Tadashi Okazaki ( (おか) (ざき) (ただし) Okazaki Tadashi?) was a minor character serving time at the Eishu Juvenile Detention Center.


Tadashi had dark colored buzz cut hair and long thin eyebrows.

At the detention center, Tadashi wore a light colored long sleeved button down shirt with a pocket on the left breast and a name tag above the pocket, over a light colored shirt.


Tadashi's personality is unknown due to having already passed away off screen. He can be considered reckless as he had hit a schoolgirl while driving without a license and it being his second offense.



Tadashi was sent to the detention Center, after he had hit a schoolgirl while driving without a license.

The Curse Womb Arc

Tadashi was one of the people who saw the cursed womb appearing at the magic college. Upon the curse metamorphosis, it became a high-grade curse that killed Tadashi and other staff members.[1]

Cursed Training Arc

Tadashi's name tag was given to his mother by Megumi, after they were not able to bring back his body.


As an ordinary human, he doesn't posses any additional abilities.



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