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Yuji Itadori & Nobara Kugisaki vs. Eso & Kechizu is a battle fought by Tokyo Jujutsu High first-year students Yuji Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki against special grade Cursed Womb: Death Paintings Eso & Kechizu.


Yuji, Nobara, and Megumi manages to track down the spirit that has been cursing people who travels beneath Yasohachi Bridge. The students enter the cursed spirits Domain and immediately notice the mole-like curse that has been behind all the deaths.

Suddenly, a third party enters the domain. The Death Painting Curse, Kechizu, abruptly appears behind the students, and both sides are confused why the other is there. Figuring Kechizu to be separate from the matter of the other curse, Yuji decides to take him on alone, asking his peers to deal with the other curse.[1]


While Nobara and Megumi move deeper into the barrier in order to exorcise the curse, Yuji and Kechizu standoff close to where they entered.

Yuji avoids Kechizu's blood and fights him.

The curse builds up a large amount of blood in its larger bottom mouth and spits it out as a blast wave. Yuji acts quickly and flips over the curse to avoid it. At the end of his flip Yuji delivers a left roundhouse kick. Kechizu manages to take the blow and grab a hold of Yuji's arm. The young sorcerer counters by grabbing Kechizu's other wrist, lifting his legs into the air and smashing his opponent's face with an improvised drop kick.

Yuji notices the blood behind him is melting the wall behind him, making him question if it has venomous properties.[2] Meanwhile, Nobara is mysteriously taken outside the barrier by another entity. Kechizu claims his older brother is here and runs off to join him, leaving the barrier. Megumi tells Yuji that Nobara is their priority and asks him to keep pursuing Kechizu.

Nobara strikes while Eso's back is turned.

Kechizu's older brother, Eso, drags Nobara out of the barrier, annoying her. She swings her hammer, forcing the strangely dressed man to jump back. He's surprised to have gotten his hands on a female sorcerer since she isn't the intended target. Eso and Kechizu are there running "errands" and promise to do no harm to the sorcerers should they retreat. Nobara is confused by Eso's statement as well as his strange anatomy as a death painting and the smell emitting from his body. Surprised, Eso comments that he believed the sorcerers were given the same errand as him[3], to retrieve Sukuna's finger.[4]

Nobara and Eso are both surprised when they suddenly feel the presence of Sukuna's finger once Megumi exorcises the curses inside the barrier. Eso admits whoever defeated a Finger Bearer must be formidable and Nobara worries that her friend may not be in good shape. Eso moves backwards quickly away from Nobara in an attempt to conceal his back while rushing to the finger first. He warns her that if she sees his back he'll have no choice but to kill her.

Maximum: Wing King!

Kechizu appears behind his brother along with Yuji, meaning they both can see the grotesque face on Eso's back. He turns around to attack Yuji, threatening to kill him but Nobara moves swiftly and cracks Eso in the back of his head with her hammer. Annoyed, Eso activates Rot Technique Maximum: Wing King and claims the students will suffer a death by wasp.[5]

Eso's back spews out the same dark blood Kechizu did earlier and forms it into wings that suspend Eso high in the air. Wing King also sends out vector lines of the blood to attack Eso's opponents as he demands they run and turn their backs to him. Yuji and Nobara begin to flee but the lines quickly catch up to the latter. Yuji takes the girl into his arms and dashes away through the nearby forest with extreme speed. He gets away by zig zagging through the trees until they're out of range but Eso claims it's no matter. By using a more direct route, Kechizu catches Yuji off guard and spits the dark blood all over him. Yuji manages to push Nobara out of harms away but the left side of his face is covered in the blood.

Yuji and Nobara are cursed by Eso's Decay technique.

Suddenly, Nobara is struck on her left arm by Eso's Wing King after he quickly catches up to the others. As Eso's opponents are burned by the blood, he explains that it isn't lethal unless they were drowned in it, although it is especially painful. He immediately activates his next ability, trading out Wing King for Rot Technique Decay. Rather than a simple poison, this technique decomposes the victim touched by the blood until they're nothing. Eso asks what the students will do now and offers to put them out of their misery.

