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Takuma Ino vs. Ogami & Her Grandson is a battle fought by grade 2 jujutsu sorcerer, Takuma Ino against the curse users, Ogami and her grandson on top of Shibuya C Tower.


Ino and Yuji ride Ino to the top of Shibuya Tower.

Nanami entrusts Ino with looking after Yuji and Megumi. He tasks the trio with lowering the curtain that is preventing sorcerers from entering Shibuya Station where Satoru Gojo is currently sealed.[1]

After the Nanami Team splits up, Yuji tries breaking into the curtain from the outside to no avail. Megumi suggests trying to find a weak point, but that's impossible without getting inside the barrier first. Ino believes the caster should be inside the barrier, but Yuji reveals that wasn't the case at Meiji-Jingumae Station. In order to strengthen the barrier, commissioned curtains are placed outside of it, ignoring the fundamentals of barrier techniques.

"I better do my part and start paving my path to becoming a grade 1 sorcerer!"

The team surmises that the curtain's source of origin should be in the most obvious spot in Shibuya: Shibuya Tower. However, the curse users are well prepared. Awasaka, Ogami, and her grandson wait on top of the helipad atop Shibuya Tower with three commissioned curtains. The lower floors of the tower are also filled with transfigured humans to slow down any efforts by jujutsu sorcerers to lower the curtain.

The curse users are taken by surprise when Yuji and Ino take an airborne route directly to them. They ride the shikigami Nue above Shibuya Tower and jump off to land on the helipad. While Yuji works with Nue to tie up the curse users with a wrist-mounted wire, Ino runs to destroy the commissioned curtains. He gets there in time but there's only one stake instead of the three that were originally stuck in the ground. Ino breaks the one in front of him and realizes Awasaka is holding the other two, meaning one of the unbroken ones is the source of the curtain.

While Yuji and Nue drag Awasaka off the building with the wire, Ino focuses on subduing the two remaining curse users. Ogami's grandchild steps in front of her for protection and faces off with their new opponent. Feeling in charge of impressionable kids, Ino passionately lowers his mask over his face and proudly states he must start carving his path to become a grade 1 sorcerer.[2]


Number One: Kaichi!

Ino's cursed energy surges around his body as he activates his innate technique: Auspicious Beasts Summon. He starts with Auspicious Beast number one: Kaichi. Ino's cursed technique manifests a small horn coated in his cursed energy. He fires it with great speed launches directly toward his opponents. The grandson turns around and ducks to evade the projectile, grabbing his grandmother as she begins her incantation and carries her away.

Kaichi continues homing on the curse users despite missing. The horn is guided telepathically by Ino's cursed energy, surprising the young curse user. Unable to evade, the grandson decides to block it with his arm reinforced by cursed energy. However, his defense isn't enough and a large chunk of his forearm is destroyed.

Ino uses Reiki's speed to land a hit before his opponent.

While he has the upper hand, Ino mentally reminds himself that he has to end this quickly and get back to watching over the boys because Nanami entrusted him to. Ogami and her grandson notice that Ino's technique is a type of séance, similar to her own innate technique. Ready to get this jujutsu battle over with, Ino tells himself to understand the facts and control the self in order to eliminate the ego. With intense focus and rising cursed energy, Ino summons Auspicious Beast number two: Reiki, manifesting water that cloaks his body.[3]

Ogami continues her incantation with her hands folded in prayer around rosary beads. Ino attempts to slice her with a chopping strike coated with Reiki's water but the grandson leaps in front of her, sacrificing his body further and slicing open a wound on his back. He attempts to counterattack with a cursed energy reinforced left hook, but Ino is faster in the exchange and lands a left elbow to the curse user's head first. Ino is using reiki's water on the soles of his feet to increase his speed, completely outclassing his opponent in hand-to-hand combat.

Ogami completes her Seànce Technique and shapeshift her grandson into Toji Zenin.

Ino notes that in this situation, appearances are not deceiving. Ogami's grandson isn't any stronger than he looks, but he's been putting his body on the line the entire fight to protect his grandmother. Ino realizes something suspicious is going on and decides to hurry, but it's too late.

Ogami's cursed energy suddenly skyrockets before dispersing, concerning Ino. She tells her grandson that her technique is ready and he swallows a pill containing someone else's DNA. The jujutsu sorcerer attempts to stop their schemes by summoning Kaichi again, but Ogami activates her Séance Technique and shapeshifts her grandson into the body of Toji Zenin.

Toji's speed and power immediately proves far too great for Ino.

The curse user who couldn't physically keep up before somehow manages to snatches Kaichi's horn out of the air with ease, shocking Ino. Ogami asks how the process is going and the grandchild claims that it's the best ever.[4] Ino finally realizes that Ogami is a necromancer capable of shapeshifting the grandson's body into that of a deceased person. However, this isn't really the priority problem to Ino. He doesn't know who Toji is, but he can tell with just one glance that he's incredibly strong.

The jujutsu sorcerer tries to make the first move by summoning Auspicious Beast, Ryu, coating his hand in electricity. However, with blinding speed, the man in Toji's form snatches off Ino's mask and gets behind him. Ino notes how fast he is and attempts to turn around, but he meets a teeth-shattering right hook straight to his jaw. Completely rocked and likely already unconscious from that punch, Ino is completely vulnerable to being grabbed and brutally assaulted. The curse user uses Toji's immense speed and strength to pummel Ino's face with rapid-fire right straights, utterly and completely overpowering the grade 2 sorcerer.[5]


Once he's done, the curse user throws Ino's body off Shibuya Tower. Down below on the Metropolitan Expressway, Yuji and Megumi notice him falling. They catch him safely but Ino is in terrible shape. Megumi decides to take him to Shoko Ieiri's station in the city while Yuji continues the mission alone.

Ogami realizes her mistake when Toji's soul overwrites her grandson's body.

Meanwhile, atop Shibuya Tower, the curse users realize Awasaka has been defeated and the curtain has been lowered. The grandson stutters as he asks what they should do now and she tells him to go down and keep killing sorcerers. When he mysteriously doesn't respond, Ogami asks what's wrong. Suddenly, Toji's personality completely takes over the grandson's body. He asks the old hag who thinks she's giving orders to, shocking Ogami.

The necromancer jumps back and doesn't understand how this happened, claiming she only summoned the body's information using Toji's DNA. When she says "summon" Toji realizes what's going on. Ogami never summons the soul's information in her incantation to avoid this exact worst-case scenario. Toji believes his Heavenly Restricted soul overwrote the information of his host's body, granting him full control.

Ogami can't believe this is happening and Toji comments on the order to kill sorcerers. The infamous Sorcerer Killer decides to start with Ogami herself, killing her with a single merciless punch that violently shatters her beads and spills her blood.[6]


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