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Yuta Okkotsu ( (おっ) (こつ) (ゆう) () Okkotsu Yūta?) is a major supporting character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series and the main protagonist of its prequel series, Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High. He was initially a special grade cursed human haunted by his late childhood friend, Rika Orimoto. Satoru Gojo mentored Yuta and enrolled him at Tokyo Jujutsu High.

Yuta is currently a second-year student at Jujutsu High where he works as a jujutsu sorcerer. He was training overseas in Africa with Miguel until after the Shibuya Incident when he returned to Tokyo.


Yuta is a young man of average height with disheveled black hair and dark blue eyes. His body language makes it easy to tell that Yuta is very stressed. His posture is very unconfident, and he has dark eyelids due to lack of sleep.

At his old school, Yuta wore a suit for their uniform. He sports a long-sleeve shirt that stops at his forearms or a black t-shirt and dark green pants for casual wear.

After transferring to Tokyo Jujutsu High, Yuta received a specialized uniform. Yuta has a loose white jacket with sleeves that stop at his forearms. The rest of his uniform appears to be the usual Jujutsu High dark colors. He also often carries his sword on his back.


Yuta's desire to gain the confidence to feel like he deserves to be alive.

Yuta was a very timid and lonely boy who was bullied a lot while growing up. Due to Rika haunting much of his early life, Yuta was unable to connect with other people and has lost all confidence in himself. This makes it difficult for Yuta to interact with others, as they often scare him without meaning to, or he's just too shy to speak to them.

Even so, Yuta genuinely cared about other people and decided to isolate himself from them even if it means remaining alone. Maki Zenin called Yuta out for being a moody kid who's lived his entire life without goals.[1] He acknowledged that this was true and used her advice to gain a resolve for being a jujutsu sorcerer. This helps Yuta realize that deep down, he truly desires the confidence to feel like he belongs.[2]

Yuta learning to understand and become friends with others.

While his timid nature stays intact, Yuta slowly becomes more social and interacts with others normally. Even after early signs of improvement, Yuta still struggled to understand someone like Toge Inumaki. He was initially scared of Toge[3] until he realized how kind of a person he truly is and made an effort to establish a social connection.[4]

Yuta feeling responsible for cursing Rika.

Gaining friends helps Yuta gain confidence in himself and establish the goal to help set Rika free. He felt responsible for her turning into a curse in the first place[5] and worked extremely hard to find a way to help her. He pushed himself during training and took all his friends' and mentors' words to heart, showing a more determined side of himself.[6] At his core, Yuta wants to become someone who can help keep others out of danger.

Against Suguru Geto, Yuta showed the darkest side of himself. Geto hurt Yuta's only friends, and the young man was more than willing to kill him for it.[7] Yuta's rage allowed him to even command Rika's power at will. He was willing to sacrifice his life to use Rika to kill Geto to avenge his friends, the only people who give him the confidence to continue living.[8]

Yuta adopts an apathetic persona in order to deceive others into thinking he wants to kill Yuji Itadori.

When Yuta returned to Jujutsu High after time away overseas, he was accompanied by a new Rika and it appeared as if he was lost in his darkness. He agreed to kill Gojo's other pupil, Yuji Itadori for the higher-ups and claimed it was revenge for cutting off Toge's arm.[9] Yuta carried a deathly serious and cold persona who was straight to the point. He attempted to kill Yuji before so much as exchanging words and then apologized while committing the act.[10]

However, this was all an act to help protect Yuji from the higher-ups. Yuta had to act a certain way to make it believable and he healed Yuji before the first-year died permanently. Even though Yuta has never met Yuji, he went out of his way to deceive authority and help Yuji because Gojo asked him to. Yuji is important to people who are precious to Yuta and that was more than enough reason for him to help. He also sympathizes with Yuji because he was in the exact same situation, up for execution bearing a power he could not hope to contain. Yuta doesn't blame Yuji for Sukuna's actions. [11]

Yuta sympathizes with Yuji's situation and protects him in Gojo's place.

