Sukuna (宿 (すく) () Sukuna?) or Double-Faced Specter ( (りょう) (めん) 宿 (すく) () Ryōmen Sukuna?) is one of the main antagonists in Jujutsu Kaisen, and is the undisputed King of Curses.

According to the legend, Sukuna was a demon with the appearance of a human during the prime era of sorcery 1000 years ago, and shamans gave their all to defeat him. After his death, they weren't even able to destroy his body and it crossed into the human world as cursed charms.[1]


Sukuna from thousand years ago

Sukuna from thousand years ago.

His past appearance is described as a demon with four arms, and two heads.[2] Currently,he appears similar to the host he is in (Yuji Itadori), but with spiked hair and with special marks/lines on his forehead, nose, cheeks and body. He also has a second pair of eyes under his normal eyes, which are usually closed.[3]


Sukuna has a sadistic personality and likes to see others suffer. He is also greedy, and always wants to stay in control of the situation without caring about the consequences.



Strength: In Itadori's body he possesses a superhuman force, and managed to fling a person through several floors of a building without effort.

Regeneration: Sukuna has shown the ability to regenerate his host body, regenerating his entire hand or creating a new heart.

Metamorphosis: Sukuna can create new eyes on his host, allowing him to speak and see without having to control the body of the host.

Magic: As the most powerful curse, Sukuna has a vast amount of Juryoku.

  • Territorial Expansion: Demonic Feretory ( (ふく) () () () () Fukuma mizushi?)[4]: Sukuna's Territorial Expansion, creates a Buddhist shrine decorated with skulls. Not much else is known, except that he can cut his opponent into multiple pieces.[5]


  • Sukuna's kimono design is close to ladies kimono, as having more space was more comfortable for him while having 4 arms in the past.

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