Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School (東京都立呪術高等専門学校 Tōkyō Toritsu Jujutsu Kōtō Senmon Gakkō?, lit. Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College), commonly referred to as Tokyo Jujutsu High, is one of only two jujutsu educational institutions in Japan dedicated to fostering the next generation of jujutsu sorcerers.


The jujutsu high crest.

Tokyo Jujutsu High serves not only as a training ground for the next generation of sorcerers, but a headquarters for all alumni who have graduated on to be full-fledged jujutsu sorcerers as well. All sorcerers play a role in mentoring jujutsu students whether it be in the role of a teacher, or accompanying them on missions. Weaker sorcerers are assigned the roles of windows or managers to contribute as well.

The jujutsu schools are considered to be the of the jujutsu community and provides mediation and general support in addition to education and shelter.[1]


Tokyo Jujutsu High is a very large campus of several buildings of mostly traditional Japanese architecture, operating under the guise of a Buddhist temple. The school buildings are well hidden in the Tokyo suburbs high in the mountain, so there are many trees all across the property.[2] In addition to the buildings, all of the scenery around school grounds reflects a Buddhist temple. There are several kami statues, shrines, and torii gates all around campus.

There are several entrances into the school and the entire property is hidden by a protective barrier maintained by Master Tengen, who lives beneath the school in the underground tombs of the star.[3] The school grounds include training grounds, courtyards, dormitories, and classrooms among a variety of other amenities.


The friction between Satoru Gojo and the higher-ups.

The Jujutsu Higher-ups control the majority of decisions revolving around the school. They meet inside a dimly lit room with only a single light on the inside shining on whomever is speaking to the council. The higher-ups' bodies are hidden from view using doors that stand on their own. Their members consists of older men like Kyoto Principal, Yoshinobu Gakuganji.[4][5]

They are conservative traditionalists that often clash with young progressive ambition like Satoru Gojo.[6][7] Many of the politics involved with governing the jujutsu community effects the school and its students. Both Yuta Okkotsu and Yuji Itadori were isolated on campus in sealed rooms, and initially scheduled for execution. Even after being vouched for by Satoru Gojo, both students, who enrolled at two different times, have only had their executions suspended since.[8][9]

Rules and Security

Upon enrolling in Jujutsu High, transfer students are taught about the rules and security measures on their first day. The school is protected by Master Tengen's barrier, which hides its location from the outside world. Those who already know the location can easily find it. One entrance is in the foothills of Mount Mushiro up a long set of stairs marked with a series of torii gates.[10]

All jujutsu sorcerers must abide by jujutsu regulations. There appear to be several articles, most of which have not been revealed. They call for the immediate execution of someone even if they become a potential vessel to a curse as powerful as Sukuna.[11] Article 9 of the jujutsu regulations punishes jujutsu sorcerers turned curse users with execution as well.[12]


One of the school classrooms.

The school's curriculum is taught over four years.[13] The concept is to train young sorcerers to control their curses and use them to exorcise other curses. All classes appear to be taught by active professional jujutsu sorcerers. The teachers regulate their students training regiments and education as they see fit. Sorcerers are rare so classes are often small and focused on the building up the individual students into competent sorcerers as quickly as possible.

Satoru assigning his students a mission to test their abilities.

Students are given a formal education with normal school classes such as homeroom, as well as sorcerer training through practical jujutsu classes.[14] They move from their original homes to live on campus in the dormitories. The majority of training, classes, and school events are all conducted on campus grounds.

Practical training assignments and field tests often consists of investigating paranormal locations and exorcising weaker curses.[15][16] Jujutsu High students are ranked on the same scale as professional jujutsu sorcerers, which their student ID reflects.[17] Same as jujutsu sorcerers, students are given missions according to their ranking.[18] When leaving school grounds to exorcise curses as a part of their training to gain experience, students are often supervised by a sorcerer or manager.[19]


The male school uniform consists of asymmetrical blue jackets with high collars and two pins on the left side engraved with the school logo. The male uniform is completed with a pair of matching blue slacks. The normal female uniform has the same top with a skirt for a bottom.

The uniforms are highly customizable and many of the students have their own variation of the uniform. The top half of Nobara's uniform is similar to a traditional gakuran uniform, with buttons from top to bottom down the middle. Yuta's uniform is all white, and Yuji's uniform is customized with a hood, which are some of many possible examples.

School Events

Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event: Tokyo and Kyoto students participate in a joint annual competition to promote goodwill between the sister schools.[20] The competition takes place on the campus of the previous year's winner. The principals of both schools decide on two competitions for the students centered around jujutsu battles. Traditionally there is always a team competition and an individual competition.[21]


Yuji held for interrogation.png Isolation Chamber: Those being held for execution are sentenced to an isolation chambers where the walls are completely covered in talisman. Both Yuji and Yuta were sentenced here for a "secret execution".
Tokyo Jujutsu High dorms.png Dormitory: Each student is given a large room in the school dorms to stay in. They can be reorganized and decorated as the student sees fit. Due to the low volume of students are are many empty rooms.[22]
Tokyo Jujutsu High morgue.png Morgue: In one of the buildings there is a morgue for fallen sorcerers who were killed in action. Their bodies are brought back to the morgue where their fellow sorcerers can properly mourn the loss and dispose of the corpse.
Mount Mushiro Foothills.png Foothills of Mount Mushiro ( (むしろ) (やま) (ふもと) Mushiro Yama Fumoto?): The entrance to Tokyo Jujutsu High is in the foothills of Mt. Mushiro. Deep in the forests, there is a long set of stairs accented by a line of repeating torii gates that lead beyond Master Tengen's barrier into the school grounds.[23]
Main Hall of the Tomb of the Star.png Tomb of the Star ( (こう) (せい) (ぐう) Kō Hoshimiya?): At the bottom of the school there is an underground compound of old buildings that circle around a gigantic tree. This is the base for all barriers that protect Japan. There is an elevator that takes visitors down the corridor to the main hall where all the buildings are. There is a path that leads directly to the base of the tree where Master Tengen resides. There is a barrier in that area that prevents anyone from intruding other than those directly invited.[24]

Staff & Students


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