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Toad ( () () Gama?) is a large frog shikigami that can be summoned by the Ten Shadows Technique of the Zenin Family.


Toad is a human-sized toad with marks around its eyes and a symbol on its stomach that resembles the Mirror of the Deep of the Ten Sacred Treasures. The user can summon this shikigami with the Ten Shadows Technique by using their hands and fingers to form the shadow puppet of a toad.


Toad using its tongue to pull Megumi out of harm's way.

Toad is mainly a support type that Megumi refers to as quite weak. Megumi used Toad's tongue to quickly snatch Nobara's body out of harm's way. It also carried Nobara to safety in its mouth, showcasing that along with Divine Dog, Toad can be useful for search and rescue.[1]

In battle Toad's tongue is good for ensnaring enemies and can even throw them against something with great force. Toad was able to wrap up Jiro Awasaka with its tongue and slammed him against the side of a walkway hard enough to break all the windows.[2]

To counter Awasaka's Inverse, Megumi used a simple poke from Toad's tongue to deal their first bit of damage to the curse user. Awasaka's technique made Toad's tongue much stronger, causing him great internal damage.[3]

While fleeing from Toji Fushiguro during their fight in Shibuya, Megumi summoned Toad directly after using Rabbit Escape as a distraction. Just before Megumi was hit with a high-speed attack, Toad's tongue was able to snatch him out of the way. This also helped Megumi lead his opponent into a narrow space where they can only attack from one direction.[4]

Related Techniques
Bottomless Well (Anime).png The Well's Unknown Abyss ( (せい) (てい) () (らず) Seiteishirazu?, lit. "Bottomless Well") combines the Nue and the Toad shikigami to create multiple numbers of winged toads which are weaker than the original ones but can be destroyed without any consequence.[5]


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