Fearsome Womb ( (じゅ) (たい) (たい) (てん) Jutaitaiten?) is the second volume of Akutami Gege's Jujutsu Kaisen.

Covert Art and Illustration

The cover artwork features Megumi and his familiar Nue. They're posted over a deep purple background and its worth mentioning that Nue's wing has been bloodied, symbolizing their duel with Sukuna during the Cursed Womb Arc. The volume illustration appears to depict the dark waiting room of the hospital.

Author Quote

"I yelled out, "Please give me more compliments!" But no one did. I guess that's because I was the only one at the office..." Gege Akutami

Publisher Summary

When a cursed womb appears at a detention facility, Jujutsu High dispatches Itadori and the other first-years to handle the situation. However, the Curse they encounter is far stronger than they ever expected! Itadori and friends now have two options: run and maybe live, or fight and die. While they are distracted, powerful Curses with mysterious designs on Jujutsu High and Satoru Gojo are gathering…

Featured Characters



Character Bios

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