suit for their uniform. For casual wear, Yuta sports a long-sleeve shirt that stops at his forearms, or a black t-shirt, and dark green pants.

After transferring to Tokyo Jujutsu High, Yuta received a specialized uniform. Yuta has a loose white jacket with sleeves that stop at his forearms. The rest of his uniform appears to be the usual Jujutsu High dark colors. He also often carries his sword on his back.


Yuta's desire to gain the confidence to feel like he deserves to be alive.

Yuta was a very timid and lonely boy who was bullied a lot while growing up. Due to Rika haunting much of his early life, Yuta was unable to make connections with other people and has lost all confidence in himself. This makes it difficult for Yuta to interact with others, as they often scare him without meaning to or he's just too shy to speak to them.

Even so, Yuta genuinely cared about other people and decided to isolate himself from them even if it means remaining alone. Maki Zenin called Yuta out for being a moody kid who's lived his entire life without goals.[1] He acknowledged that this was true and used her advice to gain a resolve for being a Jujutsu Sorcerer. This helps Yuta realize that deep down he truly desires the confidence to feel like he belongs.[2]

Yuta learning to understand and become friends with others.

While his timid nature stays intact, Yuta slowly begins to become more social and interact with others normally. Even after early signs of improvement, Yuta still struggled to understand someone like Toge Inumaki. He was initially scared of Toge[3] until he realized how kind of a person he truly is and made an effort to establish a friendly connection.[4]

Yuta feeling responsible for cursing Rika.

Gaining friends helps Yuta gain confidence in himself and establish the goal to help set Rika free. He felt responsible for her turning into a curse in the first place[5] and worked extremely hard to find a way to help her. He pushed himself during training and took the words of all his friends and mentors to heart, showing a more determined side of himself.[6] At his core, Yuta wants to become someone who can help keep others out of danger.

Against Suguru Geto, Yuta showed the darkest side of himself. Geto hurt Yuta's only friends, and the young man was more than willing to kill him for it.[7] Yuta's rage allowed him to even command Rika's power at will. He was willing to sacrifice his life to use Rika to kill Geto in order to avenge his friends, the only people who give him the confidence to continue living.[8]

Abilities and Powers

Yuta using his katana while fighting alongside cursed Rika.

Overall Skill Level: Yuta is one of four Special Grade sorcerers recognized by Jujutsu High.[9] While being haunted by Rika's cursed spirit, Yuta was immediately registered as a Special Grade due to Rika's immense power. He apparently dominated all of the Kyoto students in the 2017 Goodwill Event[10] and was able to defeat Suguru Geto after releasing the limiters on Rika's power.[11]

Yuta exorcising a cursed spirit on his own.

After training with Gojo and the other students, Yuta learns to control his cursed energy and becomes reliable with a sword.[12] Even after Rika's curse is dispelled, Yuta retains his Special Grade ranking and Gojo has stated that Yuta has the potential to surpass him.[13] Yuta's great power comes from being a descendant of one of the Big Three Vengeful Spirits of Japan and it is the reason he cursed Rika when he rejected her death at a young age.[14]

Yuta trained for the majority of 2018 overseas with Miguel, a talented sorcerer who was commended by Gojo himself. Since returning to action in Japan Yuta has become a masterful jujutsu sorcerer entrusted by the jujutsu higher-ups to handle curses as well as execute Sukuna's vessel. Upon confronting Yuji, Naoya Zenin, and Choso, both exceptional jujutsu users were able to recognize Yuta was far more powerful. Naoya especially, who prides himself on his abilities was quick to ally himself to Yuta to avoid any potential conflict. Choso advised Yuji to run at all costs because fighting Yuta would ensure death, comparing his strength to Satoru Gojo's[15]

Expert Swordsman: Yuta was given a katana mainly as a way to channel Rika's power.[16] Through vigorous training with Maki, a cursed tool user, Yuta became decent with a sword, able to hold his own against powerful cursed spirits[17] and even Suguru Geto, who has exceptional physical prowess.[18] As a second-year student Yuta continues to wield his katana as his main weapon. He is far more proficient and moves extremely well as a swordsman. Yuta reinforces his body and his blade with cursed energy, allowing him to wield it with superhuman physical prowess.[19] He defeated a large high-level cursed spirit with a diving stab so powerful it cracked the ground beneath the curse.[20]


