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Takagi ( (たか) () Takagi?) is a minor character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is the athletics club advisor and teacher at Sugisawa Third Municipal High School.


Takagi is a muscular man with a dark colored buzz cut, thin eyebrows, and stubbles on his upper lip and chin.

Takagi wears a dark green track suit with a light colored edges around his neck and waist, a black tank top under the track suit, and white sneakers.


Takagi is determined to have Yuji Itadori on his team, going so far as to change the latter's club application. He did give Yuji a chance, proposing that if Yuji could beat Takagi in a game, Takagi will leave Yuji alone.


Fearsome Womb Arc

While the student council president explains to the occult club that Yuji isn't part of them, Takagi joins them to inform him that he changed his application to the athletics club, since he needs Yuji's skills in the nationals. Takagi offers Yuji a chance, that if he beats him in a game, he will leave him alone.[1] They then proceed to play a game of Shot Put, where Takagi managed to throw the iron ball at 14m. Considering Yuji didn't knew how to throw the ball, Takagi allowed him to throw it however he wants, thinking to himself that it wasn't fair to challenge him in Shot Put, but he is just that serious in getting him to join the Athletics Club. To his surprise and everyone else watching, Yuji managed to throw the ball to over 30m, winning the game and leaving Takagi speechless.[2][3]


As a normal human being, he doesn't have any abilities. As an athletics club advisor and athlete himself, he is good at some sports, especially those that require raw power like Shot Put.



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