Without the false guise of a cold killer, Yuta is still a naturally friendly person who has developed a lot as a person. He's much more social and is less timid than he used to be. When Gojo visited Yuta in Africa, the outspoken teacher was surprised his student was even telling jokes.[12]

Yuta assimilated comfortably back into interacting with his peers and dedicated himself to helping them. He agreed to help Megumi rescue his sister from the Culling Game. He also did his diligence as a senpai and agreed to stop Sukuna should he ever take control of Yuji's body again. Upon reuniting with Maki, Yuta was excited to see her and expressed concern about her injuries.

When it appeared as if Master Tengen's barrier had rejected their group, Yuta was concerned and quick to suggest they turn back because Megumi's sister doesn't have time.[13] Once Tengen allowed them inside and provided crucial information, Yuta agreed to enter the Culling Game right away by himself. He also suggested they get Kinji Hakari's help despite his moodiness and was modest enough to say that Hakari's strength sometimes surpasses his own.[14]

Abilities and Powers

Yuta's presence while he unable to contain Rika's power at all.

Overall Skill Level: Yuta is one of only four special grade sorcerers recognized by Jujutsu High.[15] While being haunted by Rika's vengeful spirit, Yuta was immediately registered as a special grade due to Rika's immense power, making him the most recent person to receive the ranking.

Yuta was completely unaware of how to fight or control his cursed energy when Satoru threw him into his first mission. He relied on Maki until they were swallowed by a curse and it came down to Yuta to rescue everyone inside. Yuta was able to tap into his emotions and fully manifest Rika, ripping the other curse apart and freeing everyone. Yuta barely carried everyone outside the barrier but he used what little physical strength and stamina he had to finish the mission.[16]

After training with Maki, Yuta becomes more capable with a katana.

This made Yuta painfully aware of how weak he was, so Maki trained him on the basics of armed combat for three months before his next assignment. He was never able to land a hit on Maki but always trained hard to improve himself and started to move a lot better. However, in his second mission, an exorcism with Toge, Yuta still found himself relying on his classmate's skill. When a semi-grade 1 curse ambushed them, Toge was injured saving Yuta. This time Yuta stepped up on his own without relying on Rika and helped Toge exorcise it. Yuta's training allowed him to avoid most of the cursed spirit's attacks and he even landed a counterattack. It was just a shallow slash, however, due to the toughness of the curse and Yuta's poor cursed energy control at the time.[17]

Apparently, during the 2017 Goodwill Event, Yuta completely dominated all of the Kyoto Jujutsu High competitors, including Aoi Todo. There is no record of him fully manifesting Rika at that time but Maki noted she was still around and was likely the reason Yuta won the event.[18]

Empowered heightened emotions and cursed energy, Yuta controls Rika and fights alongside her.

Continuing training throughout his tenure at Jujutsu High, Yuta continued to grow stronger and build a solid foundation as a sorcerer. On December 24, 2017, Suguru Geto targeted him in an attempt to take Rika for himself and Satoru sent Toge and Panda to intercept him. Satoru knew that Suguru wouldn't kill Yuta's friends, but that he would injure them enough to set off Yuta. This was exactly the case when Yuta confronted Geto after the curse user hurt Maki, Toge, and Panda. Yuta's emotions exploded and his power along with it, sending extraordinary levels of cursed energy coursing through his body. This resulted in an almighty increase of Yuta's physical abilities and the fine-tuning of his senses.[19]

Yuta removing the limits of Rika's power.

Alongside Rika, Yuta was able to match Geto one-on-one. He revealed not only the ability to use the extremely rare reverse cursed technique but the capacity to copy other cursed techniques like cursed speech as well. Geto claimed he was glad that he attacked Yuta before the student learned to properly wield Rika's power. Yuta was only able to defeat Geto by vowing to give his life one exchange for removing the limiters on Rika's boundless power, ultimately overpowering Maximum: Uzumaki and Tamamo-no-Mae Incarnate.[20] The major difference in their battle was that Yuta was willing to give his life to win while the cursed manipulator didn't have the vast majority of his curses, with over four thousand serving the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons.[21]

