Toge Inumaki ( (いぬ) (まき) (とげ) Inumaki Toge?) is a character in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a second-year at Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College.



Due to his curse ability, he is only willing to communicate with ingredients used to make rice balls. This has been yet to explained as to why only these words.


Cursed Child Arc Edit

Disaster Curses Arc Edit

Toge, along with Maki and Panda, met with Megumi and Nobara while they are were mourning. The three talk with Megumi and Nobara about joining the Goodwill Event, which the two agree to. Toge, along with Maki and Panda, help train both Megumi and Nobara before the event. Later when Megumi talks with the others about how he should carry weapons without occupying his hands, Toge points out that Megumi manages to figure out a way with his shadow.

Days later, Toge is with Maki and Panda when Panda worries about the first years since the some of the Kyoto students might accompany the Kyoto principal. Toge and Panda then come to Megumi's rescue, when Megumi is attacked by Aoi.

Goodwill Event Arc Edit

On the day of the Goodwill Event, Toge with the other Tokyo students when the Kyoto student and faculty show up. Toge is also there when Gojo reveals to everyone that Yuji is still alive. Toge then attends a pre-event meeting with the other Tokyo student and discuss their plans for the event.

When the events starts, Toge travel with the others in a group. Once Aoi shows up, Toge split up with Nobara and Panda. Toge then talks with Panda and Nobara about how the Kyoto students might be trying to kill Yuji, and heads out to face the cursed spirits while Panda and Nobara take on the Kyoto students.

Later Toge is given Mechamaru's phone, which Toge uses it to call Miwa and put her to sleep. Toge suddenly notices a ominous energy and encounters Hanami. Toge battles against Hanami, until they come across Noritoshi and Megumi and forces them to run away. Toge then continues to fight Hanami, along with Noritoshi and Megumi. Toge uses his power to stop Hanami, so that the other two can attack and then run away. As the three prepare another attack, Toge throat give away which allows Hanami to attack Noritoshi. As Megumi goes to attack Hanami, Toge stops him and uses the last of his strength to stun Hanami. Toge is then takes outside of the screen, that is surrounding the site, by Momo along with Noritoshi.

After the intruders have been dealt with, Toge agrees with the other that they should continue the event, were they play baseball.


Cursed Power and Forms Edit

Toge Inumaki's cursed power is Cursed Words. Due to his lineage of being a spellcaster, he was born with several markings around his mouth. Whenever he says a word, such as fall, any target who hears the word will be cursed into doing it. A person told to fall with usually fall or become forced into the ground. The cost of this is that with every phrase he uses, his throat becomes more and more sore.

  • Toge's Words
    • しゃけ(Salmon): Use for affirmation.
    • おかか(Chopped katsuobushi): Use for negation.
    • 高菜(Leaf mustard): Means "Are you OK?"



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