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Yuji Itadori vs. Grasshopper Curse is a battle fought by Tokyo Jujutsu High student Yuji Itadori against the Grasshopper Curse guarding the commissioned curtain inside Meiji-Jingumae Station B2F.


The Mei Mei Team is assigned with heading to Meiji-Jingumae Station after a second curtain is cast from there. Mei Mei uses her crows to inspect the inside of the station and explains the situation to Yuji.

Team Mei Mei at Meiji-Jinumae Station.

The curtain trapping civilians is surrounding the entire substation from B1F down to B5F. The second curtain prevents sorcerers from entering B5F and there are transfigured jumans on B4F funneling civilians down to the Fukotoshin Line Platform on B5F. Mei Mei's crows were attacked between B1F and B2F, meaning the curtains caster is hiding there.

Mei Mei reluctantly decides to split up with Yuji in order to save any remaining non-sorcerers on B4F. Yuji enters exit 2 and heads to find the caster on B2F while Mei Mei enters exit 7 on the opposite side and heads straight to rescue the civilians.

Yuji finds the Grasshopper Curse on B2F devouring a man's head.

At 9:03 P.M. on B2F, Yuji finds a large bipedal Grasshopper Curse devouring a deceased man's head. The curse turns and notices Yuji, asking what the jujutsu sorcerer is looking at. The curse is capable of speech albeit barely and reveals to Yuji that it's "smart".

Yuji asks about the patch face curse controlling the transfigured humans and the grasshopper confirms Mahito is down below. It also mentions that it's here to protect the curtain. The wording makes Yuji realize the stake wrapped in talisman sticking out of the ground is likely the source of the curtain.

The Grasshopper Curse adds Mahito's jujutsu is no good because it makes humans taste worse. It also reminds Yuji that it can tell the difference because it's smart.[1]


"Stop looking down on humans!"

Yuji interrupts the grasshopper's repeated thought about being smart with a hard right head kick that sends the curse reeling back. The Grasshopper Curse slams into the wall behind it and cracks the surface from the impact. Yuji immediately uses the momentum from his kick to turn three hundred and sixty degrees before throwing a left straight punch to his opponent's body. With his hand still smoking from the impact, Yujid demands that all curses stop looking down on humans.

Yuji using his agility to avoid all of the Grasshopper Curse's attacks.

The Grasshopper Curse recovers from the heavy hits and claims Yuji must not be smart. The grasshopper asks if the sorcerer knows what kind of curse it is and it's obvious enough to Yuji, surprising it with how smart the sorcerer is.[2]

Using it's jumping power to increase its speed, the Grasshopper Curse moves rapidly around the subway corridor attempting to bite Yuji with its jaws. Yuji is able to avoid him but he takes note of his opponent's ability to communicate as well as its physical prowess, recognizing it's a more powerful type of curse. It rushes beside Yuji and throws a left straight punch but Yuji twists his body under and slips away to avoid the attack.

Yuji delivering a barrage of rapid fire punches.

Yuji recognizes that it's more likely that the curse will focus on using its limbs and its bite to fight at close combat rather than utilize sneaky tactics. The Grasshopper Curse asks Yuji if he's smart or not and the sorcerer replies by revealing to it that smart people don't usually talk about being smart, shocking the curse.

The Grasshopper Curse expands its abdomen as a last-ditch effort to win.

Yuji leads the next exchange with cursed energy reinforced left straight punch. The curse believes it has the advantage as they exchange rapid punches because it has four arms compared to Yuji's two. However, Yuji uses successful parries to twist up the grasshopper's arms amongst themselves. This leaves its body wide open to a barrage of rapid-fire straight jabs that Yuji leads up to his opponent's face, pummeling the Grasshopper's face with ease. The curse believes itself to be physically superior to Yuji, so it doesn't understand why it's the one getting beaten down.

The grasshopper attempts to use its black mucus to hit Yuji, spitting it at the sorcerer and forcing him to duck under. Yuji switches levels to deliver an uppercut, but the Grasshopper attempts to strike its opponent's head while it's low. It expands its abdomen and the hard tip at the end in an attempt to drill a hole in Yuji's face. However, Yuji parries the attack away with his left hand and follows up by severing the appendage completely with a ring-handed downward punch.

Yuji recognizes that it doesn't use sneaky attacks, but there is a gap in their skill no amount of tactics can make up for in this fight. The Grasshopper Curse ate people, so Yuji uses that to fuel his resolve and asks the curse if it has any last words before exorcising it.[3]


Yuji regroups with Mei Mei but arrives at B5F too late.

Mei Mei finishes up rescuing the civilians on B4F from the transfigured humans with Ui Ui. They both notice when the curtain dispels after Yuji breaks the cursed object maintaining the barrier.[4]

At 9:16 P.M., Yuji regroups with Mei Mei and Ui Ui on B4F and they immediately head down to the B5F on the Fukutoshin Line Platform. They arrive too late, however as Mahito is already gone and there is only one civilian remaining. They can only say that everyone was on the train with monsters but they didn't want him before dying of sudden transfiguration.

The man's words make Yuji realize everyone must be on the train headed straight for Gojo sensei.[5]


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