I'm Gonna Kill You! ( (ころ) してやる Koro Shite Yaru?) is the fourth volume of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.

Cover Art and Illustration

The cover artwork features Satoru Gojo lifting up his blindfold to reveal his eyes while sticking out his tongue and showing off his bloody fingertips. Gojo is placed over a bright blue background similar to the color of his eyes. The volume illustration is of Kawasaki City with some kind of black-winged angel roaming the streets.

Author Quote

"Two kilobytes."

Gege Akutami

Publisher Summary

While investigating a strange set of mysterious deaths, Itadori meets Junpei, a troubled kid who is often bullied at school. However, Junpei is also befriended by the culprit behind the bloody incident—Mahito, a mischievous cursed spirit! Mahito sets in motion a devious plan involving Junpei, hoping to ensnare Itadori as well.

Featured Characters




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