Following his victory, Yuta discovered he was the one who cursed Rika when they were young, not the other way around. He is a descendant of Michizane Sugawara, one of the greatest sorcerers to ever live, making Yuta a distant cousin of the Gojo clan. Yuta severed the bond tying servant to master and Rika didn't desire to punish him, so the curse was broken, freeing Orimoto's soul.[22]

Yuta originally thought that after Rika passed away he wouldn't be able to be a sorcerer anymore.[23] Kenjaku believes that Yuta's vast cursed energy and his ability to copy cursed techniques were tied to detaining his loved one's soul.[24] However, these are incorrect assumptions and Satoru Gojo has stated on more than one occasion that Yuta still has the potential to surpass him.[25][26]

Yuta taking out cursed spirits on his own upon returning to action.

By March of 2018, only three months after the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons, Yuta regained his rank as a special grade sorcerer. He is a prodigy who boasts incredible power and unusual abilities second only to Satoru Gojo.[27] Satoru forced Geto's comrade, Miguel, to train Yuta. Miguel mentored Yuta overseas while they searched for the Black Rope. Yuta didn't return to Tokyo until November of that year after the Shibuya Incident occurred and Satoru was sealed. In order to protect Satoru's student, Yuta purposely got himself chosen as Yuji's executioner and earned some of the trust of the higher-ups by dispatching curses throughout desolate Tokyo. He rescued a little girl from a large cursed spirit and then Rika instantly destroyed it without even physically appearing.[28]

Upon arriving to execute Sukuna's vessel, Yuta was recognized as a major threat to everyone. Yuji, Choso, and Naoya, three strong jujutsu users, were all briefly stricken by Yuta's unsettling cursed energy. Naoya, who especially prides himself on his abilities, was quick to ally himself with Yuta in order to avoid any potential conflict. Choso, another special grade, told Yuji to run away immediately because he could feel Yuta's overwhelming strength is on a scale similar to Satoru Gojo's, ensuring death.[29]

Yuji is forced to primarily focus on avoiding Yuta's attacks.

Following Choso's advice to get away from Yuta, Yuji attempted to flee but Yuta was able to run him down and engage his target one-on-one. Due to what occurred in Shibuya, Yuji was holding himself back, something Yuta noticed.[30] Yuji was able to recognize that Yuta has even more cursed energy than Satoru and his reinforcement techniques are far beyond what an average sorcerer can achieve.[31] Yuji could normally steel his own body with cursed energy to reduce damage but Yuta would easily pierce through that. This relegated Yuji to evading for most of the encounter.[32]

Yuji attempted to fight back with his own weapon and Yuta noticed his opponent was overly focused on the katana. Yuta eventually sliced him open but got his katana broken as a result. Rika decided to intervene and this point by partially manifesting, immobilizing Yuji with ease. This allowed Yuta to stop Yuji's heart and perform the "execution"[33], only to revive him with a reverse cursed technique. Yuta has mastered the ability to use a reverse cursed technique and output it as positive energy, something even Satoru can't do.[34][35] When Yuji returned for Naoya, he confronted Choso and knocked out the special grade with one hit.[36]

Expert Weapons Specialist: While first training as a sorcerer, Yuji was given a katana mainly as an object to stabilize his cursed energy.[37] Through vigorous training with Maki, the most proficient cursed tool user at Jujutsu High, Yuta became decent with a sword, able to hold his own against cursed spirits[38] and even Geto, who has exceptional physical prowess.[39]

Yuta has continued to hone his skill as a swordsman and still wields a katana as his weapon of choice. His skills have improved dramatically and are perfectly balanced with his enhanced cursed energy manipulation, allowing Yuta to wield a blade with superhuman physical prowess. He's fast and makes decisive attacks that Yuji could barely avoid. The blade is constantly surging with cursed energy just like the rest of Yuta's body, giving it superior cutting ability. He defeated a large cursed spirit with a diving stab so powerful it cracked the ground beneath them.[40]

Rika has gained the ability to store cursed tools, implying Yuta is now capable of utilizing a wide variety of weapons. He chose a steel arm attachment to fight Takako Uro and used it to further reinforce his close combat skills.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Yuta has grown into a very capable close-quarters combatant who is more than comfortable engaging his opponent's up close. He generally throws single powerful smashing blows that can crush his opponent in a single move. A mere front kick to Yuji's sternum was enough to send him reeling back and one backhand from Yuta knocked Choso out cold.

