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Toji Fushiguro ( (ふし) (ぐろ) (とう) () Fushiguro Tōji?), born Toji Zenin ( (ぜん) (いん) (とう) () Zen'in Tōji?) is a recurring character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He was a former member of the Zenin family and the infamous assassin known as the Sorcerer Killer ( (じゅつ) () (ごろ) Jutsushi Goroshi?), contracted by the Time Vessel Association among other groups throughout his time as a non-curse user. He was also the father of Megumi Fushiguro and former enemy of Satoru Gojo. While working for the Star Religious Group, Toji serves as the primary antagonist of the Gojo's Past Arc.


Toji is a tall muscular man with mid-length straight black hair that reaches to his ears. He has green eyes like his son, thin black eyebrows and a sharp scar over the right side of his mouth just on the edge of his lips.

For casual attire, Toji wears a simple outfit consisting of a long sleeved shirt and matching pants with sandals. While fighting, Toji wears a tight fitting short sleeve shirt and sports tan baggy training pants with a black belt weaved through the waist, as well as black martial arts slippers. While still a member of the Zenin family, Toji wore a dark colored haori over a black yukata.


Toji's cold and lax demeanor, unable to remember who "Megumi" is when asked about him.

Toji is a cold, calm, confident type of man who likes to enjoy himself and make money using his skills. He appears to enjoy insightful conversation with others as long as it somehow pertains to himself[3] and can trade witty banter with the highly sarcastic likes of Satoru Gojo. Upon meeting, Satoru asked Toji if they had met before but Toji assured him that he's not the type to remember some guy either.[4] In battle, Toji has a crazed expression as if he's lost in the thrill of the fight, but he's always maintaining a cool and calculated head and plotting his next move.

Toji is an assassin who's garnered the name "Sorcerer Killer" and spends his time gambling between assignments from shady clients.[5] He married a woman and left her just as quickly[6], leaving his newborn child behind without knowing their gender[7] and eventually forgot their name.[8] Toji even planned on selling Megumi to the Zenin family he had left behind, exploiting the young Megumi for the cursed technique he would eventually inherit.[6][9]

Toji remaining confident even in the face of a dangerous threat.

Toji doesn't question his clients motives as long as the money is right and generally doesn't do any extra work for free. He's bold and dangerously calculated in his strategies, using his jujutsu knowledge to outwit even the most prophesized sorcerers. This garnered him a reputation large enough to gain attention from the wealthy Time Vessel Association for such an important job that could ensure their future. While he thought the religious members of the organization were crazy, he got along well enough with their middle man to invite him to eat.[10]

Toji ignoring his instincts for a chance to discredit the jujutsu society that rejected him.

As a non-sorcerer raised in the Zenin family who values cursed techniques above all, Toji is a man who has suffered due to the interests of the sorcerer clans in a very similar manner to Maki Zenin. His evil actions are a result of his dejection towards the jujutsu world as he attempts to spite it. Born without cursed energy, Toji eventually left the Zenin family and married a woman, taking her name "Fushiguro".[11] He sold their son to the Zenin family because he believed in young Megumi's potential to be a real sorcerer[12], naming him "Megumi" because it means blessings.[13]

Toji was able to complete his final mission for the Time Vessel Association and should have cut and run when faced with a rejuvenated Satoru Gojo. However, due to his disdain for the jujutsu world and the sorcerer families, Toji chose to try and cut down the most gifted sorcerer in the world as another way to spite them all. Unfortunately, this pride cost Toji his life. Unable to look past his demons, he deviated from his natural instincts and ignored the uneasiness plaguing him during the fight.[14]

Toji stops himself from being used as a weapon against his son.

Keeping up with his cold persona, Toji chose not to utter any final words at first. In his last moments he thought of his ex-wife and their son, so he decided to tell Satoru that Megumi would be sold into the Zenin family in a few years.[15] This would eventually lead to Satoru becoming a close mentor for Megumi in the future as well as granting Megumi a chance to work as a jujutsu sorcerer.[16]

Granny Ogami's Séance Technique returned Toji's soul from the dead, turning him into a walking manifestation of carnage. He would attack anything in his path, mostly focused on crushing the strongest opponent available.[17] While endangering his own son with this outburst of aggression, Toji chose to return to death by committing suicide in order to protect him. He also did so without ever revealing their connection to each other. Instead, with his final words, Toji expresses that he's glad to hear that Megumi refers to himself as a Fushiguro instead of a Zenin.[18]

Abilities and Powers

Toji's skills and careful planning allowing him to get past the legendary Six Eyes.

