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Wasuke Itadori ( (いた) (どり) () (すけ) Itadori Wasuke?) is a character in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is Yuji Itadori's grandfather.


Wasuke is an elderly, bedridden man with many wrinkles, short white hair and green eyes. He shares many facial features with his grandson Yuji.

While in the hospital, Wasuke wore a light blue hospital gown.


Wasuke is shown to be a selfless, caring man who taught Yuji to help others. He was also very short tempered and stubborn, to the point he would yell at Yuji for visiting him every day and buying him flowers. This temper meant that nobody else wanted to visit him and he tells his grandson to avoid dying alone.


Fearsome Womb Arc

From very early on in Jujutsu Kaisen, it is shown that Yuji and his grandfather care for each other greatly. During his final hours when Yuji visits him, where he proceeds to attempt to reveal something about Yuji's parents. Yuji refuses to hear what he has to say, telling him to "stop acting cool". Before passing, Wasuke tells Yuji that he is a "strong kid" and to help people whenever he can. He goes on to tell Yuji to make sure to be surrounded by others at his time of death, and to not be like him.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As a normal human, Wasuke has no additional abilities.



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