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Yuta Okkotsu's immense cursed energy.png Immense Cursed Energy: Yuta's power comes from his relation to Michizane Sugawara, but it only first manifested when he transformed Rika into a cursed spirit. Rika became a vengeful spirit so powerful that Suguru Geto, an avid collector of powerful cursed spirits, dubbed her the "Queen of Curses". Rika's boundless cursed energy could be shaped into any technique, allowing Yuta to use advanced jujutsu shortly after learning how to use it.[21]

Despite Rika's spirit getting unraveled from the curse, Yuta retains the immense amount of cursed energy well after the event. He claims to have more than Gojo sensei himself but without the Six Eyes he can't manage as well and will eventually run out, unlike his teacher.[22] Yuji and Choso could immediately tell from Yuta's presence that his cursed energy was on par with Satoru, with the former claiming it was even more creepy and ominous.[23][24]

Advanced Cursed Energy Control: Initially as someone who has only been studying Jujutsu for a year or so as of 2018, Yuta was still learning the ropes on how to control his cursed energy. He quickly learned how to channel some of it into his ring or his katana, but would often rely on Rika's full power rather than finely controlling it on his own. While fighting Suguru Geto, Yuta imbued too much cursed energy into his katana at once and shattered it at a result[25]

Following his year overseas, Yuta returned to Japan with much greater control over his massive amounts of cursed energy. He compensates for a lack of physical prowess by reinforcing his entire body and his katana with a constant surge of cursed energy while in battle. Not only does this make Yuta's movements impossible to read by sensing his cursed energy, but this coating of cursed energy also grants him incredible speed and power as well.

Yuta's every attack carries incredible destructive power and he can restrict all incoming damage to himself to a minimum. By falling to the ground with his body reinforced, Yuta shattered the ground from the impact. Additionally, his reinforced physical skills are improved to such a degree that he can contend with Yuji Itadori's natural physical prowess. He can match Yuji's blistering speed while carrying a drawn katana. He even threw a back at Yuji after the sorcerer with superhuman strength tossed it at him first.[26]

Yuta Okkotsu surging with cursed energy.png

Former Jujutsu

Cursed Rika Manifestation
Yuta manifests Rika against Geto.png Special Grade Vengeful Spirit Rika has only been fully manifested twice, but both times showcased that she is truly one of the most powerful cursed spirits to ever exist. While haunting Yuta could attack anyone who got too close to him using her arms without fully manifesting herself[27], and he could draw cursed energy from her.

Fully manifesting with only a small percentage of her power, Rika can effortlessly kill giant curses. At full power, Rika was able to contend with nearly every cursed spirit in Geto's arsenal. After surpassing her limits, Rika's power was far beyond every curse in Geto's collection put together into his Maximum Uzumaki technique.[28]

Copied Cursed Techniques
Yuta healing his friends.png Thanks to Rika's immense levels of cursed energy, Yuta was quickly able to adapt to his friends injuries and use a Reverse Cursed Technique to heal all of them at once. Yuta was able to use the advanced healing ability with less than a years worth of jujutsu training with Rika's power.[29]
Yuta using Cursed Speech.png Using an outside source for the "Snake Eyes and Fangs", Yuta can even replicate Toge's Cursed Speech, something usually reserved for descendants of the Inumaki Clan. Yuta has difficulty controlling the cursed energy released by the technique, but it's highly effective nonetheless. He was able to command every single one of Geto's swarm of lower-grade cruses to die at once.[30]


Gojo gives Yuta a katana.png Yuta was given a katana by Gojo as a vessel to channel Rika's cursed energy. At first, he struggles to properly focus his cursed energy into the blade and only managed shallow cuts against strong cursed spirits. After vigorous training and experience on missions, Yuta learns to properly wield the blade with Rika's power. However, it was a normal katana and could not take an overflow of cursed energy, breaking as a result. Yuta received another katana afterward and continues to use it even without Rika's presence.
Yuta Okkotsu comparing himself to Satoru Gojo.png Yuta is a much more proficient swordsman with his new katana which he carries with him everywhere in a black case. In battle, he leaves the sheath on his waistband and fights with the sword drawn at all times. His main form of combat appears to be swordplay reinforced by vast cursed energy.



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