Overall Skill Level: While Toji is technically a non-curse user with no innate talent for jujutsu, he was one of the most elite fighters in the jujutsu world when he was alive. With innate physical prowess far superior to all others in his path, Toji contended with the most dangerous and highly ranked jujutsu practitioners this era had to offer.

Toji cutting down Satoru Gojo, the most powerful sorcerer alive, in brutal fashion.

He was able to defeat special grade jujutsu users on three separate occasions, one of which was a young Satoru Gojo, who at the time was still considered a prodigy and one of the world's strongest sorcerers.[19] The other sorcerer who was considered the strongest at the time was the curse manipulator, Suguru Geto, who was effortlessly taken down by Toji along with several of his strongest cursed spirits. Toji referred to Suguru's abilities as rabble compared to his own strength.[20]

Toji used the jujutsu knowledge from the Zenin family and turned it against sorcerers. This earned him the moniker of "Sorcerer Killer". During the Star Plasma Vessel Escort Mission, an assignment given to the two strongest sorcerers by Master Tengen, Toji was hired by the Time Vessel Association to assassinate the girl. Toji was able to completely derail the escort through a series of tactical moves over the course of a few days. This wore down the escort team and lured them into a false sense of security before he abruptly made his move.[21]

Toji exorcisng powerful curses with a single stroke of his blade.

This allowed him to successfully pull off a surprise attack on a user of the prestigious Six Eyes, ocular jujutsu that grants god-like perception.[22][23] Toji took full advantage of his lack of cursed energy, making him the perfect assassin thanks to his status as an "invisible man". The culmination of all Toji's talents allowed him to successfully defeat the Star Plasma Vessel's escort team and assassinate the girl[24], completing his assignment while nearly killing both of Jujutsu High's most blessed sorcerers in the process.[25]

Toji was only defeated when he pitted his pure physical prowess against the literally infinite power of the awakened Limitless technique wielded by Satoru Gojo. Even in the face of this power, Toji was able to create clever ways to combat the abilities of the Limitless that were known to the Zenin family.[26] Only the secret Hollow Purple technique was powerful enough to put down Toji once and for all.[27]

Toji making short work of special grade sorcerers...

Yuki Tsukumo, another special grade sorcerer found that Toji was the only case where a Heavenly Restriction has eradicated someone's cursed energy completely. By eliminating all cursed energy, Toji's body was sharpened to the point where he developed a resistance to curses and was able to detect them with his highly refined five senses. This also allowed him to dominate and utilize a cursed spirit capable of storing his wide arsenal of weapons. Yuki considered him to be truly superhuman and told Suguru that he shouldn't be ashamed to have lost to him in a fight.[28]

When resurrected by Granny Ogami's Séance Technique, Toji's body was able to overwrite her technique and acted purely on fighting instinct. At the start of his out of control rampage, Toji killed Ogami with a single blow[29] and nearly beat grade 2 sorcerer, Takuma Ino, to death with his bare hands.[30]

...and special grade cursed spirits alike.

He also took on special grade cursed spirit, Dagon, completely alone and absolutely dominated him. Dagon was a powerful curse that Maki and grade 1 sorcerers Kento Nanami and Naobito Zenin were not able to defeat together. In comparison, Toji made exorcising Dagon look effortless, cementing his own status to undeniably on the level of that of a special grade.[31]

Shortly afterward, Toji confronted Megumi, and the latter compared Toji to a fully realized Maki. He also recognized Toji as a "monster" capable of taking out a special grade cursed spirit and assessed his shikigami were no match for him.[32] If Toji had not chosen to sacrifice himself, Megumi too would have been another victim of Toji's rampage.

Toji using his cursed spirit's ability to store items to switch out his weapons.

Master Weapons Specialist: The Sorcerer Killer is capable of employing a wide variety of weapons in battle. His entire fighting style is based around using weapons to substitute for jujutsu. He keeps a vast arsenal in his cursed spirit, allowing him to efficiently switch weapons out based on necessity.

Toji has used non-cursed tools such as swords to perform a sneak attack so no cursed energy will be detected. Armed with a normal handgun, he's also an expert marksmen with extremely precise aim.[33][34]

Toji's versatile weapon dexterity in action.

The Sorcerer Killer is able to counter jujutsu users because he is a master of wielding cursed tools as well. He's used a cursed tool broadsword to counter and slice open giant cursed spirits.[35][36] Toji has employed knives and daggers, sometimes one in each hand.[37] Additionally he employs his special grade cursed tool: The Inverted Spear of Heaven with a mastery worthy of that ranking. He was able to capitalize on the dagger's powerful nullification technique to negate even the most powerful sorcerer's abilities.

