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Sukuna vs. Jogo is a battle between special grade incarnated cursed spirit Sukuna and the special grade cursed spirit Jogo. It takes place during the Shibuya Incident beginning inside Shibuya Station before spreading across the city.


Jogo feeds Yuji's unconscious body ten of Sukuna's fingers.

Nanako and Mimiko find Yuji's unconscious body after he's defeated by Choso. After dispatching several jujutsu sorcerers, Jogo notices Sukuna's presence and finds the curse user girls feeding Yuji one of Sukuna's fingers. Jogo demands to know how many they fed him but the girls refuse to reveal it. Before Jogo attacks them, Nanako uses her innate technique to disappear with her sister from the area.

Jogo goes over to Yuji's body and notices Sukuna's marks are still present. He makes the best of the situation and decides to feed Yuji all ten fingers in his possession at once. Jogo learned from Pseudo-Geto that forcing Yuji to absorb numerous fingers all at once will give Sukuna temporary control of his body. This is opposed to consuming all twenty fingers over twenty days, which could allow Yuji to maintain control. Jogo unravels the scroll that he keeps ten Sukuna fingers in and asks the King of Curses to awaken.[1]

Jogo agrees to fight Sukuna for his allegiance.

Once Jogo is done force-feeding Yuji all ten fingers, he notices the girls still alive nearby. Suddenly, Jogo's hand is cut off and Sukuna demands he move within one second. Jogo retreats, but both he and the Hasaba sisters are stricken with fear due to Sukuna's overwhelmingly evil presence. Sukuna tells them they're holding their heads too high, prompting the triad to prostrate themselves immediately. Jogo doesn't get down low enough and the top of his head is severed by Sukuna's technique, causing him to bleed profusely all across his face.

First Sukuna asks the girls what they want from him, offering them one finger's worth of time to hear them. Nanako asks him to kill Pseudo-Geto to free their Master and promises to give Sukuna another finger in return. However, ordering Sukuna around displeases him, resulting in the King of Curses brutally slaughtering both Hasaba sisters. He asks Jogo what he wants next and is surprised to learn that Jogo's faction simply wants to fully revive Sukuna.

Jogo asks Sukuna to force Yuji into a Binding Vow using his allies as leverage, but the latter refuses. Sukuna has his own plans, but as a token of his appreciation for the ten fingers, he agrees to work with the cursed spirits if Jogo is able to hit him. If Jogo succeeds in hitting Sukuna in a fight, the King of Curses will agree to kill every human in Shibuya, except for one, a deal Jogo quickly agrees to.[2]


The details from the beginning of this battle are unknown.

Sukuna cuts Jogo's arms apart and attacks.

During a confrontation between sorcerers in the middle of Shibuya, they all notice a large explosion nearby. A part of a building suddenly goes up in flames and Jogo crashes through it, falling through the air as he's injured from the start of his battle. Sukuna follows close behind, jumping off the debris and loudly asks the cursed spirit if that's all he's got.[3]

Jogo answers that he's not done yet and creates a fireball to counterattack. However, Jogo's arms are suddenly diced apart by Sukuna's cursed technique, ruining his technique. Sukuna then gets behind Jogo and smashes his head in with a powerful two-handed hammerfist that sends the cursed spirit crashing down toward the ground. Sukuna follows up with insane speed, diving through the air to grab Jogo's face before he hits the ground, and slams the cursed spirit's head into the roof of a building.

Maximum: Meteor!!

The reinforced impact crashes Jogo and Sukuna through several stories of the building until the former is smashed violently into the ground. As moonlight peers through the destruction. Sukuna notes that it makes it easier to see how pathetic his opponent is. On his knees with his jaw severed and limbs missing, Jogo desperately heals while admitting to himself that he's nowhere close to Sukuna's level of strength.

Sukuna and Jogo engage in a battle of fire-power!

Sukuna grabs Jogo's scarf and tells him to keep fighting, promising to keep him company until it's over. The openings in the building abruptly explode with incredible firepower. Sukuna escapes the building and Jogo follows him with his most powerful technique activated; Maximum: Meteor! Jogo throws a giant flaming meteor at Sukuna that decimates the entire area of Shibuya. He believes even Sukuna must have suffered some damage from his maximum technique.

Jogo succumbs to Sukuna's flames.

Unharmed, Sukuna appears next to Jogo, sitting on the smoldering meteor. He taunts his opponent by saying that the maximum technique would have hurt... if it hit. He also asks why Jogo why he won't use Domain Expansion. Jogo admits he would lose in a battle of domains and Sukuna knows that this lack of confidence is because of his loss to Satoru Gojo.

Entertained, Sukuna stands back up and says he'll fight using Jogo's specialty. He commands "■" to open and activates a mysterious ability that allows him to manipulate flames, surprising Jogo. Sukuna realizes a cursed spirit wouldn't know about this ability and tells his opponent to get ready for a fire-power battle.[4]

Both fighters stand across from each other with their condensed flames. Sukuna creates fire between his closed palms and spreads his hands to extend and form the flame into an arrow. At the same time, Jogo condenses his flames into a small fireball. Sukuna takes the flaming arrow between his fingers, ready to shoot while Jogo takes aim as well. A flaming exchange ensues and Sukuna is the winner, burning Jogo's body into ash.[5]


"Stand proud. You're strong."

Jogo's final moments cause his psyche to enter a fantasy domain where he's able to say goodbye to his allies Dagon and Hanami. Seeing as they have also perished, Jogo hopes they will reunite in their next lives and leaves their hopes and dreams to Mahito.

Sukuna enters the domain and learns about Jogo's ideology. Jogo wants cursed spirits to replace humanity on Earth but Sukuna finds this foolish. Sukuna believes Jogo should have set the world flame without a second thought, without ever concerning himself about Satoru Gojo. Despite being too weak to take hold of such desires, Jogo isn't bad compared to the other fighters Sukuna encountered over the last thousand years.

Impressed, Sukuna tells Jogo to stand proud and commends him for being strong. Recognized for his strength by the most powerful being around, Jogo sheds a tear from his single eye. He wipes it away and asks what "this" are, but Sukuna doesn't know either.[6]


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