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Taichi Kanada (金田太一 Kanada Taichi?) is a minor character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is an alumni of Saitama Urami East Junior High and was one of four victims who were cursed as a result of bungee jumping from Yasohachi Bridge. Like the other cursed humans, Taichi died after a cursed spirit appeared between his auto-lock doors, which were stuck wide open.


Taichi was man of average height with blonde styled upward and large widow peak. He wore a red collar shirt with flame designs, dark pants, and sandals.


Little is known about Taichi other than that he was a troublemaker in middle school. As an angry adult fearing for his safety, Taichi angrily complained to his company several times. He had grown impatient with them and demanded they fix the issue if he's going to be paying such a high fee.


After graduating from Saitama Urami East Junior High, he enrolled in the same city Iwasa Commercial High School, but dropped out in the second year. He was later hired by Misaki Construction, INC and was working as an on-site laborer for two years, then changed jobs. He later moved to Morioka city, Iwata prefacture and worked for Sakino Civil Engineering, LTC for four years. He was later transferred to Soma Manufacturing INC and worked as an on-site laborer. Before his death, on June 23rd, he was listed as a supervisor at the same company.[1]


Death Painting Arc

After coming home to the auto-lock on his apartment doors being left open, Taichi complains to building management about it. While angrily yelling over the phone, Taichi notices something behind him threaten to kill. He is stabbed shortly after and his profile is added to a case for Tokyo Jujutsu High.[2]

Taichi shared a similar fate with three other victims he went to Saitama Urami East Junior High with.[3] As unveiled by jujutsu students, the four of them were cursed after bungee jumping from Yasohachi Bridge. The curses didn't manifest until several years later due to Sukuna's reincarnation.


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