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Tadashi Okazaki ( (おか) (ざき) (ただし) Okazaki Tadashi?) was a minor character serving time at the Eishu Juvenile Detention Center.


Tadashi had dark colored buzz cut hair and long thin eyebrows.

At the detention center, Tadashi wore a light blue jumpsuit with a pocket on the left breast and a name tag above the pocket, over a white colored shirt.


Tadashi can be considered reckless as he had hit a schoolgirl while driving without a license and it being his second offense.



Tadashi was sent to the detention Center, after he had hit a schoolgirl while driving without a license.

Fearsome Womb Arc

Tadashi was one of the people who saw the cursed womb appearing at the detention center.[2][3] Upon the curse metamorphosis, it became a high-grade curse that killed Tadashi and other staff members.[4][5]

Cursed Training Arc

Tadashi's name tag was given to his mother by Megumi, after they were not able to bring back his body.[6][7]

Abilities and Powers

As an ordinary human, he doesn't posses any additional abilities.



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