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Toge Inumaki ( (いぬ) (まき) (とげ) Inumaki Toge?) is a supporting character in Jujutsu Kaisen and one of the main protagonists of its prequel, Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High. He is a descendant of the Inumaki clan and has inherited the clan's cursed speech, which he's developed his own unique speech pattern for in order to avoid cursing others. Toge is currently a semi-grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer and second-year at Tokyo Jujutsu High alongside his classmates Yuta, Maki, and Panda.


Toge is a slim young man with light skin, brown eyes, and mid-length straight hair. He was born with the "Snake and Fangs" seal of the Inumaki clan on his tongue and both cheeks. His Jujutsu High uniform was tailored with this in mind, fitted with a high collar with a zipper that covers his mouth. While training, Toge wears a zipped-up dark collared shirt underneath a white short sleeve shirt with athletic pants and shoes. During the Shibuya Incident, Toge lost his left arm due to Sukuna's attack.[3]

In 2017, Toge had shorter, spiky hair similar to Yuji's that eventually grew into his new 2018 hairstyle. He had a similar uniform, but he had a light-tan (light blue in the movie) turtleneck sweater that he wore underneath a normal student uniform.

In the anime adaptation, Toge has platinum blonde hair with purple-colored eyes and his uniform is tinted royal blue.


Toge Inumaki introduced (Anime)

Toge's calm and silent demeanor.

Toge's initial impression leads people to believe he's a quiet, aloof, and distant person. Even after knowing him for two months, Yuta was still unfamiliar with Toge and intimidated by him. However, Toge is actually a highly insightful and caring individual. He is intelligent and understands the dangers of overwhelming power.

Toge chooses not to speak in a conventional manner in order to protect people from his cursed speech. Speaking in rice ball ingredients makes it difficult to understand him, but many of his friends have taken the time to learn how to communicate with him.

Yuta and Toge high five (Anime)

Toge's kindness reaches Yuta.

Toge cares deeply for his allies and shows it through his protectiveness over them. Despite not being the aggressive type, Toge confronted Yuta upon meeting him because Rika's presence threatened Maki and Panda. Toge eventually learned that Yuta is also cursed with powers he couldn't quite handle and tried to open up to him. Before going out on their first mission together, Toge tried to help with Yuta's anxiety with a high five but only ended up frightening him more.[4] During that mission, Toge showed Yuta through his actions that he's a kind person who puts looking out for his comrades above all else. His resolve inspired the extremely timid Yuta to help him fight, surprising Toge.[5] After working together to achieve victory, Toge and Yuta were finally able to connect and shared a proper high five.[6]

Toge steps up for Megumi (Anime)

Despite being injuried, Toge steps up to protect Megumi.

Toge has matured even more as a second-year student, although Megumi doesn't sincerely respect him because he messes around with Panda a lot. In serious situations, Toge has also displayed brave level-headedness, and the ability to remain calm even when things are desperate. As a senpai, Toge is just as protective over his younger peers as he is of Yuta, Maki, and Panda. After only just meeting Yuji at the start of the Goodwill Event, Toge still wanted to help save the first year from the Kyoto Team's attempted assassination.[7] Even when confronted by Hanami while he was alone, Toge never panicked throughout their battle. Toge's protective nature led him to focus on keeping Megumi and Noritoshi from being injured by Hanami at any cost to himself. Even after his throat gave out, Toge still stepped back up to fight Hanami in order to keep Megumi from fighting a special grade alone.[8]

Abilities and Powers

Toge Inumaki's impact on the event (Anime)

"No matter where he is, he's a pain!"

Overall Skill Level: As a member of the Inumaki clan who has inherited cursed speech, Toge is a respected and highly capable semi-grade 1 sorcerer. He was ranked grade 2 as a first year student and was the only one among his peers who could take on solo missions. At that time, Geto also believed Toge was blessed with great potential. His skills have only grown since then and while not currently on the level of Yuta, Hakari, or Todo, Toge is still among the most skilled students at Jujutsu High.

Megumi, Toge & Noritoshi vs

Toge's team mounting a defense using his ability to immobilize their special grade opponent.

Toge is highly intelligent and very capable in battle, displayed by his strong grasp over the strengths and weaknesses of cursed speech and how to effectively apply it in every situation. During the Goodwill Event, the rival Kyoto team considered Toge to be one of their biggest threats during the competition. While they were aware of how to counter cursed speech, the uncertainty of when Toge could show up and use it made it difficult for some of the Kyoto students to focus on their own battles.[9] Megumi and Noritoshi only survived a drawn-out chase with Hanami because Toge was the only one with an ability that could immobilize the special grade. During the Shibuya Incident, Toge was tasked with saving civilians and eliminating transfigured humans. He saved numerous non-sorcerers and cleared out the entire Dogenzaka district during the middle stages of the incident.

High Mobility: While not quite as fast as freaks of nature like Yuji or Maki, Toge is a very athletic individual. He is quick on his feet and very nimble, able to evade Hanami's attacks and lead him on a long chase through the battlefield until he could find his comrades. Toge was also one of the only students in the baseball game who took a base clean after batting and remained a threat to steal. Even Yuji was surprised by Toge's speed, which Maki also endorsed.

High Endurance: Toge's cursed speech requires a high amount of stamina to use. It causes extreme throat irritation that can cause Toge to cough up blood if overused. Despite this, Toge continues fighting even after reaching his limit and can still unleash commands against higher level opponents.


