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Yasohachi Bridge (八十八橋 Yasohachi-bashi?) is a landmark in Koinokuchi Canyon where students from Saitama Urami East Junior High engaged in a reckless test of merit by bungee jumping off the bridge. It serves as one of the main settings of the Death Painting Arc.


Cars driving across the bridge.

The Yasohachi Bridge is a large stone commercial bridge in the mountains of Koinokuchi Canyon. It connects two forested roads and allows cars to cross over a deep fall including a small river.

The area beneath the bridge is easily accessible, walking across the bridge is possible as well using the railed off walkways on one side. The area underneath the bridge is a forest area with heavenly dense trees, reflecting the entire canyon.


Megumi returning to Yasohachi Bridge.

Yasohachi Bridge is a place known for suicides and a famous hotspot for paranormal activity. For this reason Tokyo Jujutsu High visits it often. Megumi Fushiguro took part in one of these periodic checkups. Yasohachi Bridge bungee jumping was a popular activity among the generation of students who graduated twenty years ago. It was a test of mettle that the new generation no longer takes part in, although the stories continue to get passed down.

One popular story is that four students who didn't show up to school also hadn't returned home the previous night. After the news spread that they were missing, all four of them were found unconscious below Yasohachi Bridge. When they awakened, they had no recollection of what happened to them.[1]

Akari finds the students below the bridge at the conclusion of their mission.

As investigated by Jujutsu High, this resulted in those four students being cursed. Each of them were killed in separate months under the same conditions. Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara look into the case, leading them to the bridge. However, they initially found no traces of a curse and sit on the railing to discuss their non-findings. Yuji even uses a plastic rope to jump off the bridge but no curse is detected.

Akari and Megumi deduce that they must venture below the bridge at night and over the small river to pass into the curse's barrier.[2] Once the curses are defeated and Sukuna's finger is secured, the barrier disappears.[3]


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