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Yuji Itadori & Megumi Fushiguro vs. Cursed Spirits is a battle where Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro fight against several curses that appeared in the Occult Research Club at Sugisawa Municipal High School after they came into contact with a special grade cursed object: Ryomen Sukuna's finger.


Evil spirits appear after Sasaki and Iguchi unseal the cursed object.

Megumi Fushiguro is sent to Sugisawa Municipal High School to investigate rumors of a special grade cursed objects in the area.

Megumi first attempts to track the cursed object comes down to a thermometer shed, but to no avail.[1] He has a picture of the object on his phone but can't quite track it down by sensing its cursed energy alone, especially on the site of the school. [2]

Following a shot-put competition between Yuji Itadori and the coach of the track team, Megumi accidentally bumps into Yuji. He feels the cursed energy more than before and decides to follow Yuji to Sugisawa Hospital.[3]

Yuji feels the cursed energy surrounding his high school.

After Yuji's grandfather passes away, Megumi confronts Yuji and asks him about the cursed object. Yuji reveals that the Occult Research club found the object. Yuji gives it to Megumi but he opens it only to realize the talisman containing the cursed object is missing.

Megumi accidentally chased the lingering cursed energy from the empty box. Yuji says that his friends were planning on peeling the seal off that night at the school, prompting Megumi to warn him that his friends will die if they remove the seal.

Meanwhile, Sasaki and Iguchi of the Occult Research club unravel the talisman to reveal what appears to be a human finger inside. Immediately, cursed spirits begin to spawn in the room above them. By the time Yuji and Megumi arrive, the school's presence is completely engrossed in cursed energy. Even Yuji can feel the pressure and Megumi tells him to stay behind. [4]


A cursed spirit haunts the halls of the near-empty school. Sasaki hides alone from the monster until she finds Iguchi. However, his face is being consumed by a small curse, horrifying her. Her screams lead Megumi to her position, but he encounters another curse on the way.

Cursed spirits trying to consume the students and the cursed object.

Megumi allows his Divine Dogs to feast on the curse. He continues to tear through curses blocking the way until he arrives at the gruesome scene of Sasaki and Iguchi being consumed along with the cursed object all at once. Megumi believes he's too late, but Yuji bursts through the fourth floor window and dropkicks the curse all in one motion.

Yuji saves his friends from certain doom and gives Megumi the opening to exorcise the curse. Megumi decides not to scold Yuji since it paid off in the end. Yuji gets his hands on the special grade cursed object; one of Ryomen Sukuna's fingers.

Another cursed spirit suddenly ambushes Megumi!

Suddenly, a large cursed spirit crashes through the roof above Megumi. Megumi shoves Yuji out of the way and has his dogs save Iguchi as well, though this leaves Megumi with no time to dodge the curse. The curse holds Megumi while he tries to use Nue, but he's thrown against the wall and sent flying outside the school. Megumi crashes onto one of the lower rooftops and his Divine Dogs are dispelled. Yuji comes to his aid soon after, jumping down to the lower roof and punching the curse on its head.

Yuji assimilates Sukuna's power.

Yuji disorients the spirit, impressing Megumi with his raw power. He's able to deliver a few more blows but succumbs the curse's inability to be inured. Yuji is quickly struck down and Megumi explains that cursed energy is the only thing that can harm curses.

In order to gain some cursed energy, Yuji eats Sukuna's finger. Megumi believes he'll die instantly but knows there is a one in a million chance that he might live. Yuji immediately annihilates the cursed spirit and assimilates Sukuna into his body. That one in a million chance is considered to be the worst-case scenario by Megumi, as the special grade cursed object has reincarnated. [5]


Megumi brings Gojo sensei up to speed.

After defeating the cursed spirit, Sukuna celebrates and prepares to massacre everything around him. However, Yuji maintains a degree of control in his body and is able to suppress Sukuna's personality. Even so, Megumi tells Yuji that he must be exorcised under jujutsu regulations. [6]

Yuji shows Megumi that Sukuna is no longer in control and urges him to get to a hospital. Megumi is unable to tell if this is genuinely Yuji or the cursed spirit trying to trick him. Satoru Gojo appears out of nowhere and asks for a status update. Satoru learns that Yuji ate the object and discovers that Sukuna has been incarnated inside Yuji's body. [7]


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