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Yuji Itadori vs. Choso is a battle between Tokyo Jujutsu High first-year student Yuji Itadori and special grade Cursed Womb: Death Painting Choso inside Shibuya Station.


After splitting up with Megumi near Shibuya Tower, Yuji runs along the expressway towards Shibuya Station. While dashing across a bridge, Yuji notices civilians being attacked by Transfigured Humans down below.

Yuji encounters a gruesome scene on his way to Shibuya Station.

There are a large number of attackers and Yuji is left with not enough time to save all the innocent civilians. He's extremely close to Shibuya Station and is torn by what he should do. Suddenly, he hears someone say "spiced cod roe", a very familiar vocabulary that gives him some hope. Yuji notices Toge Inumaki and jumps down, deciding it's best to leave it to his senpai.

At 10:10 P.M., Yuji enters Shibuya Station. Unbeknownst to him, Choso awaits inside ready to avenge his brothers.[1] The jujutsu student runs inside and is surprised to see the building is basically abandoned. He believed there were supposed to be a large group of people trapped in the station and wonders if he's going the right way.

Yuji stops after going down a set of stairs as he comes face to face with Choso. They're both altered to each other's presence but Choso is first to act. He recognizes Yuji and is instantly enraged by the thought of his two brothers' deaths.[2]


Blood Manipulation's signature technique: Piercing Blood!

Upon seeing the murderer of his beloved siblings, Choso furiously activates Convergence. This condenses a small orb of blood between his palms. He takes the firing pose for the Piercing Blood technique and sends it straight at Yuji.

Yuji is taken off guard by the incredible speed of Piercing Blood. He can only block his head by cross both his arms in front of his face. His left arm is the most forward and the blood beam nearly shoots clean through it. Before Yuji loses his arm, he bends his body to the left to get out of the way of the attack.

Yuji tries to hit Choso with Divergent Fist using his injured arm.

Choso immediately follows up by casting Convergence again, swirling blood and condensing it between his two palms. Yuji gets low and rushes toward Choso with great haste avoiding another incoming Piercing Blood attack at the same time. Before Choso can attack with more blood, Yuji uppercuts him with his injured arm. Choso blocks the with both his arm and leg and Yuji winces from the pain. Choso's guard is hit with a double impact, something Choso finds strange.

The impact of Divergent Fist forces Choso to slide back out of close combat range. While they're standing off, Yuji acknowledges the wound on his arm. Choso uses the opportunity to ask Yuji if Eso and Kechizu had any final words. He refers to them as his younger brothers and Yuji doesn't know who he's talking about. Annoyed, Choso clarifies that he's talking about the two Yuji killed. Yuji is remorseful about what happens. He laments as he sees their faces and remembers Eso crying. Yuji reveals that they didn't have any last words but they did cry. This revelation enrages Choso, whose fury comes out in an aura of bloodlust behind him.[3]


Choso condenses several orbs of blood around him and assumes his firing stance of Piercing Blood again, aiming toward Yuji who is standing down the corridor. Yuji realizes that Choso is too far away and his blood beam is too fast to dodge. Yuji decides to jump off the ground and dictate the timing of the shot himself. Choso knows this is bait and decides to play along. He fires Piercing Blood just before Yuji lands, but the very second Yuji's feet touch the ground he drops his upper body weight. By leaning as far back as he can in an instant, Yuji is able to avoid the attack.

Yuji uses his superhuman speed to dodge Choso's attack and rush at him immediately afterwards. Choso admits Yuji isn't bad and bends the beam to try and hit him. Yuji slides under the attack and circles behind Choso. Piercing Blood only moves quickly at the beginning, so as long as Yuji avoids it he can still get in close to the user even if the beam changes direction. However, Choso has a contingency in case Yuji gets within close range. The remaining orbs of condensed blood floating around Choso explode just as Yuji gets close to him. He casts Supernova, essentially firing three buckshots of condensed blood into Yuji's back, several injuring him.

Yuji fights back with his stabbed foot.

Choso follows up his Supernova attack by creating a blade with Blood Edge and stabbing it into Yuji's foot. He doesn't expect when Yuji lifts his injured foot back up and throws a head kick with it. Choso blocks the kick but Yuji stands on his hands and uses acrobatic agility to flip around to attack with his other leg. He lands a crushing Axe kick to Choso's jaw, knocking him to the ground for a moment. Yuji tries to capitalize and keep the fight in close range but Choso suddenly assumes Piercing Blood's firing stance again. Confused, Yuji stops his approach and holds his hands up to defend himself. He believed Choso couldn't fire the beam without the blood orbs and considers maybe he has some left.

Choso comes out of his stance and hits Yuji with a left cross to the body. Yuji is pushed back and realizes the firing pose was an effective fake-out. Choso keeps up the pressure and activates Flowing Red Scale, increasing his physical abilities. He delivers an uppercut to Yuji's throat, sweep kicks him so he falls, and then palm strikes his face on the way down. Choso smashes Yuji's face into the wall with the palm strike and then quickly backs up.

Yuji takes Mechamaru's advice and leads Choso into the bathroom.

Yuji recovers but Choso activates Convergence and fires Piercing Blood directly at him. The beam hits his torso sends him reeling back, but the blood wasn't condensed enough. Choso rushed the technique so Yuji's gut wasn't fully pierced. Still grievously injured, Yuji worries that Choso may be too strong to handle. His troubled thoughts interrupted when Mechamaru's voice abruptly returns to ask what's going on.[4]

Yuji asks Mechamaru where he's been and Kokichi's voice explains he needed to conserve energy. Mechamaru recognizes Choso and his use of Blood Manipulation but doesn't know if Blood Manipulation has any weaknesses. Yuji thanks Mechamaru for this useless information while he dodges another shot from Piercing Blood. Mechamaru advises him to retreat to the bathroom, confusing Yuji. It has a small percentage of working, but Mechamaru has a plan that's better than gradually dying out in the open.

