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Ultimate Mechamaru (究極 (アルティメット) メカ (まる) Arutimetto Mekamaru?) is a cursed corpse created by Kokichi Muta and controlled by his Puppet Manipulation technique. While Kokichi's body was too fragile and weak to be mobile, he used Mechamaru as a proxy for living out his life as a student at Kyoto Jujutsu High.


Mechamaru is a mechanical humanoid puppet with a robotic appearance. It is made to have an appearance similar to a teenage male human and is named after a popular comic book hero. Mechamaru's head is decorated with stylized lines across the back of its head and a swirl marking on its forehead. Kokichi Muta's proxy at school wears a standard Jujutsu High uniform with a scarf around its neck.

Mechamaru is equipped with a high variety of weapons as well as the ability to discharge cursed energy in the form of a laser beam.

Kokichi's Puppet Manipulation allows him to control multiple Mechamarus at once from a great distance. Mechamaru is capable of outputting high amounts of cursed energy by discharging them as heat rays usually fired from its palms. It has a number of additional extension techniques that give Mechamaru a great variety of accessible abilities in battle.


Kokichi using Mechamaru to be among his fellow students.

Kokichi Muta's Heavenly Restriction caused him to be born with a highly fragile body, making him unable to enjoy a normal life. Without the ability to physically attend school, Kokichi uses Mechamaru as his proxy and his classmates always refer to him by that name. It is controlled remotely using Kokichi's innate technique: Puppet Manipulation. In exchange for his ill body, Kokichi was born with highly above-average levels of cursed energy even for a sorcerer. This allows him to control multiple puppets at once over a vast range.

Kokichi calling several Mechamaru puppets to his side.

In his fight with Panda, Mechamaru displayed several offensive abilities. In addition to firing cursed energy beams from Mechamaru's palms, Kokichi can shift its arms into blades. The elbow sections can release bursts of flames for boosts in mobility and the arms can twist and spin at a high rate as well. In order to use his finishing move: Ultimate Cannon, Kokichi must switch Mechamaru to Mode: Albatross, revealing a cannon barrel hidden in the puppet's mouth.

While attending school and undertaking missions, Kokichi also used multiple puppets to steal and exchange information. He did so in order to fulfil his half of the Binding Vow with Geto and Mahito. Immediately after, Kokichi called an army of Mechamarus to his side to fight the cursed spirit. However, they were just a cover for his escape. Mahito easily wiped them all aside while Kokichi left to enter Ultimate Mechamaru Mode: Absolute.

Extension Techniques
Sword Option (Anime).png Sword Option (刀源解放 Sōdo Opushon?): An offensive mode that shift's Mechamaru's forearms into different forms with spikes and blades protruding from it.[1]
Ultra Spin (絶技抉剔 Urutora Supin?): Mechamaru's forearm rotates rapidly while Sword Option is active to create a drill effect. With Boost On, Ultra Spin is capable of easily destroying a full grown tree.[2] Ultra Spin (Anime).gif
Ultra Shield (剣山盾 Urutora Shīrudo?): A defensive mode that creates several spikes to shield Mechamaru's forearm.[3] Ultra Shield (Anime).png
Boost On (Anime).gif Boost On (推力加算 Būsuto On?): Elbow-mounted jet boosters that grant Mechamaru a quick burst of speed.
Ultra Cannon (Anime).gif Ultra Cannon (大祓砲 Urutora Kyanon?): Mechamaru's signature attack. A concentrated beam of cursed energy fired from its palm.[4]
Mode Albatross (Anime).gif Mode: Albatross (砲呪強化形態 Mōdo Arubatorosu?): Switches Mechamaru to an offensive mode that reveals a gun barrel hidden within it's mouth. While in Mode: Albatross, Mechamaru can unleash high reserves of cursed energy, enough to fuel its Ultimate Cannon.[5]
Ultimate Cannon (三重大祓砲 Arutimetto Kyanon?): Mechamaru's finsihing move. A high output massive beam of cursed energy fired from the Mode: Albatross cannon barrel.[6] Ultimate Cannon (Anime).gif


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