However, Nobara begins laughing, surprising Eso. She takes out her nails and admits that the curses are strong but claims it's unfortunate for them that she's a bad matchup. Nobara stabs her infected arm with her nail and activates Straw Doll Technique: Resonance, injuring both Eso and Kechizu. Displaying a crazed look of satisfaction, Nobara reveals they'll all be playing a deadly game of chicken.[6]

Nobara uses Resonance on herself to counter the decomposition technique.

Nobara threatens more pain on the brothers, demanding they deactivate their technique. She didn't expect to get both brothers at once and is confident that if she's going down then both curses are dying with her. Eso believes that they can outlast her, but Yuji is able to move despite the pain onset by Decay's decomposition effect. Both brothers are shocked by this and Nobara stuns them both by activating Resonance again. Yuji smashes Kechizu's face with a cursed energy infused punch and continues to pummel him into a bloody mess as his brother watches. Eso wants to help but Nobara persists with a third nail through her wrist, activating Resonance and paralyzing him for a moment.

Yuji faces off against Eso.

Yuji and Nobara quickly swap positions so she can finish off the weakened Kechizu. Eso remains confident that he can kill Yuji before Nobara can finish Kechizu, but he gets a glance at his younger brother and realizes that he's been grievously injured by Yuji's barrage of punches. He instinctively deactivates the technique without realizing it to save his brother. Yuji gets within range and throws both a punch and a knee but Eso is able to block them. He activates Wing King and forces Yuji back, using the lines of dark blood to attack Nobara from behind.

Black Flash!!

Nobara doesn't even notice the aforementioned attack because she's too intently focused on attacking Kechizu. The pain from the deactivated technique has sharpened her focus, and before Wing King can reach her, Yuji will have struck down Eso. They both channel their energy to a millionth of a second and activate Black Flash! This sends an empowered nail clean through Kechizu's head and Yuji's punch blows off Eso's right arm off completely.

Distraught, Eso pleads for his younger brother to survive. As Nobara turns around, Kechizu makes one last effort to take her life, attempting to devour her from behind. However, Nobara quickly snaps and activates Straw Doll Technique: Hairpin, detonating the nail in Kechizu's head, killing him instantly.[7]

Nobara puts Kechizu out of his misery.

Nobara assures the dead Kechizu that Eso will be joining him in the afterlife. Yuji moves to finish him off, but Eso sheds tears of affection for his lost brother, shocking the young sorcerer. Nobara also stops because she is surprised that Kechizu's body isn't disappearing. Both of them realize that the Death paintings aren't just cursed spirits, they are flesh and blood.

Yuji puts an end to the fighting.

Suddenly a pickup truck comes driving out of the tunnel and speeds through the road where the battle is. Eso gets on the truck and takes one of the men aboard hostage, preventing Yuji from pursuing him. The Death Painting believes he will heal and return to get revenge on Nobara, however he notices her about to use her Straw Doll Technique on his arm. Nobara activates Resonance again, but this time it deals a greater wound to Eso's chest, stabbing two black nails outward. He collapses and Yuji rushes toward him allowing them to make eye contact.

Yuji apologizes and deals a fatal punch clean through Eso's chest. After the Death Paintings have been killed and defeated, Yuji notices his hand burning from Eso's blood. He comments that it hurts, but likely not just because of the blood.[8]


Eso and Kechizu lay dead after the battle.

Following the fight, Yuji checks on Nobara and she acknowledges that the burn on her arm might leave a scar. She also notes the poison that might be in her system and wonders if Shoko will still be up to heal her. Due to Yuji's timid demeanor, Nobara notes that he's asking strange.

Yuji asks if this is the first time she's had to kill someone and admits that he killed three people because he had to. Nobara replies that she honestly doesn't have a problem with it and adds that anyone who isn't in their shoes has no right to judge them. Yuji knows that he had to kill Eso, but his enemy was still crying for his brother who died right in front of him.

They're both happy to be alive but as a result tears were shed. Nobara agrees that this makes them accomplices.[9]


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