Ryomen Sukuna ( (りょう) (めん) 宿 (すく) () Ryōmen Sukuna?), more often called just Sukuna (宿 (すく) () Sukuna?), is an extremely powerful Cursed Spirit that serves as one of the primary antagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Known as the undisputed King of Curses ( (のろ) いの (おう) Noroi no Ō?), Sukuna, according to legend, was a demon (though in truth was a human Sorcerer) during the prime era of Sorcery 1000 years ago, and Sorcerers gave their all to defeat him. After his death, his corpse was unable to be fully destroyed, and thenceforth his remains of 20 fingers, preserved in grave wax, traversed the ages as Cursed Objects.[1] In the present, Sukuna has incarnated into Yuji Itadori due to the latter eating one of his cursed fingers, which contain his fragmented power.


Sukuna from thousand years ago.

His past appearance is described as a demon with four arms, and two heads.[2] Currently, he appears similar to the host he is in, but with spiked hair and with special marks/lines on his forehead, nose, cheeks and torso. He also has a second pair of eyes under his normal eyes, which are usually closed.[3] Sukuna also has two lines on both his wrists, upper arms, circles on both his shoulders with a dot in each, two segmented curve lines on his chest, and two lines are his stomach while possessing Yuji.

Sukuna wears a light-colored kimono with a black edge, a black scarf, and black shoes.


Sukuna has a sadistic personality and likes to see others suffer. He is also greedy, and always wants to stay in control of the situation without caring about the consequences.

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill: Sukuna is a Special Grade Cursed Spirit. As the most powerful curse, Sukuna has a vast amount of Cursed Energy.

Strength: In Yuji's body he possesses a superhuman force, and managed to fling a person through several floors of a building without effort.

Speed: Sukuna has shown to move at incredible speed, which his opponent doesn't even notice that Sukuna has moved until it is too late.

Reflex: Sukuna can easily counter any opponent, and has shown to counter his opponent before they realize that their limb has been cut off.

Metamorphosis: Sukuna can create new eyes and mouths on his host, allowing him to see and speak without having to control the body of the host.

Durability: Sukuna was punched through five buildings and shown to be complete fine.[4]


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Immense Cursed Energy: Sukuna has a naturally high Cursed Energy level due to his status as the King of Curses. He was able to continuously use his Techniques throughout his battles without exhausting himself in the slightest.
Hyper Regeneration: Due to his nature as a Special Grade Cursed Spirit, Sukuna can easily reinforce his body with Cursed Energy in order to regenerate lost limbs in an instant. Regained limbs maintain the same integrity as the rest of Sukuna's body. Sukuna regenerates Yuji's severed hand.png
Binding Vows
Binding Vow.png Sukuna has an unnamed Binding Vow with Yuji. The King of Curses agreed to revive the boy after his apparent death in the Cursed Womb Arc under two conditions: ① Yuji would allow Sukuna to take over his body for one full minute when the Cursed Spirit would chant "Enchain" and ② he would forget about the agreement. Yuji initially opposed the Binding Vow, making Sukuna promise that he wouldn't kill or hurt anyone during that minute. The boy still disagreed to the terms and instead had a battle against the King of Curses, where he'd allow the agreement to occur if he lost. Sukuna effortlessly defeated Yuji, forcing him into the Binding Vow.
Innate Technique
It is currently unknown what Sukuna's Cursed Technique is. He was shown to use his Cursed Energy to slash targets. Sukuna was also shown to use fire-based powers.
Dismantle ( (カイ) Kai?): Sukuna's default slashing attack.

Cleave ( (ハチ) Hachi?): A slashing attack that adjusts itself depending on the target's toughness and Cursed Energy level to cut them down in one fell swoop.

Chapter 119.png
Unnamed Fire Ability: Sukuna has been shown to be able to create and manipulate flames for long-range attacks. Sukuna activates his flame powers.png
Barrier Techniques
Malevolent Shrine's power.png Malevolent Shrine (伏魔御厨子 Fukuma Mizushi?)[5]: Sukuna's Domain Expansion, creates a Buddhist shrine decorated with skulls. Malevolent Shrine is different from other types of Domain Expansion, in that it doesn't create a separate space using a barrier. By allowing an escape route, a binding vow is formed, which vastly increases the guaranteed hit's effective area with a maximum radius of nearly 200 meters.


  • Sukuna is based on the same-named figure from Japanese mythology: Ryōmen-sukuna ( (りょう) (めん) 宿 (すく) () ?). He is a demonic/specter-like figure described in the Nihon Shoki, said to have appeared in the Hida Province (today's Gifu Prefecture) in ancient times, during the reign of Emperor Nintoku.
    • He was described as a man of inhuman strength, with a two-faced head plus a total of eight limbs, four arms and legs respectively that served each face. Wielding a multitude of weapons in his many hands (incl. a bow, arrow, and sword), he terrorized village after village in ancient Hida, plundering and leaving chaos in his wake. That is, until a brave military commander dispatched by the Imperial Court, named Takefurukuma, stepped forth and put an end to the monster's tyranny, expelling him from Hida.
    • Ryomen-sukuna was worshipped by some as a minor deity, and statues depicting his distinctly two-faced head can still be found today in Gifu temples and shrines.
  • Sukuna's kimono is very loose akin to a ladies' kimono, as such space granted him more comfort while having four arms in the past.
  • Sukuna ranked 10th place in the manga's 1st Character Popularity Poll with 5,860 votes.


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