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Yuji Itadori & Kento Nanami vs. Mahito is a battle fought between jujutsu sorcerers Yuji Itadori and Kento Nanami against the special grade cursed spirit Mahito outside Satozakura High.


Nanami arrives in the nick of time to save Yuji from what could've been a fatal blow from Mahito. The grade 1 sorcerer decides to scold the student for ignoring orders later and asks for a status update. Yuji reveals that he was unable to save Junpei or his mother from the curses.

"We must exorcise him. Right here, right now."

Nanami notices how Yuji is always thinking of others before himself and decides to ask about Yuji's individual status. Despite being stabbed several times by Mahito, Yuji insists that he's fine.

Mahito expresses his joy in reuniting with Nanami and the sorcerer notices his nose bleeding. Nanami confirms that Yuji is able to harm Mahito and surmises Mahito must have a reason he can't kill Yuji. In order to take advantage of this, Nanami develops a strategy to use his cursed technique to stifle Mahito's movements while relentlessly attacking with Yuji, who can eventually land a killing blow.

The duo prepares for the fight and Nanami declares that they must exorcise Mahito here and now. Mahito prepares himself by creating an eyeball on his left palm while shifting is entire left arm into a bladed shape. He plans on using the eye to watch Yuji while focusing on killing Nanami first.[1]


Mahito transforms his body into spikes.

Mahito engages both sorcerers, with Yuji on his left and Nanami on his right. Nanami rapidly deflects Mahito's bladed arm while Yuji goes for a low kick. Thanks to the eye on Mahito's hand, he's able to jump above Yuji's kick while sword fighting with Nanami at the same time. While in the air, Nanami transforms his entire body in a sphere of extending spikes.

The sorcerers are able to evade and parry this to break the spikes apart, making Mahito immediately regret using this type of attack. After breaking apart all the spikes, Yuji and Nanami prepare to deal a massive combined blow. However, Mahito is able to evade by transforming his body into a child-like version of himself and slips between his opponents. Nanami and Yuji both notice that Mahito stores his cursed energy just before transforming.

Mahito shrinks his body to avoid the sorcerers.

Knowing that one hit from Yuji could kill him in this smaller form, Mahito changes back to normal and regurgitates several small transfigured humans. He uses his cursed technique to create several mutated children that are ordered to kill Yuji. Nanami tries to intercept the transfigured children, but Nanami nearly takes his head off with the slash of a blade. The grade 1 sorcerer uses his reflexes and ducks under the blade at the last second. Mahito transforms his arm into a much larger form and pins Nanami to the wall of a nearby building while claiming Yuji won't be able to kill humans.

Mahito orders transfigured children to attack Yuji.

At the same time, Yuji escapes to the roof and tries to pin down one of the transfigured children to avoid fighting. Their words horrify him as they ask him to kill them and continue to attack. Mahito plans on having Yuji fight a transfigured Nanami next and boasts that Yuji is a fool for not being able to distinguish expectations from reality. Nanami calmly replies that Mahito is the fool and Yuji is making that distinction at this very moment.

Right on cue, Yuji jumps down from the roof and smashes down on Mahito's enlarged arm, freeing Nanami. Mahito is satisfied to know that Yuji killed the transfigured humans, but the Jujutsu High student is furious. Nanami appears behind Mahito, ready to strike with his blunt sword. The cursed spirit instantly reacts, confident he can counter Nanami's cursed technique. However, Yuji cracks him hard with a strong right hook, and Nanami follows up by creating a weak point in Mahito's face and smashing it with his blunt sword.

Mahito traps Nanami inside his very own Domain Expansion: Self-Embodiment of Perfection.

The duo of sorcerers continues to barrage and beat on Mahito until he can feel death approaching. Using that to inspire the powers within the depths of his soul, Mahito conjures his very own Domain Expansion: Self-Embodiment of Perfection. It immediately locks Yuji out and traps Nanami alone inside a void filled with Mahito's soul molding hands. Nanami immediately realizes how dire his situation is and Mahito expresses his gratitude for the sorcerer helping him attain this level of strength.[2]

Frustrated that Nanami was the only one locked inside, Yuji bangs on the outside of the Domain Expansion with his cursed energy infused fists. Nanami knows he's literally in the palm of Mahito's hands now.[3] After looking back on the choices he made in regards to quitting and re-joining Jujutsu High, Nanami accepts his fate and tells Mahito to save his gratitude since he has plenty already. Nanami takes off his glasses and proudly admits that he has no regrets.

Sukuna punishes Mahito for touching his soul again.

Before Mahito can make a move, Yuji breaks into the Domain Expansion from the outside. This forces Mahito to touch Yuji's soul, once again angering Sukuna. The King of Curses reminds Mahito that there wouldn't be a second warning, and slashes his body with two devastatingly deep cuts. Severely damaging Mahito as his Domain Expansion collapses and he falls to his knees defeated.[4]

Yuji tries to finish Mahito off.

Several things instantly run through Yuji's head leading to the decision that he needs to act quickly and finish off Mahito. Mahito admits that Domain Expansion has drained most of his cursed energy and decides to use what he has left to expand his body. Believing that Mahito is weak and unable to counterattack, Yuji fills his fist with pure killing intent and strikes Mahito's enlarged body with Divergent Fist!

However, this body pops like a balloon and Mahito's real body escapes back into the sewers. Nanami attempts to stop him but gets to the sewer grate and smashes it too late.[5]


Nanami immediately calls grade 2 sorcerer, Takuma Ino, to intercept Mahito in the sewers. The grade 1 sorcerer wants to follow the killer, but Yuji passes out.

"How will I kill him next?"

Mahito escapes back into the tunnels of the sewers and reflects on Ryomen Sukuna's power. He's confident that reviving Sukuna will bring about the age of curses. He's also dealing with an intense desire to kill Yuji but decides to quell it even if it is frustrating. Mahito believes the soul can be killed many times and starts planning on how he can hurt Yuji next.

Sometime later, Yuji recovers and asks Nanami if he's going to get a lecture. Nanami replies that he can't lecture someone who saved his life but Yuji feels like Sukuna was the one who did that. He also feels bad for killing people and can't grasp what it means to help people reach a natural death anymore. Nanami points out that all people die differently and asks Yuji not to die trying to prevent unnatural deaths. He believes that people need Yuji, just as he needed him earlier because Yuji is a jujutsu sorcerer. [6]


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