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Great Cursed Energy: Alongside stamina, cursed speech requires a high degree of cursed energy, especially if Toge faces off against a powerful curse. His ability can spread over a wide range and affect all curses weaker than him without fail. His very presence on the battlefield makes it difficult for anyone against him to focus due to the nature of his technique. While overusing his ability creates backlash to his body, Toge can still unleash attacks capable of affecting special grade curses as well.
Inherited Technique
Inumaki Snake Eyes and Fangs (Anime)

Cursed Speech ( (じゅ) (ごん) Jugon?): Toge possesses the "Snake Eyes and Fangs" seal of the Inumaki clan on his tongue and around both sides of his mouth. This allows Toge to infuse his words with cursed energy to improve the spirit of his commands, forcing all who hear it to obey. This power can target living beings and inorganic objects. The more demanding the command, the more of a toll it pays on Toge's body. Weaker curses can be exorcised with powerful commands without backlash, but even less powerful words will consume more energy and stamina when used against opponents with more cursed energy than Toge. Communication devices and voice amplifiers, such as cellphones and bullhorns, do not disrupt Toge's technique, allowing him to project his words and their effects over a longer distance if need be.

"Explode" causes Toge's target to violently explode. He used it to effortlessly exorcise a swarm of weak curses.[10][11] Toge commands a swarm of curses to explode (Anime)
"Get Twisted" or "Twist" forces an appendage of a curse to twist to the point of complete disfigurement. He used this in an attempt to exorcise a semi-grade 1 curse, though it avoids fatal damage.[12][11] Toge using Get Twisted (Anime)
"Get Crushed" causes the target to implode until they're flattened out. Toge used this to finish off the aforementioned semi-grade 1.[13][11] Toge using Get Crushed on a Curse (Anime)
"Crumble Away" or "Plummet" creates a small field of intensely heavy gravity that crushes the target until they're violently sent underground. Toge used this in an attempt to kill Suguru Geto.[14][11] Toge using Crumble Away (Anime)
"Don't Move" or "Stop" completely immobilizes Toge's target or any of their attacks. He first used "Don't Move" to stop Aoi Todo and then repeatedly commanded Hanami to stop in their fight.[15][16][11] Cursed Speech (Anime)
"Sleep" instantly sends whoever hears the command into a deep sleep. Toge used this to incapacitate Kasumi Miwa over the phone.[17][11] Toge orders Kasumi to sleep (Anime)
"Return" can forcibly dispel a Shikigami. He used this command to return Megumi's Divine Dog after using it for tracking purposes.[18] Toge using Return on Divine Dog (Anime)
"Run Away" forces Inumaki's target to flee the area. He used this to command his allies to run away from Hanami's approach.[19][11] Toge telling Megumi and Noritoshi to run away (Anime)
"Blast Away" is a powerful command that creates an explosive impact of great concussive force strong enough to send a special grade curse crashing up the side of a temple.[20][11] Toge using Blast Away on Hanami (Anime)


Conventional Tools
Throat Medicine (Anime) Throat Medicine: Toge carries around cough syrup to treat his irritated throat whenever he's in battle. Using it greatly prolongs the time Toge can use his cursed speech before reaching his limit.

Battles and Events

Cursed Child Arc

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

Shibuya Incident Arc


  • Toge's surname contains the kanji for "dog" ( inu?) and "to roll up" ( maki?), and his first name contains "thorn/biting words" ( toge?).
    • Toge's first name's meaning may be a pun on his inherited cursed speech.
  • According to the Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook:[1]
    • His birthday is on October 23.
    • He was enrolled to Tokyo Jujutsu High via family lineage.
    • His hobby is watching YouTube videos.
    • His favorite food is tuna mayo onigiri (Japanese rice balls).
    • His least favorite food is fish eggs.
    • His source of stress is morning assembly.
  • According to Volume 0:
    • He is the best cook out of all of the first years.
    • It takes half a year to understand his words entirely.
    • He likes to watch mukbang (Korean eating) videos on Youtube.
    • He prefers bread for breakfast.
      • Additionally, according to Episode 21, he likes it with ham, cheese, and a bit of tabasco.
  • Toge's Safe Words:
    • Salmon (しゃけ Shake?) — Used for affirmation.[21]
    • Fish Flakes (おかか Okaka?) — Used for negation, and usually negative.[21]
    • Kelp (こんぶ Konbu?) — Used as a greeting.[21]
    • Mustard leaf (たかな Takana?) — Used to show concern/worry, "I'm on it".
    • Salmon Roe (すじこ Sujiko?) — "Well, well" or "My, my".
    • Caviar (いくら Ikura?) — Used as an expletive/curse word.
    • Spicy Cod Roe (めんたいこ Mentaiko?) — Used motivationally.
    • Tuna (ツナ Tsuna?), Tuna Tuna (ツナツナ Tsuna Tsuna?) — Used to call attention to something, "look".
    • Tuna Mayo (ツナマヨ Tsuna Mayo?) — Used as general talk, "do something" (about the situation).
    • Everything else is gibberish.[21]
  • He loves to troll others.
  • He is the second-shortest student at Tokyo Jujutsu High, next to Nobara.
  • Toge's rankings in the Popularity Polls are as follows:
    • Toge ranked fourth in the first Popularity Poll with 12,088 votes.
    • Toge ranked sixth in the second Popularity Poll with 5,052 votes.
    • Toge ranked eighth in the third Popularity Poll with 2,459 votes.
  • He shares his English voice actor with Aoi Todo.


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