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Tool Manipulation (付喪操術 Tsukumo Sōjutsu?) is Momo Nishimiya's innate technique. It grants her the ability to telepathically control her broom.


Tool Manipulation allows the user to freely manipulate a sorcerer's broomstick by levitating it telepathically. Among other magic broom related skills, this technique grants the user the ability to levitate on the tool or create gusts of powerful wind imbued with cursed energy.


Momo using her broom to stay above ground and avoid danger.

While fighting alongside her classmates from Kyoto Jujutsu High, Momo Nishimiya mainly uses her technique in a supportive role. She uses the broom to float high above the battlefield, allowing her to scout out her team's target.[1]

In cases where she can't use her phone, Momo's broom can carry a lamp to silently create a signal above her desired target, communicating to her teammates exactly where to attack.[2]

In a one on one fight with a less mobile opponent, Momo can use her broom to stay out of range. With gusts of cursed energy wind, she can keep her opponent at a distance while avoiding their offense at the same time. Additionally, Momo cursed energy wind is effective for distracting Momo's opponents. By using the broom independent of herself, Momo can land attack directly with her broom using telepathy before jumping back on to ride it again.[3]

Initially this strategy was effective against Nobara Kugisaki. However, Momo's control over her broom was briefly compromised by Nobara's Straw Doll Technique, leaving her completely vulnerable.[4]

Extension Techniques
Wind Scythe.png Wind Scythe (鎌異断 Kama Itachi?) is a move that creates a long-ranged cursed energy wind blade from momentum created from Momo while riding her broom.


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