Yuta employs hand-to-hand combat consistently against extraordinary opponents in the Culling Game. He used his katana to disarm Kurorushi before hitting the special grade cockroach curse with a powerful backfist.[41] Yuta fought the early stages of his battle with Takako Uro and Ryu Ishigori entirely barehanded against their powerful cursed techniques.


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Yuta Okkotsu's immense cursed energy.png

Immeasurable Cursed Energy: Yuta's power comes from his relation to Michizane Sugawara, but it only first manifested when he transformed Rika Orimoto, a loved one, into a cursed spirit. Rika became a vengeful spirit so powerful that Geto, an avid collector of powerful cursed spirits, dubbed her as the "Queen of Curses." Rika's boundless cursed energy could be shaped into any technique, allowing Yuta to use advanced curse techniques within a year of learning about jujutsu.[42]

Yuta retains the massive amounts of cursed energy that were unraveled from Rika's curse. He likely has the most cursed energy of any human, proclaiming to have even more than Satoru. Overall, Yuta's cursed energy can still be exhausted after prolonged jujutsu usage but this can't happen to Satoru, who can flawlessly manage the energy expenditure with the Six Eyes.[43] Yuji and Choso could immediately tell from Yuta's presence that his cursed energy was on par with Satoru, with the former claiming it was even more creepy and ominous feeling.[44][45] Ryu Ishigori, the Culling Game player with the highest cursed energy output, admitted that he felt Yuta's cursed energy was nearly bottomless.[46]

Yuta Okkotsu surging with cursed energy.png Advanced Cursed Energy Control: In his second year as a sorcerer, Yuta has improved his cursed energy control dramatically. Yuta understands that he carries vast levels of cursed energy and now knows how to apply it accordingly. He has been training his weak body and constantly strengthens in battle with massive amounts of cursed energy. This puts Yuta's reinforcement technique on a level that far surpasses even an elite sorcerer's, making his attacks difficult to predict.

Not only are Yuta's attacks unpredictable upon reading his cursed energy, but his physical capabilities are enhanced tremendously. Yuta's strength and agility are improved to such a degree that he can contend with Yuji's superhuman prowess. Yuta's every attack carries enough destructive power to end a fight and his defense is so dense that it can restrict all incoming damage to a minimum.[47]

In addition to his superior reinforcement technique, another testament to Yuta's delicate control over his cursed energy his is mastery over reverse cursed energy. Reverse cursed technique is notoriously difficult to perform for sorcerers but Yuta can use it repeatedly without issue.

Great Cursed Energy Output: While not on the level of Ryu Ishigori, Yuta can unleash exceptional levels of cursed energy with his attacks. A single swing of his cursed energy charged katana created a blastwave so powerful it completely annihilated an entire swarm of Kurourushi's cockroaches. Yuta also has the unique ability to convert reverse cursed energy into output and imbue his attacks with it as well. Yuta destroys a swarm of cursed roaches.png

Greatly Enhanced Strength: Yuta compensates for his small physical frame by strengthening himself with cursed energy. This reinforcement to his physical power is enough to put him on par with Yuji's superhuman strength. When Yuji punched a car at Yuta, he was able to throw it right back at him. A mere front kick to Yuji's sternum was enough to send him reeling back[48]and one backhand from Yuta knocked Choso out cold.[49][50] While fighting in the Sendai Colony, Yuta effortlessly ripped a steel railing from the side of the road and threw it at Kurourushi[51]. He also threw a downward punch at Ryu Ishigori so ferocious that despite being blocked with cursed energy, the impact created a larger crater in the ground.[52]

Yuta knocks Choso out.png

Greatly Enhanced Agility: Improving his muscles' performance with cursed energy allows Yuta to greatly increase his speed, agility, and meneuverability. He can keep pace with Yuji's superhuman speed even with a drawn katana.[53] While closing the distance across Sendai in his fight with Ryu Ishigori, Yuta ran at incredible speed across an open area. He was able to perform acrobatic spins and parkour moves across the environment that helped him evade Ryu's cursed energy beams.[54]

