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Sword of Extermination (退 (たい) () (つるぎ) Taima no Tsurugi?) is a cursed tool possessed by the most powerful shikigami of the Ten Shadows Technique: Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga. It's a specialized blade for cursed spirits that is enveloped in positive energy.


The Sword of Extermination is a long, double-edged blade coated in positive energy, similar to reverse cursed energy. This makes the Sword of Extermination a natural enemy to cursed spirits. Its positive energy can easily compromise bodies composed entirely of cursed energy.[1] The overall advantage gained by the user is comparable to the power of a special grade cursed tool.[2]


The Sword of Extermination enveloped in positive energy.

Divine General Mahoraga has the Sword of Extermination crudely attached to its right forearm under several layers of bandage wrappings. The shikigami generally engages in offense using close-quarters combat, making the Sword of Extermination its primary weapon in battle.

Mahoraga began its battle with Sukuna by swinging the Sword of Extermination down at the King of Curses. Sukuna is an incarnated cursed spirit, meaning he's occupying a human vessel. Due to this, the positive energy emitted by the blade didn't destroy his body. Even so, Mahoraga's strength forced Sukuna to dodge before the blade broke through his defense.[3]

Sukuna recognized the Sword of Extermination for its unique abilities and admitted that he would've died had he been a normal cursed spirit.[1] After adapting to Sukuna's slashing-based cursed technique, Mahoraga was able to deflect one of his attacks using the blade.[4]


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