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Yuji Itadori vs. Aoi Todo is a battle between Tokyo Jujutsu first-year student Yuji Itadori and Kyoto Jujutsu third-year student Aoi Todo that takes place during the Spirit Bash Race competition of the 30th Annual Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event.


Toward the end of the Tokyo Team meeting, Maki states that Aoi will most certainly attack their team rather than hunting for any curses. She believes Todo is strong enough to bring down their whole team single-handedly. Rather than lose Megumi to distracting Aoi, who can help locate the enemy, Maki suggests for Yuji hold Aoi off.

Panda assures Yuji that it'll be okay if he loses as long as he slows down Aoi. Megumi is indifferent about fighting Aoi, but Yuji states that he plans to win if he's going to fight.[1]

At the very start of the Goodwill Event, Aoi does as Maki predicted and charges through the trees straight for the Tokyo Team. He demands everyone to come for him at once while the Tokyo rivals take their fighting stances.[2]


Yuji accepts the role of taking on Aoi alone.

Yuji suddenly appears before Aoi and smashes his face with a fierce flying knee. While the others disperse and disappear into the trees, Yuji and Aoi square off one on one. The Kyoto third year is impressed by Yuji's speed while the first-year is taken back by Aoi's durability, who's unfazed by his strike. Aoi prepares an attack of his own as he channels cursed energy into his left fist. Yuji can feel it coming and braces himself when suddenly a spider-like curse appears to confront Aoi.

The curse is obliterated by the force of Aoi's punch, and while the impact is lessened, its strong enough to send Yuji crashing through several trees. The attack leaves Yuji struggling to recover, his arms numb from Aoi's raw power. Without any time to react, Aoi stomps Yuji's face into the tree and pummels him with stomps and punches that leave his head and the tree bloodied.

Aoi counterattacks by punching Yuji into a tree.

Believing he's won, Aoi turns away to search for the others but Yuji manages to get back up. Surprised by the younger rival's resilience, Aoi decides to acquaint himself with Yuji the only way he knows how; by asking what kind of girls he likes.[3] Confused, Yuji asks what that has to do with the fight but Aoi explains its a simple question to get a read on his opponent.

To Aoi's surprise, Yuji shares his same taste in women. The shock creates a false memory within the eccentric third-year's mind where he and Yuji attended Junior High together as best friends. They're abruptly interrupted by the appearance of Aoi's classmates, who make a collective attempt on Sukuna's vessel's life. Irritated by their interference, Aoi uses his Innate Technique to switch all the places of his teammates, forcing them to take aim at one another. Then Aoi attempts to smash Noritoshi, who evades and is forced to retreat along with the others.

Yuji showcases his ability to adapt to Aoi's offense, constantly growing in battle.

Afterward, the Kyoto third-year returns his focus to his young rival, claiming he would never go easy on someone even if they're his best friend.[4] They engage in close quarters combat, where Aoi fakes a shoulder strike and lands a right hook to Yuji's abdomen. However, Yuji is able to resist the impact and uses the momentum to jump back and grab a tree branch. This allows Yuji to swing back and nearly kick Aoi in the head, who dodges by sliding underneath Yuji.

Aoi realizes that Yuji is very tough and aggressive about using the environment to his advantage. When he tries to land eyes back on Yuji, the first-year has already moved into his blind spot and lands a Divergent Fist from above. This showcases Yuji's ability to think a step ahead and he even stops Aoi's arm movements before landing another significant strike, displaying his superior strength.

Aoi refuses to allow Yuji to become content in their fight.

Despite all Aoi's impressions of Yuji, he feels Yuji's Divergent Fist his holding him back.[5] He believes if Yuji remains satisfied at this level that he won't be able to win and they won't be able to remain friends. Yuji is dismissive at first, but then his rival asks if he's okay with being weak. Yuji refutes this and Aoi is fired up by Yuji's response.[6]

Yuji readies his fists with cursed energy and counters Aoi's right hook with a left straight, showcasing how he's grown since their last clash. Yuji's able to counter Aoi's other offensive moments as well, breaking him down and devouring his strength. Yuji trips his opponent and uses the opposing to try and strike with his divergent fist. However, Aoi suddenly regains his balance and stops Yuji's momentum by blocking Divergent Fist with his forehead.

"Let's go all out!!.. and I'll show you the way!

Aoi stands back up and tosses Yuji's hand away before explaining that Divergent Fist stems from the cursed energy left behind by Yuji's speed. He admits its a decent technique but its useless against a special grade. This makes Yuji realize that he must apply his cursed energy at the point of impact in order to maximize the impact. In order to do so, Aoi teaches Yuji that he must learn to make cursed energy flow through his entire body simultaneously. To do so, he helps Yuji realize a simple maxim: that all humans exist in this world with their entire mind body and soul.

Yuji understands his senpai's wise guidance and they re-engage each other, but now Aoi is determined to guide Yuji down the path of the strong. He hopes Yuji will survive this so he can reach new heights.[7]


Yuji and Aoi presumably continue their fight until Hanami and several other enemies of Jujutsu High end up on the battlefield. Yuji and Aoi rush over together to rescue their classmates, confronting Hanami directly.


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