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Yuki Tsukumo (九十九 () () Tsukumo Yuki?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. She is one of four special grade jujutsu sorcerers.[1]


Yuki has long light colored hair that extends past her shoulders and thin eyebrows. She is slender and of a tall stature.

When Yuki met Geto, Yuki wore dark colored long sleeve jacket over a sleeveless dark colored shirt, light colored pants, and light colored heeled shoes.

When Yuki met Aoi, Yuki wore riding goggles, a leather jacket, and dark colored pants.


Yuki has a relaxed and cheerful attitude. Among her peers, she has reputation as a lazy sorcerer who never takes on any missions and just travels the world. The reality is that she disagrees with the approach that Jujutsu High takes. Her beliefs and research focuses on finding a way to wipe out curses all together instead of exorcising them when they appear. Yuki remains calm when confronted by horrific ideas such as mass murder, choosing to assess the viability rather than the ethics behind them.

Abilities and Powers

While her current abilities are unknown, her designation as a special grade sorcerer defines her as a possessor of the ability to exorcise special grade cursed spirits. She was also the mentor of Aoi Todo, a powerful 1st grade shaman.

She possesses the Simple Domain technique as she was able to pass it on to her student, Aoi Todo.

She was able to save the others from Uraume's Ice Fall technique by blocking it with ease.


  • Yuki's surname contains the kanji for "ninety-nine" (九十九 tsukumo?), and her first name contains "reason, cause" ( yu?) and "basis, foundation" ( ki?).
  • Yuki has a habit of asking men who she meets what type of girls they like, a habit her student Todo adopted from her.
  • According to Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook[2]:
    • Favorite food: Chicken burrito.
    • Least favorite food: Seaweed.
    • Cause of stress: Missions.
    • During the Gojo's Past Arc, she didn't visit Jujutsu High to meet Geto, but rather Gojo.
    • Because she’s special grade, her salary does not stop despite refusing requests and constantly being overseas.
    • She met Todo when he was in the 3rd grade of elementary school by chance.
    • Todo got his scar from one of her harsh training sessions.


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