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This article is about the training event. For the chapter titled "Watching Movies", see Chapter 13.

Watching Movies ( (えい) () (かん) (しょう) Eiga Kanshō?) refers to a training regiment used by Satoru Gojo to teach Yuji Itadori how to control his cursed energy.


Following Yuji's return to the living, Gojo-sensei takes his student to a secluded location to train. Yuji is excited to be learning directly from the world's most powerful shaman. Yuji feels that he's failed his friends in the past due to his weakness. With Gojo sensei's help, Yuji wants to learn how to become the strongest.

Yuji unable to channel his cursed energy freely.

For Yuji's first lesson, Gojo-sensei demonstrates the difference between cursed energy and a cursed technique. He uses two cans, blasting one with cursed energy and twisting the other with a cursed technique.

Gojo uses electricity as an example for cursed energy and any appliance that uses that power as a cursed technique. Yuji understands and is excited to learn a cool technique, however, Gojo reveals that Yuji does not possess the innate talent to use a cursed technique.

Gojo believes Yuji will eventually learn to utilize Sukuna's cursed technique and wants to focus on teaching him to apply cursed energy to his physical fighting style. Yuji recalls that he managed to channel his cursed energy into his hand while fighting the cursed womb spirit. Gojo asks him to do it again and while Yuji tries, but he's unable to do so.

Yuji believes he has to channel his anger and act annoyed all the time like Megumi. Gojo clarifies and tells Yuji that all sorcerers must learn to control their emotions while channeling cursed energy so it's not wasted. Gojo decides to teach Yuji with a particularly tough method, watching movies!


The cursed doll Gojo uses train Yuji to control his emotions.

Gojo tells Yuji this training will involve him spending every waking moment watching a wide variety of different emotions. This is meant to generate a wide spectrum of emotions for Yuji to experience. While watching movies, Yuji must hold a cursed doll made to attack him if cursed energy is not flowing through it. Yuji must watch all the movies while sitting with the cursed doll, lulling it to sleep with his cursed energy while keeping his emotions in check.

Yuji keeps the doll asleep with his cursed energy while watching movies.

Before they can even begin, the cursed doll strikes Yuji a few times while Gojo tries to select a movie.[1] During the movie, Yuji gets punched after taking a sip of his soda, which allowed him to become distracted, triggering the doll's reaction. Gojo tells his student to stop taking it easy but Yuji argues that watching movies is all about snacks and soda, a point to which Gojo cannot argue.

Not long after the start of training, Yuji's face is moderately bruised from getting hit so much. Gojo steps out, but before he does, he asks Yuji if Sukuna made him vow to a contract in return for fixing his heart. Unfortunately, Yuji is unable to remember and Gojo takes his leave.[2]

When Yuji fails to properly channel his cursed energy, the doll punches him when it awakens.

While away, Gojo ends up in a fight with an unregistered special grade cursed spirit named Jogo. In the middle of the battle, Gojo disappears to get Yuji, seeing this as an ample opportunity to teach Yuji about jujutsu battles. He returns to find that Yuji has successfully kept the doll asleep while watching the movie. He's impressed to see how quickly Yuji has picked up the skill. Yuji is surprised by his sensei's reappearance but still manages to keep the doll asleep.

Gojo decides it'll be best to up the amount of cursed energy needed to keep the doll asleep for the next phase of training. For the time being, Gojo takes Yuji away from training to teach him about Domain Expansion by sitting in on the intense jujutsu battle. [3]


Following Gojo's fight with Jogo, Yuji continued his training. One day while sparring with Yuji, Gojo discovered his student's cursed energy has a time lag. Yuji's energy can't keep up with his physical speed and on top of that he has little control over it. This causes his energy to be released in a linear fashion, creating a unique flow of energy. Directly after Yuji strikes, his cursed energy follows with a secondary impact, effectively making one strike into two.

Thanks to Gojo's training, Yuji was able to develop his Divergent Fist technique. This allowed Yuji to participate in a series of missions with Grade 1 sorcerer, Kento Nanami a month after his training began. [4]



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