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Yuji Itadori & Aoi Todo vs. Mahito is a battle fought by Tokyo Jujutsu High first-year student, Yuji Itadori and Kyoto Jujutsu High third-year student Aoi Todo against the special grade cursed spirit, Mahito. It takes place in Shibuya Station and all throughout Shibuya during the latter stages of the Shibuya Incident.


Mahito mortally wounds Nobara at the conclusion of their battle. With Nobara seemingly murdered right in front of his eyes, Yuji's resolve shatters Mahito follows up breaking Yuji's spirit by battering the sorcerer's body into the ground until he's utterly defeated in both regards.

Mahito is displaced just before he finishes Yuji off.

Mahito shapes his arm into a praying-mantis-type blade and attempts to decapitate Yuji. However, before the cursed spirit lands the killing blow, the sound of a single clap echoes through the subway corridor.

Suddenly, Mahito is an entirely different spot in the hallway. Having taken the cursed spirit's place, one of Kyoto's best stands over Yuji now. He recites a poem that conveys the idea that those who prosper are also destined to decline. Aoi Todo has arrived to save his best friend, and he believes that they are the exception.

"Wake up brother! Our battle has just begun!"

Mahito is disoriented from the switching and isn't sure what occurred. He quickly recognizes he switched spots with Todo, allowing him to recognize the Kyoto sorcerer as the one who gave Hanami a tough fight.

Kyoto first-year Arata Nitta joins Todo's side and informs him that he's finished treating Nobara with his cursed technique. Arata doesn't think the girl will survive and asks his senpai not to place any blame on him if she doesn't. Uninterested in idle chatter, Todo simply asks Arata to treat Yuji as well. Despite Yuji's near-broken state, Todo tells him to get up because their fight is just beginning.[1]

Due to his shattered resolve, Yuji can't bring himself to get up and fight any longer. He reveals that Nanami died as well as Nobara. Coupled with his guilt over allowing Sukuna to rampage through the city, Yuji can't forgive himself and begins to believe people will die simply because he lives.

Todo kicks Mahito away from Yuji.

Enamored by Yuji's sorrow, Mahito leaps at the trio of sorcerers and attempts to slash them with a serrated blade arm. Todo activates Boogie Woogie to switch Arata's position on the ground behind him with Mahito's position in the air. Todo claps again to swap Mahito with Yuji, positioning the cursed spirit's back to him.

Todo delivers a powerful kick that sends his adversary crashing into the ground. The impact ricochets Mahito toward Arata, but Todo trades their places so his peer doesn't suffer any damage. Mahito quickly recovers and laughs from the thrill. He even admits to himself that Boogie Woogie is disorienting even when you understand how it functions.

"What have you been entrusted with?"

In order to reignite the flame of Yuji's fighting spirit, Todo explains that jujutsu sorcerers live on through their allies and cannot be limited by sins or punishments. Todo knows that looking for logic in death can defile the memories of those who've died, but he asks Yuji what he's been entrusted with. He tells Yuji that he can't stop moving until he finds the answer and believes that is the only punishment jujutsu sorcerers must endure.

Todo charges ahead to face the special grade cursed spirit while Arata applies his technique to Yuji's wounds. Arata explains his technique essentially stops wounds from getting worse and nullifies pain, but this won't apply to any new injuries. He also reveals that he's done the same for Nobara and reassures Yuji there is a very small possibility she could survive before retreating with her. Yuji was also told not to get his hopes up, but his spirit is slightly reignited thanks to Aratta's kindness.[2]


Mahito's uncanny attempt to touch Todo.

Mahito transforms his torso into a spiked net and lunges his top half at the sorcerer with the intention of ensnaring him. Todo claps to change their positions and reinforces his hand with cursed energy to grab the netted park of Mahito's body from behind. However, the net suddenly rips in Todo's hand and Mahito transfigures the back of his body to mirror the front. Mahito nearly touches Todo by using this splitting transfiguration, but the sorcerer claps again to get right back behind his adversary.

Yuji hits Mahito with Black Flash!

Todo taunts Mahito, asking if the curse even wants to touch him. Mahito is impressed with the sorcerer's ability to dodge while keeping his distance from Yuji but he still has more tricks in store. A small transfigured human activates behind Todo and transforms into a large spike. Although his shirt is slightly cut, Todo avoids the spike by lifting his arm out of the way and shifting his posture slightly. Mahito wanted Todo to switch but still remains confident he'll figure out the timing and guess right eventually. He feels the true essence of his soul coming closer to fruition and desires to use Black Flash again to awaken it.