Yuta increasing his speed.png

Greatly Enhanced Endurance: Thoroughly fortifying his body with cursed energy has made Yuta extremely tough. He can leap from the top of a building and crumble the side of the road from the impact without doing any damage to himself.[55] Coupled with his ability to heal himself, Yuta comes off as near invulnerable to even the strongest assault. He tanked several blastwaves from Takako Uro and Ryu Ishigori's Granite Cannon head-on without sustaining and prolonged injuries.[56] Proper defensive martial arts made him able to withstand Ryu's explosive cursed energy output. Ryu compares hitting Yuta to knocking against a massive water tank.[57] Yuta was even able to deflect one of Ryu's beams with his bare hands and kept fighting after suffering several direct hits from Ryu and Uro. This made Uro recognize how tough Yuta is. Consistently reinforcing his body and healing it with reverse cursed technique helped Yuta stay in the fight, but it was still draining on his stamina and overall cursed energy.[58]

Yuta descends and breaks the ground.png
Innate Technique
Rika restrains Yuji.png Rika (りカ Rika?): is a result of Yuta's innate technique and remained with him even after Rika Orimoto passed away. Yuta has much greater control over Rika but this curse maintains the same immature and protective nature as she did before.

Rika can manifest on its own and lash out to protect Yuta without him commanding her to do so, but normally acts on Yuta's commands. Rika can act independently at a fair distance away from Yuta to perform separate tasks as well. It doesn't require Yuta to use any intense emotions to call Rika and it can manifest rather quickly, allowing Yuta to call her to his side at any moment's notice. Rika maintains her same trademark power as well, able to immobilize Yuji with ease and crumble a bride with a single strike.[59][60]

Full Manifestation: While connected to Rika through his ring, Yuta can fully manifest Rika, use cursed techniques, and access her supply of cursed energy to replenish his own. Rika also has the ability to store a wide range cursed tools and can equip them to Yuta. Yuta can maintain a sustained connection with Rika and remain in this state for five minutes at a time.[61] Rika Full Manifestation.png
Copied Cursed Techniques
Copy (模倣 (コピー) Kopī?): Yuta's connection with Rika also grants him the ability to unconditionally copy cursed techniques. It is unknown how Yuta goes about copying cursed techniques he's seen, but he's able to utilize them even if they're a hereditary technique passed down in a sorcerer clan. Yuta is capable of utilizing multiple techniques he's copied in quick succession as well.[62]
Yuta copies the Snake Eyes and Fangs.png Cursed Speech ( (じゅ) (ごん) Jugon?): Yuta has replicated Toge's ability to use cursed speech, a technique usually inherited through the Inumaki Family bloodline. When he first used it, Yuta performed the technique using a microphone that Rika summoned that had the Snake Eyes and Fangs symbol on it. By speaking through the microphone, Yuta was able to command every single one of Geto's swarm of lower-grade curses to die at once. He noted having difficulty controlling the spread of cursed energy.[63]

Yuta has since become more proficient with cursed speech. While connected to Rika through the ring, Yuta can even make the Snake Eyes and Fangs insignia appear on his mouth as if he was born with it. This allows him to activate the technique by speaking commands in the same manner that Toge does.[64]

Yuta summoning shikigami.png Shikigami (式神 (しきがみ) Shikigami?): Yuta can summon shikigami using his hair as an intermediary. The shikigami appear as small bats with heads similar to Rika's. They fly around the opponent to form a sphere, their orbital trajectory constitutes a domain that can slash anyone inside it. Yuta copied this technique from Dhruv Lakdawalla.[65]
Yuta uses Takako's technique.png Sky Manipulation: Yuta has replicated Takako's ability to "control the sky". He can turn the sky into a tangible surface and use it to manipulate space, similar to how a lens creates distortion.[66] (Unnamed)
Thin Ice Breaker (宇守羅彈 (うすらび) Usurabi?): Yuta applies Takako's technique offensively by hitting the surface of the sky, not his opponent directly. He hits the surface layer of the sky and shatters it like thin ice, striking his opponent with that effect.[67] Yuta uses Thin Ice Breaker.png
Reverse Cursed Technique
Yuta's Reverse Cursed Technique.png

