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Time Vessel Association ( (とき) (うつわ) (かい) Toki no Utsuwa no Kai?) is the Star Religious Group that worships Master Tengen as their deity.[1]


The Time Vessel Association began in the Nara period during a time when Master Tengen first began to spread Japanese Buddhism. They preached what would become the foundation for jujutsu sorcerers. However the worlds of jujutsu and religion don't agree and the Time Vessel Association was born from that disparity. The group maintained its monotheistic ideals all the way until the modern age.[2]

By 2006, the Time Vessel Association was a wealthy religious group that operates in the underbelly of the jujutsu world. They worshipped Master Tengen as their sovereign deity referred to as the "Star" ( Hoshi?), making the organization officially known as the Star Religious Group (盤星教 Bansei Kyō?) to the public, a congregation of non-curse user's that can't be targeted by jujutsu sorcerers. Follows of the faith were called Children of the Star (星の子 Hoshi no Ko?).[3]

Gojo's Past Arc

As Master Tegen's evolution approaches, the threat of an impure merger is cast on the Time Vessel Association. The Star Religious Group sees this as taboo because they worship a pure Master Tengen. If Tengen were to merge with the Star Plasma Vessel, it would soil their purity and dissolve the association.[4][5]

The association checks up on their hired assassin's progress.

Without the power to fight it, the organization uses their resources to enlist the Sorcerer Killer: Toji Zenin. They offer to pay him thirty-million yen for the assassination of the Star Plasma Vessel: Riko Amanai, which he accepts.[6] Despite not yet receiving the funds, Toji uses the money put a bounty on Riko's head on a website for curse users.[7]

The association warns Toji that if the bounty is claimed, he won't get any money. However, he's using the bounty to wear down the special grade sorcerers protecting the vessel, Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto[8] The Star Plasma Vessel's escort team is able to repel the first wave of curse users. A non-curse user member of the association kidnaps the vessel's caretaker Misato Kuroi.[9]

Toji delivers the Star Plasma Vessel's corpse.

Toji suggests that they kill her but they decide to let their enemies rescue her to create a false sense of security. This results in the escort team traveling to Okinawa to rescue her using a private jet, something Toji and the representative who hired him find hilarious.[10]

The Sorcerer Killer is eventually able to defeat the escort team and successfully assassinates the Star Plasma Vessel. He brings Riko's corpse back to the House of the Children of the Star as proof of his success and is paid extra for his troubles.[11] However, Toji is defeated shortly after by a restored and fully awakened Satoru Gojo, who takes back Riko's body.

Satoru and Suguru are only met with followers of the faith. The ones in charge connected with the jujutsu world fled, but the association was forced to disband due to existing problems in addition to being unable to excuse their actions against Jujutsu High.[12]

Even after the Star Religious Group disbanded, the remnants remained in association with other likeminded groups. After Suguru Geto becomes a curse user, he assumes control of all of them during a large congregation that included directors, representatives, and the chairmen. Initially, there are many voices of opposition against Suguru until he murders Sonoda on stage, forcing all the non-sorcerers to obey him.[13]

Base of Operations

House of the Children of the Star.png House of the Children of the Star (星の子の家, Hoshi no Ko no Ie): It is implied that the Time Vessel Association has multiple hideouts, but the primary headquarters for their public facade, the Star Religious Group, is the House of the Children of the Star. It is a very large and expensive appearing church building. It has a large secluded area for secret meets as well as an open space with a stage for congregations.

Known Members

Time Vessel Association



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