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The Unblockable Drumming Beat (防御 (ぼうぎょ) () (のう) 激震掌 (ドラミングビート) Bōgyofunō Doramingu Bīto?) is a physical technique used by Panda while in Gorilla Mode.


While in Gorilla Mode, each of the user's strikes will resonate throughout their target's body. Even if their opponent blocks, the impact will still damage the target with all the intended force of the attack.[1]


Panda attacking Mechamaru.

In the battle against Ultimate Mechamaru, Gorilla Mode was able to shatter Mechamaru's Ultra Shield and deal great damage to the cursed corpse. He noted that he could feel the blow resonating within his body despite blocking. A second blow was enough to put Mechamaru out of commission completely.[2]


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