Suddenly, Todo claps again and swaps places with Yuji. Mahito turns around, surprised to see Yuji up and fighting again. Yuji charges his fist with cursed energy and apologizes to Nanami for almost running away. He unleashes Black Flash and shatters Mahito's blocking arm, sending the cursed spirit reeling. Back in the fight, Yuji promises to take on Nanami's share of suffering in order to honor his sacrifice.

Mahito protecting his rear from Todo's switching.

Amused, Mahito smiles and regenerates his arm, commenting that Yuji has returned from the dead. Todo rips his shirt off and welcomes Yuji back into the fold.[3]

Mahito shapeshifts his fingers into a long double-edged blade and tries to stab Yuji with it. Yuji grabs Mahito's wrist with one hand and parries the spike by catching it between his fingers. While Todo kicks at Mahito from behind, Yuji attempts to throw the curse into his partner. Mahito attempts to counter by transforming his free arm into a spiked vine and lashing it at Todo. The grade 1 sorcerer claps to switch his position with the curse and avoid the attack. Mahito transfigures the front of his body through his back to avoid being attacked from behind. He quickly enlarges both his arms and uses his forearms to block Todo and Yuji from capitalizing.

Todo surprises Mahito by activating Boogie Woogie on a transfigured human.

Mahito recognizes that Todo is at full health and doubts one touch from Idle Transfiguration would be enough to kill him. He believes Yuji is only operating around 10% and the curse also admits he's at 40% himself. Black Flash combined with his double's death and the onslaught of attacks earlier took a lot of Mahito. Although she's just supposed to be a nobody, Mahito admits that Nobara managed to leave her mark on the fight.

The sparks of black bless Todo at last!

Todo and Yuji re-engage the curse from both sides. Mahito decides he needs to take care of the switching first. He transforms his left arm into a fin-like slicing weapon to fend off Todo and tosses a transfigured human out of his right hand at Yuji. Todo immediately switches his place with the transfigured human to get behind the curse, taking Mahito completely off guard. Mahito was unaware Todo could switch places with a non-living subject and is impressed he could pick up on the cursed energy before it was fully activated.

Todo believes his friendship with Yuji can't last if he remains stagnant. Even Mahito can use Black Flash so Todo feels as if he's falling behind. Refusing to allow Yuji to be alone, Todo steps up and kicks Mahito with perfect timing with his cursed energy. Todo unleashes Black Flash in a powerful kick that breaks Mahito's blocking arm. Although this has no effect on Mahito's soul, the cursed spirit recognizes that all three fighters are reaching 120% of their maximum potential.

Black Flash allows the three fighters to approach 120% of their max potential.

Mahito vomits numerous small transfigured humans and crushes them all together in his palms to activate Soul Multiplicity. He immediately unleashes Body Repel, creating several giant monstrous mouths to attack the two sorcerers. The technique breaks through the ceiling of the subway and into the streets of Shibuya above ground. Todo recognizes that Mahito is countering Boogie Woogie by attacking from every direction. Mahito tells Yuji its time for the fight to reach the next level as this is their last chance to curse one another.[4]

Yuji and Todo fight off the transfigured heads using their cursed energy reinforced fists. The remainder of Body Repel merges together to create a web-like platform attached to two buildings on each side that allows it to hover just above the ground.

Soul Multiplicity: Body Repel!

After Mahito tells Yuji its their last chance to curse one another, Todo asks if the cursed spirit has forgotten about him. Todo claps, placing Mahito right next to him, and then slams the curse headfirst into the ground. Yuji attempts to capitalize and crush Mahito's skull with a kick. However, Mahito dismembers his own head and Yuji it clean off, not dealing any real member.

Mahito's dismembered body spawns its own head and shifts its arm into blades. It spins rapidly, nearly cutting the two sorcerers. While Todo jumps above one blade and Yuji ducks below the other, Mahito's dismembered head forms its own separate body and activates Soul Multiplicity. By combining souls with weak rejection, Mahito spawns an uncanny transfigured human known as a Polymorphic Soul Isomer.

