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Takako Uro (鳥鷺 (うろ) (たか) () Uro Takako?) is a character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. She is a jujutsu sorcerer from the past who was incarnated by Kenjaku for the Culling Game. In her first life, Takako Uro was the captain of the Sun, Moon, and Stars Squad, a group of assassins affiliated with the Toh.


Takako Uro is a woman with a fit build, lightly tanned skin, and long pink hair that she usually manipulates to jut upward, keeping it in the same shape as it would be if her body was upside-down. She has thin eyebrows and large eyes with black sclera and dark pink irises.

Takako doesn't wear any clothes at all other than her accessories. She sports two matching bracelets on both her wrists, thick hoop earrings, and a choker around her neck. Rather than use clothing, Takako uses her cursed technique to cover the private sections of her otherwise exposed body by making them appear translucent.


Takako set off by Yuta's pestering questions.

Takako Uro is an aggresive, prideful sorcerer who wants to take advantage of her second life. She had regrets in her first life and would do anything to retain her new flesh, including spending time killing others in the Culling Game. She takes her new chance at life very seriously and is willing to fight anyone to gain as many points as possible for the game.

Takako has a relatively calm demeanor but she has a temper and is easy to set off. Yuta in particular especially annoys Takako because he can't understand why she would fight so desperately for herself. After just one conversation, Takako was annoyed with Yuta and assumed he was of the Fujiwara clan, further irritating her.[1]


Sendai Colony Arc

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Abilities and Powers

Takako using her ability to manipulate space to create an advantage over Yuta.

Overall Abilities: Takako is an exceptional fighter even by the standards of jujutsu sorcerers from the past. She was the leader of a group of elite sorcerer assassins that served a respected sorcerer clan in a much more prominent and violent era of jujutsu.

Takako has retained her strength in her second life, becoming one of the highest-scoring sorcerers in the Culling Game early on while fighting in one of its most violent colonies. She scored seventy points in twelve days by putting down at least fourteen opponents, making her a high enough threat to force a deadlock with the likes of Dhruv, Kurourushi, and Ryu Ishigori.[2]

Takako's ability to manipulate space makes her a tricky fighter to combat. Even Yuta Okkotsu, a prodigy among modern sorcerers, has difficulty combating her directly.[3] She also proved to be a bad matchup for Ryu, becoming the first person to redirect his own cursed energy output back at him.[4]


Innate Technique
Takako Uro controlling the sky.png Sky Manipulation: Takako's technique grants her the ability to "control the sky". She can turn the sky into a tangible surface and use it to manipulate space, similar to how a lens creates distortion. She casually uses it to levitate and as an alternative to clothing. In battle, she can defend by distorting the shape of her opponent's attacks. While the surfaces she controls can't crush her opponents directly, Takako can break the surface of the sky like a thin layer of ice and hit her target with the impact. This allows her attacks to slip past her opponent's guard and generate massive destruction.[5][6] (Unnamed)
Thin Ice Breaker (宇守羅彈 (うすらび) Usurabi?): Takako applies her technique offensively by hitting the surface of the sky, not her opponent directly. She hits the surface layer of the sky and shatters it like thin ice, striking her opponent with that effect. As with all extension techniques, this move is a concentrated application of Takako's offense, allowing her to strike her opponent with a focused shockwave.[6] Thin Ice Breaker.png


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