Yu Haibara ( (はい) (ばら) (ゆう) Haibara Yū?) is a character in Jujutsu Kaisen. He was a first year student along Kento Nanami in Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College.


Yu had black short hair with thick eyebrows, and round eyes.

Yu wore a black jacket over a white shirt, black pants, and black shoes.




Yu and Nanami are called on to assist Getou and Gojo, with protecting Riko while they are at Okinawa. Yu expresses his excitement about helping out Getou and Gojo, while Nanami voices his opinion about how this is not an appropriate mission for first years. Later Yu informs Nanami about how they are going to stay in Okinawa for one more day.

A year later, Yu meets up with Getou and the two have a conversation. Getou suddenly asks Yu if he likes being a shaman, which Yu tells him that he feels nice when he is going thing that he can do. When Tsukumo Yuki shows up, Yu leaves for a mission while leaving Getou and Yuki to talk alone. During the mission Yu is killed and his body is take to the morgue of the college.





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