Todo claps repeatedly and continues to switch positions between the five fighters on the platform. He believes that Mahito's original dismembered body contains 80% of his power while the head possesses 20%. The plan is for Yuji to finish off the dismembered head while Todo takes care of the transfigured human. However, Todo grossly underestimates the Polymorphic Soul Isomer's power and is caught off guard by a powerful backfist. Polymorphic Soul Isomer follows up with a right hook that sends the grade 1 sorcerer crashing through a building.

Mahito's dismembered body keeps Yuji and Todo at bay.

Todo falls out of the other side of the business building stunned from the impact. The Polymorphic Soul Isomer jumps above the injured sorcerer and attempts to crush him on the way down. Todo lands on his feet and is able to avoid the crushing kick from his opponent. He grabs a rock and imbues it with cursed energy before tossing it at the Polymorphic Soul Isomer. The rock goes right past the top of the transfigured human's head. Todo switches with the rock to get behind his opponent and delivers a powerful right hook that slams the Polymorphic Soul Isomer into the ground.

To Todo's surprise, the transfigured human's head is completely flattened from the blow. It only took one hit to die because the Polymorphic Soul Isomer's explosive power comes from expending several souls at once. Todo figures out how the transfigured human attack specialists work just as two more arrive to confront him.

A Polymorphic Soul Isomer hits Todo clean through a building.

Feeling free of Todo's interference, Mahito piles on the pressure again Yuji. He activates Body Repel, creating long eel-like transfigured heads with spiked bodies to attack. Yuji gets between each of the attacks in order to find an opening to drop-kick Mahito. The curse counters by grabbing Yuji's leg and throwing him into the ground below. The impact breaks apart the ground and skips Yuji's body along the street. While Yuji is reeling, Mahito moves in to capitalize. However, the cursed spirit is disappointed to find that Todo has suddenly rejoined Yuji's side. The grade 1 sorcerer taunts the Mahito for really trying to avoid a two-on one fight.

Mahito is impressed even two Polymorphic Soul Isomer's weren't enough to stall Todo for long. He knows landing a hit on Todo will be difficult and using Domain Expansion with Yuji around will invoke Sukuna's rage. Mahito can't configure his barrier to exclude Yuji so there is only one thing he can resort to. On a whim, Mahito decides to employ a technique he saw Satoru Gojo use. The special grade decides that it's all-or-nothing and activates a Domain Expansion of 0.2 seconds![5]

An all-or-nothing Domain Expansion of 0.2 seconds!

Todo quickly responds with a Simple Domain he learned from Yuki Tsukumo. Even faster, Yuji runs towards Mahito in an attempt to exorcise him before he could activate idle Transfiguration. Awakened through Black Flash, Mahito is the fastest He combined the realization of an innate domain and the activation of his cursed technique into a single process.

Mahito briefly enters Sukuna's innate domain and tells him that Yuji will be dead before they can switch. Self-Embodiment of Perfection disappears just as quickly as it was cast. Todo's left arm transfigures, concerning Yuji who stops in his tracks. Mahito punches Yuji from behind and knocks him to the ground before proceeding to rush Todo. The grade 1 sorcerer acts quickly and severs his own hand using cursed energy. However, this leaves Todo defenseless againstMahito's next attack. Unable to activate Idle Transfiguration so soon after casting his domain, Mahito uses a physical attack and lands a devastating direct hit on Todo with Black Flash!

Mahito tries to end Todo with Black Flash!

The impact from Mahito's Black Flash sends Todo flying and deals serious damage to the sorcerer's torso. Despite suffering a direct hit, Todo survives and is able to land on his feet. Mahito notices that the sorcerer concentrated all his cursed energy to the area of impact in order to minimize the damage. Ignoring the minor set back, Mahito's cursed technique returns and he prepares to end Todo with Idle Transfiguration. Todo's necklace suddenly falls and opens, revealing a picture of Yuji that catches Mahito's eye and distracts him for just a moment. This gives Todo enough time to clap using Mahito's hand in order to activate Boogie Woogie.

Todo switches places with Yuji, who is already in the middle of swinging a devastating right hook. Mahito realizes his predicament too late and is struck directly in the face by Yuji's Black Flash. Todo lays on the ground away from the fight and is grateful his hand is only slightly burned from touching Mahito. Grateful for all his help, Yuji silently thanks Todo and believes he can take care of the rest alone.

Todo sets up Yuji to land another Black Flash.