Toji successfully complements his physical gifts with high adaptability and dexterity with all his weapons. By attaching a chain to the Inverted Spear of Heaven, Toji changed his entire fighting style to suit a long ranged battle.[38] When he first confronted Dagon, Toji took Playful Cloud, a weapon that Megumi stated was difficult to use, from Maki and used it to its maximum potential.[39]

Enhanced Senses: Thanks to his Heavenly Restriction, Toji's lack of cursed energy resulted in his five senses being heightened to their absolute peak. He was able to see curses and jujutsu with just his elevated senses and even developed a resistance to them.[28] This also allowed Toji to track sorcerers without the use of residuals, as he was able to follow human footprints and odors.[40]

Immense Strength: Toji possesses a superhuman degree of physical strength, enough so to effortlessly yank Playful Cloud from Maki's hands, another person with great physical gifts.[41] Using Playful Cloud, a tool that depends on physical strength, Toji was able to easily smash through Dagon's hardest shikigami.[42] With another cursed tool, he was able to cut through Suguru's toughest curse[43], and used his bare hands to beat Takuma Ino's face so badly he almost died.[44]

Toji's superhuman agility.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Toji has been noted on several occasions to have superhuman speed, so much so that its impossible for his opponents to read his moves. He was able to dodge Satoru's cursed technique Lapse: Blue, completely avoiding the field of attraction before Satoru even realized it.[45] Megumi also stated that Toji was ridiculously fast, even faster than Sukuna with two fingers.[46] In their fight, Toji was able to avoid a point blank stabbing attack despite getting his foot caught in Megumi's shadow thanks to incredible agility and reflexes.[47] He also stated that seeing Toji while he moves is near impossible and was impressed his speed rivaled that of Sukuna's without cursed energy.[48]

Toji moving quickly and unpredictably.

Toji's speed was also enough to easily counter Suguru's curses in their exchange. He quickly avoided Suguru's Rainbow Dragon by moving on top of a building despite the swift curse being right in front of him. His reflexes were also quick enough to counter Kuchisake-Onna's scissor blades, which were already so close to him they were cutting his flesh when he first noticed them. As soon as Suguru came in close range, Toji cut him and the Imaginary Vengeful Curse down in a flash.[49]

Inside Dagon's Domain, Toji so fast that he could run on water like it was nothing, shocking the special grade. He only got faster as their fight went on, allowing him to plow through the endless stream of shikigamis with ease.[50]

Great Tactical Intellect: When it came to his assignments, Toji approached his missions with careful calculation, caution, and patience. Toji has retained a plethora of information from being a member of the Zenin family, including understanding the workings of the Limitless and the Six Eyes.

Toji quickly recognizes he's been caught in Kuchisake-Onna's Domain and analyzes her abilities.

Using this information Toji was able to plot out a way to slowly wear down Satoru and his escort team. With connections to the curse user community and funds from the Star Religious Group, Toji put a bounty on the Star Plasma Vessel's head.[51] By posting it on a website for curse users with a time limit, evil sorcerers flocked to collect the bounty.[52] He knew they'd be unable to win so this was free labor, a smart way to use his resources. The time limit also ended up working in his favor as well, luring Satoru into lowering his guard once the mission was over. Once Satoru deactivated the Infinity, the Sorcerer Killer immediately acted and only then jumped into fight the sorcerer directly.[53]

Toji is clever in battle and quick to analyze his opponent's abilities. He correctly assumed Suguru's technique early in their battle[43] and quickly recognized his Kuchisake-Onna's ability within her Domain.[43] He also came up with several ways to counter Satoru's limitless in their final bout.[26] When he was brought back by Ogami, Toji instantly created a theory that was correct on how exactly he was able to keep his individuality despite his technique.[54]


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Zero Cursed Energy: Unlike any other known case in the world, Toji possesses no cursed energy at all.[28] His Heavenly Restriction eliminated cursed energy from his body completely. This makes Toji undetectable to other jujutsu sorcerers, making him capable of moving through barriers undetected or even sneaking past the Six Eyes. This aided his unpredictability in battle[45] and caused others to underestimate him based purely on cursed energy.[55]
Heavenly Restriction
Toji as a puppet of carnage.png

Heavenly Restricted Body: The trade-off for Toji's complete lack of cursed energy is his immense physical prowess. While it has been noted that several people have had Heavenly Restrictions that bring their cursed energy to normal levels, Toji is the only case where it has erased the person's cursed energy completely. By eliminating all cursed energy, Toji's body became sharpened to a point where his five senses reached his pinnacle and he could freely interact with curses.[28]

When Granny Ogami summoned the information of Toji's body for her Séance Technique, she's unable to control him because his heavenly gifted body overwrites her grandchild's soul's information. Furthermore, his body doesn't take up cursed energy, allowing Toji to be resurrected for an unprecedented amount of time.[56][57]