Choso loses the ability to control blood outside his body.

Yuji makes a mad dash to the bathroom and begins making a bunch of strange noises from the inside. Choso initially believes that Yuji is a fool for running into a dead end and thinks it'll be like shooting fish in a barrel. Despite this, Choso is spooked by the strange sounds coming from the bathroom and remembers that Yuji killed his brothers, so he is no fool. Choso condenses several orbs of blood around him and wonders about the second voice as well as the noises. Choso knows his enemy is planning something but Mechamaru's voice calls out to him, baiting him to come into the bathroom.

"You're on my turf now!"

Mechamaru calls Choso a coward and compares him to his deceased brothers, successfully inciting his rage. Furious, Choso throws caution to the wind and rushes into the bathroom to find Yuji. He immediately takes aim once he gets in but he only finds an empty room with water spraying all from every appliance that uses it. At the end of the room is Mechamaru's small puppet, taunting Choso for being easy to manipulate.

Choso destroys Mechamaru with Piercing Blood and Yuji appears behind the Death Painting immediately after. Things are going according to plan for now, but it's all-or-nothing for Yuji. The martial artist throws a right cross but Choso blocks it with his elbow. Choso believes Yuji just blew his last chance and prepares to fire Piercing Blood. Before he can even assume the stance, the orbs of condensed blood suddenly fall apart, dispelling Convergence and surprising Choso.

Yuji gains the upper hand in close quarters.

Mechamaru had a hunch about Blood Manipulation. The technique halts blood's ability to clot in order to increase its effectiveness as an attack. For that reason, it dissolves more easily in water, making it uncontrollable outside Choso's body in this specific situation. Choso doesn't get what happened and decides to fall back on his physical abilities, activating Flowing Red Scale: Stack. Yuji doesn't understand the logic either but he does know that Choso is fighting on his turf now, in a close-ranged fistfight.

They both assume their fighting poses as water violently breaks apart the room around them. Choso begins with a right jab but Yuji parries it to the outside and counterattacks with a headbutt. This sends Choso sliding back and Yuji follows up with a downward punch that misses. Choso throws a left cross of his own but Yuji uses the momentum of his own punch to spin around it and land a flying head kick.

Blood Meteorite pierces Yuji's liver.

This attack snaps Choso's head back and gives Yuji the confidence to believe he can win. Just when the advantage is his, Yuji's liver is suddenly pierced by blood condensed to its very limit.[5] Choso hid the blood in his hands and made sure it wasn't exposed to water while fighting. Using his enhanced strength, Choso flicked the hardened blood at Yuji while hiding his shooting hand with the opposite arm's robes sleeve.

Yuji can feel that a vital organ has been pierced and begins to panic. He thinks about the possibility of losing and his growing chances of death until he regains his focus and stomps on the ground. Yuji understands his role is to save Gojo sensei and the others by extension, not to prioritize his own life. Even if it kills him Yuji is prepared to bring down Choso. He converts his fear into cursed energy and clears his mind of all distractions.

Yuji tries to capitalize on his advantage in hand-to-hand combat.

Yuji has only landed three significant strikes on Choso but the half-curse is still heavily injured. Choso thinks laments about taking too much damage from these hits. Blood Meteorite won't work on Yuji again and Blood Manipulation isn't usually mean to harden blood regardless. Despite this and the risk of developing thrombosis, Choso hardens the blood in his fist and considers Yuji a more dangerous threat.

The two fighters engage for the final time and Choso leads with a blood-hardened hammer fist from above. Yuji parries it downward and they exchange blows in quick succession. Yuji predicts Choso's next attack is coming from the right and blocks it successfully. Then he foresees Choso going for a sweep quick and avoids it, running into one of the bathroom stalls. Yuji locks the door, confusing Choso before suddenly bursting through it to dropkick him in the face. Choso narrowly blocks the kick with his hardened hand but Yuji isn't finished yet.

Choso's finishing blow on Yuji.

Yuji puts Choso's head in a flying scissor hold and then throws his opponent with a quick takedown. This sends Choso spinning through the air and falling onto the ground. While Choso is staggered, Yuji throws a powerful right straight. Choso gets his bearing in time to block it high but Yuji believes that his opponent thinks he can't use his left hand. He hasn't thrown a punch with his left hand since using Divergent Fist. Yuji flashes his right hand as a decoy and lands a strong left hook to the body. However, the impact doesn't feel right to him at all.

Suddenly, Choso lifts his arm and smashes Yuji's collarbone with another hard hammerfist. This creates a giant dent in Yuji's shoulder before Choso finishes their fight with a powerful body shot that sends the sorcerer flying across the room. Yuji crashes into the wall, cracking it as he vomits blood and falls unconscious. Choso pulls up his robe and reveals he hardened the part of his body that Yuji punched, nullifying the impact.[6]


An intrusive memory envisions Yuji and Choso as brothers.

As Yuji's unconscious body collapses with blood falling from his mouth, Choso notices he's still breathing and goes up to him to finish the job. He tells Yuji to ask for his brother's forgiveness on the other side. However, something distracts Choso. An intrusive memory of an event that never happened enters his brain.[7]

Sukuna reacts to the fight by calling Yuji worthless for losing to such an inferior opponent. He also notices something is wrong when Choso grasps his head and screams in pain. With his head throbbing, he runs away from Yuji. Choso suffers from memories of Yuji being one of his brothers, eating at a table alongside Eso and Kechizu as well as himself.[8]


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