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Yuji Itadori & Megumi Fushiguro vs. Jiro Awasaka is a battle fought by Tokyo Jujutsu High students, Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro against the curse user, Jiro Awasaka. It takes place close to Shibuya C Tower on the Metropolitan Expressway during the Shibuya Incident, where students attempt to destroy the commissioned curtains in Awasaka's possession.


Following Yuji loudly screaming out that Satoru Gojo has been sealed by the enemy for all of Shibuya to hear, he's found by Team Nanami. Nanami orders Ino to take the boys and lower the curtain preventing sorcerers from entering Shibuya Station.

Yuji and Ino ride Nue to the top of Shibuya Tower.

Yuji is unable to break through the curtain from the outside with brute strength. The trio surmises the enemy is staying outside the curtain to strengthen it as a tradeoff. The most likely place is for the curtain's caster is to be in the most obvious place in Shibuya: Shibuya Tower.

The curse users standing on top of the tower's roof: Awasaka, Ogami, and her grandson are well prepared. The lower floors of the tower are swarming with Transfigured Humans to slow down any jujutsu sorcerers who might try to enter. However, Ino and Yuji take a direct route to the top of the tower by riding on top of Nue. They both jump off of the shikigami and onto the helipad platform of the tower's roof. While Yuji rushes to his left, there is a wire connected to his wrist and Nue, who's flying to the right, creating a v-shape with the wire that entangles the curse users.

Yuji ties up Awasaka in wires and drops him off Shibuya Tower.

Initially, all three of the enemy sorcerers are caught in the wire but Ogami's grandson helps her slip out. Awasaka is slingshotted off the building, surprised to see these sorcerers know about the commissioned curtains. Ino runs over to destroy the cursed objects, but two of them are missing.

Awasaka carries the two missing stakes off the building but Yuji and Nue wrap him up in the wires and jump off the roof as well. While Nue flies high above the tower, Yuji swings through the air across the side of the building and entangles Awasaka, dragging him down with Yuji's weight at the same time.

Yuji cuts the wire with his cursed energy and yells for Megumi to deactivate Nue. He's safely propelled through a window of the building while Awasaka drops forty-one stories straight to the ground. On his way to regroup with Megumi on the ground, Yuji defeats some Transfigured Humans. They both find Awasaka's body but Megumi didn't see him land and doesn't believe he's dead.

Megumi flares up his cursed energy and demands the old man get up and stop faking. Amused, Awasaka stops playing dead and stands up, unraveling himself from the wires using his physical strength and stating that kids these days have no pity for the elderly. Megumi prepares his shadow and tells Yuji they don't have time to waste. The latter charges his fist with cursed energy and assures Megumi they won't be wasting any time in this fight.[1]


Yuji hits Awasaka with everything he's got.

The battle begins on the expressway with Yuji landing a fierce left-handed body shot that lifts Awasaka out of the air from the impact. Awasaka takes the punch without a problem despite it being a direct hit. Megumi and Divine Dog: Totality rush at him, with Divine Dog running upside-down on the bottom of a bridge overlooking the expressway. Yuji ducks out of the way, allowing the shikigami to strike at Awasaka's chin with its claws. At the same time that Divine Dog lands a successful uppercut, Yuji stomps on the curse user's foot and Megumi prepares to swing his sword.

The students strike and pummel the enemy together, believing fighting is the easy part while working together with each other is more difficult. When their flurry of attacks ends, Awasaka turns his head back forward as if nothing happened and reaches for his knife. Megumi and Yuji sense the danger coming as the old man slashes his weapon. Yuji jumps back as his stomach area grazed by the blade, drawing blood. Divine Dog circles around behind Yuji and Megumi summons Toad from his shadow at the same time. Toad grabs Awasaka with its tongue and flings him into the side of the bridge with great force.

Awasaka remains unharmed and keeps fighting despite suffering many consecutive hits.

Despite shattering the glass windows from the impact, Awasaka lands perfectly fine back on the ground. Both students are shocked that after landing all those hits that the old man still isn't even the slightest bit hurt. Awasaka proudly tells the young sorcerers that they are full of promise and adds that those are the kind of futures worth stealing away. Megumi tells his partner that he thought they weren't supposed to be wasting time and Yuji stays awkwardly quiet without a rebuttal.[2]

Awasaka engages his opponents again, landing a hard head-kick on Yuji that snaps the student's head back. Megumi bashes the old man's head with the handle of his sword while Awasaka is still at the end of his kicking motion. Despite Megumi's hit, Awasaka maintains his balance and counterattacks with his knife. Megumi blocks the slash with the flat side of his sword and slides back into position next to Yuji.

"I'm always in the prime of my life!!"