Heavily injured, Mahito activates Soul Multiplicity and creates another Polymorphic Soul Isomer to hold off Yuji. The sorcerer and the transfigured human trade parries and punches in quick succession while Mahito hangs back. Mahito admits getting hit with Black Flash at this stage of the fight is bad and commends the Todo for being a pain until the very end. The special grade quickly disregards this because he believes he's found the truest essence of his soul after unleashing Black Flash again.

Yuji uses a spinning kick to defeat the Polymorphic Soul Isomer before turning his attention back to Mahito. He quickly notices Mahito changing his shape and the cursed energy being emitted by the process. The cursed spirit sheds his human-like appearance reaches his final form by unleashing Idle Transfiguration: Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing. Feeling reborn, Mahito asks Yuji to celebrate the occasion by wishing him a happy birthday.[6]

Yuji engages Mahito's Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing.

Yuji can feel that this transfiguration is unlike any other and wonders what improvements it brings to his opponent. After asking for a birthday wish, Mahito explains that he's discovered his unbridled soul. Yuji didn't take Mahito as one for a journey of self-discovery. Mahito believes he's just getting started and only once he's killed Yuji can he truly feel born anew.

Using the improved strength granted by Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing, Mahito creates a giant shockwave mixed with debris with just a swipe of his hand. Yuji's reflexes are fast enough for him to roll under the shockwave and deliver a kick at the end of his motion. Mahito avoids the head kick and wraps the tendrils extending from the back of his head around Yuji's foot. By rapidly retracting the tendrils, Mahito cuts Yuji's foot. The cursed spirit follows up by whipping his tail at the sorcerer. Yuji blocks Mahito's tail with his knee and Mahito throws a left hook. Yuji parries the hook and delivers a direct hit to the body while Mahito's hand is deflected. However, Mahito's transformed state provides skin so tough it even surpasses Choso's hardened blood. The impact of Yuji's punch is completely nullified, dealing no damage to Mahito whatsoever.

Mahito smashes the ground to pieces with Yuji's body.

Mahito uses his free arm to attacks with the tendril blades on the back of his elbow. This slash cuts open the side of Yuji's blocking arm and Mahito capitalizes while his adversary is on the backfoot. He follows up with a flurry of rapid blows, each with increasing speed and ferocity. Yuji is initially able to deflect them before soon finding that his counterattacks aren't reaching Mahito. This show of strength forces the sorcerer to recognize that Mahito is completely different as a cursed spirit than before his transformation.

Mahito grabs Yuji's face and slams him into the street, destroying the ground from the impact. This creates a giant crater that fills with water from broken inground sewer lines. Yuji falls into the shallow pool of water and reaches his feet shortly after. He knows the only way he can achieve victory by landing a Black Flash imbued with his maximum cursed energy. Mahito moves into the crater to face with his opponent and the two stand off ankle-deep in the water. Yuji slightly loses his footing due to general exhaustion and the ground beneath his feet giving way to the water.

Yuji severely overpowered by Mahito's enhanced strength.

Mahito attempts to take advantage of Yuji's small lapse by rushing in. However, the cursed spirit immediately stops. The tendrils on the back of his elbows partially disintegrate and Mahito even coughs up blood. Getting hit by Black Flash so soon after activating Domain Expansion seriously injured Mahito. Yuji bangs on his leg in order to wake it back up and regain his balance. Amused with their final standoff, Mahito wipes the blood from his mouth and states both of them still have plenty left in the tank.

One strike away from victory!

Mahito makes the first move, creating a giant splash in the water from his incredibly fast movements. Yuji immediately clenches his fist in his palm and charges all of his cursed energy into it. Mahito attempts to attack Yuji from behind but the sorcerer ducks under it in time. Mahito tries to come at him with a right hook next and Yuji uses the back of his palm to parry it. He turns around and readies another punch while Mahito does the same.[7]

Mahito is fully aware Yuji will try and end the fight using Black Flash. He knows going in recklessly will end in his demise and has prepared a countermeasure. In the midst of their exchange of punches. Mahito deactivates Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing the left side of his body. He plans on transfiguring his body to avoid the attack while also reinforcing the deactivated area with cursed energy. With Yuji's cursed energy completely focused in his fists, Mahito believes his neck is wide open.

Divergent Fist completely takes Mahito by surprise.

