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Yoshinobu Gakuganji vs. Juzo Kumiya is a battle fought between Kyoto Jujutsu High Principal Yoshinobu Gakuganji against the curse user Juzo Kumiya.


Following the cursed spirit's abrupt invasion of the school grounds, Gakuganji and Utahime enter through the curtain and are immediately met with a heavy presence. Juzo descends the stairs to greet them and Gakuganji can recognize his skill even if he's not a special grade curse user.

Gakuganji tells Utahime to go ahead in order to save the students. Juzo argues against this but the old man arms himself with his guitar and readies to fight.[1]


Gakuganji's technique utilizing his body as an amp for his mystical guitar.

The old rock star shreds his guitar and sends slashing sound waves at the evil sorcerer. Juzo is initially knocked back the impact but he swipes it away using his axe. Juzo is able to recognize that the Gakuganji's cursed technique amplifies his melodies and launches them as blades of cursed energy. Juzo believes he'll easily be able to make a wallet out of the old man by closing the distance.[2]

However, before long the curtain Juzo created is dispelled and spots Gojo floating above the battlefield.[3]


Gojo decides to start stopping the invasion by confronting Juzo. He teleports behind the curse user, who turns around and tries to swing his hammer. However, Gojo instantly flattens all four of Juzo's main limbs as Gakuganji yells for the sorcerer not to kill him. Gojo agrees they need Juzo for questioning and asks for Gakuganji to heal him.[4]


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