Awasaka believes he's always in the prime of his life and will spend his time trampling on the weak until the day he dies. The old curse user finds it thrilling to fight the boys but the two students can't understand how he's so tough. Megumi figures it must be connected to his innate technique but doesn't believe it could be something like damage nullification.

Megumi gets an idea about Gojo-sensei and tells the curse user to flee and leave the commissioned curtains behind because the strongest sorcerer is in Shibuya. Obviously, Awasaka knows that Gojo was sealed since Yuji yelled it out loud for the entire city to hear. The old man tells the youngster that it's a lousy bluff and adds he'd be sleeping at home if Gojo were active. This confirms Megumi's suspicion that Awasaka doesn't have a cursed technique that can compete with Gojo, disqualifying damage nullification from contention.

Rabbit Escape!

Awasaka believes the two boys have lost their will to fight and says he'll be killing them now. Ready to engage, Yuji tells Megumi the enemy is coming. Rather than stand and fight, Megumi activates his Rabbit Escape shikigami, summoning a swarm of small rabbits that surround Awasaka. He decides to retreat, grabbing Yuji and revealing that he's figured out their opponent's cursed technique.[3]

The countless rabbit shikigami form a wall all around Awasaka. The wise old man quickly deduces that Rabbit Escape is a distraction and wonders if the students will try to strike him with a lethal blow from behind the shikigami. Meanwhile, Megumi reveals to Yuji that their opponent's technique is Inverse, allowing the user to make strong attacks weak and vise versa. In order to counter it, they must attack with a strong hit and a weak one at the same time. Megumi's idea is to keep relentlessly attacking so the old man won't know they've figured out his weakness.

After figuring out his technique, Yuji and Megumi attack Awasaka relentlessly.

The shikigami are suddenly dispelled Awasaka is surprised that Megumi and Yuji have disappeared from his sight. Max Elephant falls from above and crashes onto the curse user with all its weight, appearing to smash him. Awasaka resists with his cursed technique, but Max Elephant is quickly deactivated as well, annoying the old man.

The curse user demands Megumi fight him straight up but Megumi claims that's more Yuji's style. On cue, the physically superior student hurls a car at Awasaka, surprising Awasaka with the boy's relentlessness and raw power. Awasaka is able to toss the car aside and Megumi immediately charges his sword with cursed energy and swings for his opponent's head. The curse user blocks it with his left forearm and counters by stabbing at Megumi with his knife. Megumi avoids it by leaning his body back, exciting Awasaka as the battle ramps up.

Yuji adjusts the power of his punch at the last moment to defeat Awasaka.

Yuji charges up his cursed energy as it flares up around his entire body, signaling to his opponent that he's about to go for a full power swing. No one has been able to dodge his counterattack in the past after a desperate full-powered attack. Megumi appears to be attacking at the same time but this is to hide the Toad shikigami behind him. Yuji's punch is nullified but Toad's tongue does serious damage to Awasaka's lower left torso, enough so to draw blood from his mouth.

After attacking with the weak Toad shikigami, both boys resume their relentless attack before the old man can recover. He realizes that they've figured out his technique but still refuses to lose. He swings his knife and forces both boys to back off while yelling that they better not get cocky. Yuji circles behind Awasaka and appears to go for another full power swing. However, Yuji stops his fist just before it reaches Awasaka's face and adjusts the power of his punch. He uses a weaker punch that's made incredibly strong by Awasaka's inverse, sending the old man violently spinning away from the impact. With the curse user unconscious, Megumi admits to Yuji that he can pull of refined attacks surprisingly well.[4]


At 10:04 P.M. Yuji and Megumi break the two commissioned curtains, lowing the barrier preventing sorcerers from entering Shibuya Station.

Their victory is soured when Yuji and Megumi find Ino brutally defeated.

Yuji points out that three stakes were broken but only one curtain was deactivated. Megumi believes either they used all three for one curtain or two of them were dummies. Regardless, jujutsu sorcerers can now move freely in Shibuya now and the rescue mission can proceed as planned. Megumi wants to interrogate Awasaka but the old man isn't regaining consciousness anytime soon.

The boys want to regroup with Ino and are shocked when they notice their defeated ally falling from Shibuya Tower. Megumi uses Nue to break his fall and Yuji catches him, but Ino is in horrible shape. Ino isn't quite dead but he's previously injured and Yuji wants revenge. Megumi gets him to calm down and think about the mission being the priority.

Yuji takes a deep breath to relax and decides to leave Ino to Megumi while going to Shibuya Station himself. Megumi agrees that's the best move but still believes that it's too dangerous to be in Shibuya alone. Yuji knows that if he dies Megumi will "kill him" and says this. He also reassures Megumi by pointing out he still has Mechamaru with him. Megumi reluctantly agrees and takes off with Nue to carry Ino to safety.[5]


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