Yuta Okkotsu ( (おっ) (こつ) (ゆう) () Okkotsu Yūta?) is the main protagonist of Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical School prequel series. He is a second-year at Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College.


Yuta has messy black hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a white uniform from Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College. As a Second Year student, his hair is longer and he often carry a sword on his back.



History Edit

Cursed Child Arc Edit

Disaster Curses Arc Edit

Megumi mention that Okkaotsu is currently overseas right now, to Nobara.


Yuta is one of the four Special Class shamans - even after Rika was uncursed. The strongest creature of shamans and cursed spirits, his instructor Satoru Gojo, once noted that Yuta could become a shaman of his level.

Physical PowerEdit

Curse Power and FormsEdit

Yuta has massive curse power. At the age of 11, he accidentally summoned a powerful Special Class curse - his deceased childhood sweetheart Rika Orimoto, who protects him from any threat, and can easily defeat low-level, even giant-sized spirits. Later it was revealed that Rika's great power came from himself, a descendant of Sugawara no Michizane.


Weapon MasteryEdit

In order to uncurse Rika, Yuta started to train for katana under the training of Maki Zenin. At Second Year, he still uses one for battle.



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