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The Well's Unknown Abyss ( (せい) (てい) () (らず) Seiteishirazu?, lit. "Bottomless Well") is a Ten Shadows Technique extension technique that combines the Nue and Toad shikigami.


By creating the shadows of both Nue and the Toad, Megumi can combine them together to create winged toads to aid him in battle. These toads can fly with increased mobility, as well as use their tongues to restrain opponents. Unlike its parent shikigami, these toads are relatively weaker but can be destroyed without consequence and can be summoned as long as Nue and the Toad are alive.


Megumi first used this technique to fight against Aoi Todo.[1] Later, he used this technique against Noritoshi Kamo by positioning winged toads around himself to catch manipulated arrows targeted to himself.


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