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Yuji Itadori vs. Mahito is a battle between Tokyo Jujutsu High first-year student Yuji Itadori and special grade cursed spirit Mahito. Yuji is determined to kill Mahito to avenge Junpei Yoshino's death and Mahito wants to force Yuji into relying on Sukuna to win.


Junpei is forced to attack Yuji.

Yuji manages to talk down Junpei to stop their fight, but Mahito arrives to make sure his plan continues smoothly. The cursed spirit pins Yuji to the wall, who realizes too late that this is the same man who fought Nanami. Junpei does his best to de-escalate the situation, and while trying to defend Mahito's character, he realizes too late that he's is actually evil.

Mahito touches Junpei on his shoulder while continuing to pin Yuji. He tells Junpei that he overthinks things too much for a smart person. Mahito adds that Junpei is actually just as dumb as other people he looks down on and that's why he's going to die.

Mahito and Sukuna hysterically laugh at Yuji's expense.

Mahito uses Idle Transfiguration to mutate Junpei's body, transforming him into a monster and forcing him to fight Yuji. Distraught, Yuji begs Sukuna to save Junpei but he refuses. Sukuna takes advantage of the fact Yuji forgot about their Binding Vow and Mahito is slightly confused about Sukuna's relationship with his vessel. Regardless, the two cursed spirits share a laugh at Yuji's expense, forcing him to understand that Sukuna and Mahito are nothing but evil curses.

Junpei utters his last words and abruptly dies. Mahito laughs it off and says Junpei probably died quickly because he transfigured him aggressively.[1]


Yuji punches Mahito for killing Junpei.

Instantly, Yuji smashes Mahito's face with a fierce right hook. Mahito flies back into the stairs and quickly backflips to regain his balance. He finds Yuji's attack interesting and begins to say that it won't work unless Yuji can hit his soul. However, Mahito's nose begins to bleed, proving Yuji's punch had an effect. He surmises that due to Yuji relationship with Sukuna, the jujutsu sorcerer has learned to perceive the contours of the soul.[2]

Mahito plans on using Yuji's seething hatred to get him into a Binding Vow in Sukuna's favor. He hopes this would win Sukuna over, but this is all assuming that the cursed spirit is stronger. Despite thinking all of this, Mahito can't shake the feeling that he's facing his mortal enemy. Yuji tries to crush Mahito with a powerful and fast right straight. Mahito is able to evade Yuji's quick movements by growing wings, forcing Yuji's fist to impact the wall, creating a huge dent.


Yuji chases Mahito up the stairs and notices how he's distorting his body. He decides to stop trying to grab Mahito and instead focuses on landing as many hits as it takes to take him down using Divergent Fist. Mahito decides its best not to give Yuji a bigger target and takes a more inspired approach to transform his body. He transforms his right arm into three sets of rotating blades before instantly slashing apart the hallway. Yuji is able to evade and escape outside, but Mahito immediately follows up by mutating his arm into a drill and shoots it at Yuji.

Mahito transforms his arm into a drill and fires it at Yuji.

Yuji evades the drill and grabs the wire of flesh attaching it to Mahito. The cursed spirit counters by growing spikes out of the wire that pierces Yuji's hands. Even so, Yuji knows Mahito can't stretch forever and grabs hold of the wire anyway, swinging Mahito around before slamming him through the wall of a nearby building. Mahito shrugs off the attack and comments that a normal person would have let go of the wire.

Despite Yuji's best efforts, Mahito gets behind him for the killing blow.

Yuji remains on the offensive and hits the ground with his Divergent Fist to propel himself at high speed toward Mahito. He fakes high with his left hand and when Mahito adjusts his guard, Yuji strikes him with a powerful right uppercut to the body. However, Mahito reinforces his body to absorb the blow and then grows spikes out of it that pierce into Yuji. Unimpressed, Mahito tells Yuji to switch with Sukuna and threatens to touch his soul.

Nanami comes just in time to rescue Yuji.

Sukuna stops Mahito and demands that he know his place. He only forgives Mahito this time for sharing a laugh at Yuji's expense. While Mahito is stunned, Yuji defiantly grabs the cursed spirit's head while stating that he won't change with Sukuna and the only thing he's going to do is kill Mahito. Yuji smashes Mahito's face again with a ferocious headbutt that hurts Mahito. As the cursed spirit falls to the ground, Yuji follows up with a hard roundhouse kick that cuts across Mahito's face.

As Yuji prepares to finish his combo, Mahito suddenly appears behind him with his armed formed in the shape of the head of a mace. Before Mahito smashes Yuji, Nanami suddenly appears and uses his Ratio Technique to deflect Mahito's attack.[3]


Nanami asks Yuji for the situation and he reveals that he couldn't save Junpei or his mother. Nanami notices how Yuji is always thinking of others and asks how the boy is doing himself. Yuji replies that he has a few holes in him but he's fine. Mahito greets Nanami but the grade 1 sorcerer ignores him and notices that his nose is bleeding. Nanami surmises that this means Yuji can hurt Mahito while Mahito can't kill Yuji.

Nanami admits that his attacks don't work on Mahito but they can stifle his movements. By working together, Nanami believes they can create openings for each other by relentlessly attacking. The two jujutsu sorcerers prepare to fight as Nanami says they need to exorcise Mahito right here and right now.[4]


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