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Uraume (裏梅 (うらうめ) Uraume?) is a recurring antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. They are a mysterious curse user aligned with both Kenjaku and Sukuna.


Uraume is a white haired monk with chin-length white hair, an irregular line of dark plum pink running horizontally across the back of their head, and dark pink eyes with long eyelashes. They wear a plain monk robe of dark blue, which is white on the innermost layer. Their appearance is androgynous, and they usually wear a blank expression outside of battle.


Not much is known about Uraume's personality, but they seem loyal to Sukuna, to the point where Sukuna actually acknowledges Uraume upon meeting them.

Uraume is shown to be ruthless when Pseudo-Geto tells them to leave the sorcerers alive, but they say only Yuji is needed as a messenger. Uraume also has a short temper - they tell Choso to get out of the way because they won't wait much longer, they also got visibly annoyed with Yuji when he saved Choso, asking him "whose body do you think that is?"


Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

When Juzo Kumiya is interrogated in the aftermath, he refers to Uraume as "that monk kid with the white hair", knowing neither Uraume's gender nor name. None of the Jujutsu High staff recognize Uraume's description. Uraume is later shown standing wordlessly behind Mahito, Jogo and Pseudo-Geto.[1][2]

Shibuya Incident Arc

Uraume is later seen talking to a Haruta Shigemo, telling him to go around Shibuya killing any black suits working for the sorcerers.[3]

Uraume greets Sukuna after Jogo is defeated and tells him that they have come to escort him. Sukuna is surprised to see Uraume, not recognizing them initially.[4]

When Megumi Fushiguro is put into suspended death by Mahoraga Sukuna leaves Uraume, telling them that he will soon be completely free and tells Uraume to not neglect their preparations.[5]

Uraume sees Choso going to help Yuji Itadori with the fight against Psuedo-Geto, and disrespectfully tells him to move out the way.[6] Uraume then gets into a fight with Choso and Kyoto and Tokyo students, where they block Piercing Blood with their bare hands, which they will later heal with a reverse cursed technique. Uraume also freezes the opposition with one blow of Frost Calm. With the enemy now frozen, Pseudo-Geto asks for Uraume to not kill them as he needs a messenger. Uraume questions whether or not that's a good enough reason to let everyone live just as Yuji suddenly breaks Choso free of the ice containing him. They then angrily ask Yuji, "whose body do you think that is!?" Momo tries attacking by using Wind Scythe, but they are able to block the attack bare handed. Uraume then activates Ice Fall as they state that Yuji alone is enough for a messenger. Before the ice is able to crush the opposition, Yuki Tsukumo comes in and protects them.[7]

While standing behind Psuedo-Geto, Uraume suddenly falls down as the ice behind Yuki shatters. Psuedo-Geto then asks Uraume what happened to which they say, "poison." Choso reveals that his Piercing Blood attack had his blood mixed in.[8]

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skills: Uraume is a thousand-years old sorcerer who is able to incapacitate several grade 1 and lower graded sorcerers with ease. Uraume has a strong defense as they were seen blocking Momo Nishimiya's attack with their bare hand.[9]


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Uraume using Reverse Cursed Technique.png Reverse Cursed Technique (反転術式 Hanten Jutsushiki?): Uraume has been shown using reverse cursed technique to heal themselves, signifying their great control over cursed energy.
Innate Technique
Ice Formation.png Ice Formation (氷凝呪法 Hikori Juhō?): Uraume's Innate technique gives them the ability to create and manipulate ice. It can range from small to large quantities, depending on the desired utilization.
Frost Calm (霜凪 Shimonagi?): Uraume channels a cloud of freezing mist from their mouth and blows it towards their opponent. The freezing mist materializes into large columns of thick ice and frost to ensnare the enemy. This technique was shown to be especially effective against groups of people, instantly freezing an entire squad of sorcerers in place.[10] Frost Calm.png
Icefall (直瀑 Choku Baku?): After covering their hand in frost and touching the ground, Uraume can generate a large amount of spiked ice that can be controlled to float telepathically through the air like shards. The ice freezes its target on impact and drains down sharpened icicles to skewer them as well. This attack is extremely deadly, nearly subduing a group of targets all at once.[11] Icefall.png


  • According to Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook[12]:
    • They had been sticking to Sukuna since a thousand years ago. They are a human who is allowed to stand beside Sukuna because their cooking is delicious. Naturally, a sorcerer too.
    • They are a cook. Sukuna eats people, but cooking them is difficult. Among humans who had that kind of experience, Uraume has excellent talent.


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