Cursed Spirit
Toji ready for round two.png Inventory Curse: Toji has a cursed spirit that can store a high number of different objects within its body. This allows Toji to store his weapons as well as freely interchange them by putting them into the curse or taking them out of its mouth. Additionally, the curse can shrink itself within its own body, allowing Toji to ingest it so people can't detect the curse energy it emits.[58] The inventory curse contains Toji's entire wide arsenal, including his cursed tools and even a swarm of Fly Heads Toji can use as a chaff grenade.[59]

Toji and the curse had established a master-servant relationship. Suguru Geto's curse manipulation technique requires him to kill the master before he can absorb the curse. Suguru attempted to absorb the curse to cut off Toji's weapons cache, but the curse rejected him per the rules of his technique since Toji was still alive.[60][61]


Conventional Weaponry
Toji stabs Satoru from behind.png Toji used a normal katana to stab Satoru through his back during his initial surprise attack on the escort team.[22] Using a non-cursed tool allowed him to stab Satoru without being detected.[62][23]
Toji shooting at Suguru.png Toji used a standard handgun to suddenly shoot Riko Amanai in the head and kill her.[63] He also fired several bullets at Suguru while avoiding his Rainbow Dragon.[34]
Toji stabs Satoru in the head.png Toji used a small combat knife with a thin blade in dual-wield alongside his Inverted Spear of Heaven to cut down Satoru, finished off the slashing flurry and stabbing him in the forehead with the knife.[64][65]
Cursed Tools
Toji exorcises the giant hookworm curse.png One of Toji's primary cursed tools was large Japanese broadsword with a fur tsuba and a dark handle. Coupled with Toji's superhuman strength, this weapon was able to cut through several of Suguru's curses, including the Rainbow Dragon, which had the hardest skin among all his curses.[43] This weapon is worth five hundred thousand yen.[66]
Toji stabs Satoru through the neck.png The Inverted Spear of Heaven (天逆鉾 Ama no Sakahoko?) is a special grade cursed tool with the ability to completely nullify cursed techniques on contact. It does so using an imbued cursed technique fueled by a foreign cursed energy. He used this to force the stoppage of the Infinity technique, completely bypassing the nearly impenetrable limitless.[67]
Toji swinging the Chain of a Thousand Miles.png The Chain of a Thousand Miles (万里ノ鎖 Banri no Kusari?) is a mysterious cursed tool that can keep extending as long as the user doesn't allow the back end to be visible. Toji does so by hiding the end of the chain in his curse's mouth.[68] He connected the Inverted Spear of Heaven to the endless chain to create a kusarigama-like weapon, allowing him to use the Inverted Spear of Heaven from long range.[38]
Toji using Playful Cloud.png Playful Cloud (游雲 Yū-un?) is a special grade cursed tool that embodies pure and solid power, which he took from Maki Zenin after he was resurrected. In Toji's hands, the three-section staff reflected his incredible physical strength, making a weapon capable of destroying even Dagon's hardest shikigami with a single blow. By rubbing it together, Toji sharpened Playful Cloud, turning it into a deadly stabbing weapon. He used it to stab Dagon repeatedly through the head until the special grade was exorcised.[69][70]

Battles & Events

Gojo's Past Arc

Shibuya Incident Arc


  • According to Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook[2]:
    • Hobby: is gambling.
    • Favorite dish: Meat and Offal.
    • Least favorite dish: Alcohol (he doesn't get drunk).
    • Cause of stress: Zenin family.
    • The Zenin Family exposed Toji to all kinds of abuse as a child. He received his scar when he was young, after the Zenin clan threw him into the disciplinary pit of cursed spirits.
    • Toji has never met Maki Zenin and Mai Zenin.
    • Toji does not have a grade because the jujutsu world does not have an interest in grading those physically gifted by Heavenly Restriction.
    • In spite of his lack of money, Toji was able to acquire expensive cursed tools after he leaves the Zenin Family. He did so by taking jobs from private and shady individuals.
    • Toji was able to establish a familiar relationship with his inventory curse by earnestly training it like a pet.
  • Toji didn't have much money, so he wanders from woman to woman. But he'll earn a ton of money from one job and spend it until it's gone.[71]
  • Toji became unstable while with the Zenin household, but calmed down thanks to Megumi's mother. However, she died soon after Megumi was born, causing Toji to return to that state.[71]
  • Toji can fight effectively against jujutsu sorcerers even without cursed tools. However, he can't exorcise cursed spirits. Because of this, he was ostracized by the Zenin family.[71]


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