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Toji Fushiguro vs. Dagon is a battle fought by the recently séanced Toji Fushiguro against the special grade cursed spirit, Dagon. It takes place inside Shibuya Station within Horizon of the Captivating Skandha domain during the Shibuya Incident.


Toji uses the hole in the barrier to enter Dagon's domain.

Megumi creates a hole in Dagon's Domain Expansion using his own domain. He means to use it to allow his allies to escape, but suddenly an intruder uses it to climb into the domain. Everyone inside bears witness to the flesh of the one who is free, to the man who left it all behind and all his overwhelming intensity![1]

The recently revived Toji Fushiguro climbs through the hole and lifts himself into the air, confusing all those around him. He suddenly disappears from mid-air and grabs onto the cursed tool Maki his holding; Playful Cloud. She's surprised by both his speed and the strength of his grip. Toji snatches Playful Cloud from her, tossing Maki aside with ease. She's shocked to lose an exchange of strength and Naobito is surprised to see Toji at all.

Upon the old man calling out his name, the sclera of Toji's eyes fill with black and he gives in to his instinct. Granny Ogami's Séance Technique can continue even after her death, but it was not meant to last forever. It was supposed to end when Ogami's grandchild ran out of cursed energy. His soul does not possess cursed energy and Toji's body does not consume it. Therefore there is no marker for the Séance Technique to end. These multiple irregular circumstances allowed the cursed technique to run rampant, transforming Toji into a vessel of carnage, bearing his fangs toward the strongest around.[2]


All of Dagon's toughest shikigami prove no match for Toji.

Dagon notices Toji lacks any cursed energy and doesn't take him seriously as a threat. He summons an eel-like shikigami to consume the lowly human and claims it's all a waste of time. In an instant, Toji obliterates the shikigami and follows up with a vicious flurry of blows that smashes the right side of Dagon's face. Knocked back a great deal by the impact, the cursed spirit is taken completely off guard by Toji's incredible raw strength.

Dagon regenerates the injury to his face while regaining his balance. He summons a swarm of piranha shikigami to attack, but Toji effortlessly smashes his way through them all while running on water like it's nothing. Concerned, Dagon still doesn't notice any cursed energy but Toji continues to speed up regardless. To counter, the octopus-like curse summons his two toughest shikigami yet. They are giant crustaceans with hard shells but a single swing is all Toji needs to dispatch them as well.

Dagon completely overwhelmed by Toji's strength and speed.

Toji effortlessly gets past all Dagon's defenses and closes the distance between them. The curse attempts to use his water shield but Toji smashes through it with Playful Cloud's pure solid power as well. He crushes Dagon with a powerful swing, slamming the staff into Dagon's neck and crashing the curse's body violently into the sand. All the other jujutsu sorcerers watch in awe as Toji singlehandedly overwhelms a cursed spirit none of them had any hope of exorcising. Toji grinds Playful Cloud against itself to sharpen the ends to a lethal point.

Heavily injured and utterly dumbfounded, Dagon looks across at his adversary, a human with no cursed energy that's about to defeat him. Refusing to give up, Dagon points out to himself that Megumi's domain still getting weaker and decides his best bet is to buy time. He attempts to levitate into the air, but Naobito is there waiting for him just as he did when they first fought.

Toji puts an end to the battle.

Without a means to escape, Dagon is left vulnerable. Toji stacks Playful Cloud's sections on top of each other to vault himself into the air directly at Dagon. The curse attempts to put his guard up but Toji soars through the air and stabs the staff's pointed end clean through Dagon's face.[3]

Despite being stabbed through the head and mounted in mid-air by his enemy, Dagon refuses to believe it's over yet. As Dagon is about to yell out in defiance, Toji takes the other sharpened and stabs it through the side of Dagon's face. Then he snaps the chain connecting that part of the staff to the rest, takes both sharpened ends and rapid-fire stabs Dagon's face until Dagon dies and the domain is lifted.[4]


Amazed, Maki comments that the newcomer really exorcised that special grade curse all by himself. Nanami knows that they would have died if Megumi hadn't shown up with his domain, but now they have a new problem. It's unclear whether Toji is on their side or not. Continuing to bear his fangs at the strongest around, Toji takes Megumi outside in an instant.

Megumi is exhausted but all the other sorcerers are heavily injured. He's taken outside so quickly that Megumi isn't even sure what happened. He believes that it was so ridiculously fast that it surpassed Sukuna's speed when they fought. Megumi asks himself who this enemy could possibly be, completely oblivious to the fact that it's his own father.[5]


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