Yuji lands his punch on the deactivated area of Mahito's body. Believing he's won, Mahito swings at Yuji's neck with his elbow blade. However, a sudden second impact completely throws off the trajectory of Mahito's slash. Yuji is able to control Divergent Fist and has used it to disrupt Mahito's plan. Yuji ducks underneath Mahito's attack and prepares to unleash his own. Mahito attempts to slash with his other arm before Yuji can reach him but a familiar voice abruptly re-enters the battle.

Standing above the crater is Todo, still determined to help his best friend. He tells the cursed spirit that an arm is merely a decoration and the act of applause is the acclimation of the soul itself. Due to Todo's charisma and the threat of Boogie Woogie activating, Mahito immediately turns around to anticipate switching places. He slashes behind him but hits nothing but air, completely fooled by the grade 1 sorcerer. Todo apologizes for lying and claims that Boogie Woogie has already died.

Todo fools Mahito into leaving himself wide open.

Set up with a clean shot from an assist from Todo, Yuji lands a devastating direct hit with Black Flash. Imbued with all his cursed energy, Yuji punches Mahito in the side of his sternum and sends the cursed spirit flying from the impact. Mahito is blasted out of the crater, coated by a streak of his adversary's cursed energy that carries him a great distance away.

Yuji finishes Mahito with a Black Flash imbued with maximum cursed energy!

With his soul severely damaged, Mahito reverts to his normal state. He attempts to vomit more transfigured humans but he's completely run out. Yuji walks up to Mahito and admits the cursed spirit was right in their earlier conversation. The sorcerer admits he is a reflection of Mahito. He wanted to reject Mahito and convince himself the curse was wrong. Now that Mahito is on the verge of defeat, none of that matters now. Yuji no longer needs a reason to kill curses and he's fine being a cog in the system of jujutsu sorcerers endlessly exorcising curses.

Seeing Yuji's determination to fulfill his role as a sorcerer, Mahito flees. Like a wolf running down a hare in the snow, Yuji pursues Mahito. Suddenly an even greater threat arrives when Pseudo-Geto suddenly appears before Mahito, asking if he'd like to be saved.[8]


Geto uses Cursed Spirit Manipulation to quickly overwhelm Yuji.

Yuji hears Mahito call the newcomer "Geto" and takes notice of his attire, confirming to him that this must be Satoru Gojo's captor. Yuji rushes toward Geto and demands that the curse user return his sensei. Geto ignores Yuji's demand and instead begins talking about the mysterious connection between catfish and earthquakes during the Edo Period. At the same time, he drops a small cursed spirit into the ground. This catfish spirit suddenly manifests a giant hole in the ground that beneath Yuji's feet.

Yuji feels as if he's going to fall deep into the giant hole. However, he mysteriously just crashes into the ground instead as if the hole was never there. Dazed by the impact, Yuji struggles to comprehend what even happened to him. Geto asks Yuji if he believed he had fallen and goes on to say when viewed from the side it appeared as if he suddenly flipped over.

Yuji left battered and bloodied by Geto's onslaught.

Geto continues monologuing, divulging the advantages of Cursed Spirit Manipulation. By wielding several cursed spirits semi-grade 1 and above, curse manipulation provides the user with a near endless arsenal. Any time someone might adjust to one technique, he can simply switch to another or pile the attacks on before they adapt.

The curse manipulator attacks Yuji with a cursed spirit that takes the form of a horrific black mass that spawns giant centipedes. The centipedes bind Yuji as the catfish curse opens another hole beneath him. Combined with the momentum of Yuji falling, Geto slams Yuji into the ground with devastating force by also stacking a centipede curse attack from above.

Geto avoids Mahito's desperate attempt to touch him.

Pseudo-Geto claims that the original Suguru Geto would've defeated Yuta Okkotsu if his curses were not split between Shinjuku and Kyoto during the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons. Geto assumes Yuji had little to do with that incident as the first-year lies on all fours bloodied from the curse manipulation assault.

Yuji demands his sensei back once again, not acknowleding any of the curse user's bravado. Amused, Geto commends Sukuna's vessel for his toughness. Mahito suddenly attempts to touch Geto, only to be easily avoided. The cursed spirit claims he knew all along about Yuji because he was born from humans. At Mahito utters his last words Geto uses his curse manipulation to absorb the cursed spirit into a small orb. As Yuji watches with a relatively surprised expression, Geto asks him to continue their discussion so he can introduce the world to come.[9]


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