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Sword Option (刀源解放 (ソードオプション) Sōdo Opushon?) is a Puppet Manipulation extension technique used by Kokichi Muta while remotely piloting Ultimate Mechamaru.


Sword Option is a command that transforms Mechamaru's arm into its offensive form. Multiple curved blades protrude from Mechamaru's forearm, including long nail-like blades that extend from his fingers.[1]


Sword Option or any of Mechamaru's functions within his arm are inaccessible if the respective arm is severely damaged.[2]


Sword Option allows Mechamaru to fight more effectively at close range thanks to the blades coming out of his arm. In addition to basic offensive attacks, there are specialized attacks that Mechamaru can unleash while in Sword Option. By using Boost On to increase Sword Option's speed, Mechamaru can unleash the Ultra Spin attack.[3] Sword Option can also create spikes that protrude from the arm for defensive purposes using Ultra Shield.[4]

Related Techniques
Ultra Spin (Anime).gif Ultra Spin (絶技抉剔 Urutora Supin?): Mechamaru's forearm rotates rapidly while Sword Option is active to create a drill effect. With Boost On, Ultra Spin is capable of easily destroying a full grown tree.[5]
Ultra Shield (Anime).png Ultra Shield (剣山盾 Urutora Shīrudo?): A defensive mode that creates several spikes to shield Mechamaru's forearm.[6]


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