When faced with the dire injuries of his friends, Yuta was able to tap into the core of his cursed energy and unlock the ability to heal their injures with a reverse used technique. He did so after less than a year's worth of experience in jujutsu. While most sorcerers can't use a reverse cursed technique and even less can output it, Yuta was able to learn to do both.[68]

Since first using it to heal his friends Yuta has become a highly proficient user of reverse cursed technique. Yuta was able to apply it to Yuji at the same time he stopped his heart to prevent a permanent death. Shortly after he healed Naoya of his injuries and Choso's poison.[69] While fighting in the Culling Game, Yuta used reverse cursed technique constantly to heal himself after getting hit by any big move. This helped him avoid long-term damage but severely drained his cursed energy. He also used it to exorcise Kurourushi, compromising the cursed spirit's body with a blast of reverse cursed energy.

Former Jujutsu

Cursed Energy Manipulation
Rika's immense power.png

Novice Cursed Energy Control: Yuta had very poor understanding of cursed energy or how to control it upon enrolling at Jujutsu High. The focus of his early training was to stabilize his cursed energy by channeling Rika's power into his ring and then into his katana. He had a lot of trouble with this and asked his peers for help. While fighting Geto, Yuta was running on lots of adrenaline and more cursed energy than he had experienced up to that point. While he was able to fight with reinforced flesh with on a high level, Yuta accidentally broke his katana by imbuing excessive cursed energy into it.[70]

Innate Technique
Yuta manifests Rika against Geto.png

Special Grade Vengeful Spirit Rika (里香 Rika?): When Yuta and Rika Orimoto were children, Yuta accidentally cursed Rika's death by consciously rejecting it. This transformed Rika into an immensely powerful vengeful spirit, who only ever fully manifested twice, but is known to be one of the most powerful cursed spirits to have ever existed.

Yuta didn't know how to control Rika as she haunted him through his early years. She was extremely overprotective of him out of love, what Satoru believes is the most twisted curse of all Rika would partially manifest her arms and attack anyone who was too aggressive with Yuta.[71] Her massive amounts of cursed energy directly fed Yuta's abilities and could be molded into any cursed technique. Fully manifesting the first time, Rika tore a large cursed spirit to pieces with little effort. Unleashing her power at full force, Rika was able to contend with every cursed spirit in Geto's arsenal at the time. Beyond the limits of her power, Rika was able to overpower Geto's maximum technique.[72]

Rika Orimoto's curse was successfully broken and her soul unbound from the ties of cursed energy, allowing her to pass away to the afterlife. However, Rika's form as a cursed spirit remained with Yuta as a different entity altogether.


Cursed Tools
Gojo gives Yuta a katana.png Katanas: Early in Yuta's training, Satoru took him to the cursed tool vault and provided him with a katana. The goal was for Yuta to learn to fight while also learning to channel cursed energy into an object. At first, Yuta struggled to properly focus his cursed energy on the blade and only managed shallow cuts against cursed spirits. After vigorous training and experience on missions, Yuta learns to properly wield the sword with Rika's power. However, it was a standard katana and could not take an overflow of cursed energy, breaking as a result. Yuta is able to replace his katanas whenever they break and his preferred form of combat eventually evolved into swordplay reinforced with jujutsu.
Yuta Okkotsu comparing himself to Satoru Gojo.png
Yuta's cursed arm.png Steel Arm: Among the many weapons that Yuta keeps inside Rika is a metal arm casing that can be attached by Rika. The cursed tool covers Yuta's entire arm in a metal shell and further reinforces his punches. It was broken used to pummel Takako Uro but was eventually broken by the "ice breaker" effect of her cursed technique, absorbing the impact for Yuta.[73]

Battles & Events

Cursed Child Arc

Itadori's Extermination Arc

Sendai Colony Arc

  • Yuta Okkotsu vs. Kurourushi
  • Yuta Okkotsu vs. Takako Uro vs. Ryu Ishigori



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