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Suguru Geto vs. Toji Fushiguro is a battle between Tokyo Jujutsu High second-year student Suguru Geto and the Time Vessel Association contracted non-curse user Toji Fushiguro. It takes place in the Corridor of the Tomb of the Star after Toji assassinates Riko Amanai.


Toji stands off with Suguru and Rainbow Dragon.

Just as Riko agrees to return home with Suguru, she's shot in the head by a bullet from Toji's handgun. He says their conversation was a good show and it's time to finish things up now. Shocked and standing over the corpse of his friend, Suguru asks why Toji is there. Toji doesn't initially know what he means but when he seems to understand, Toji grins and reveals he killed Satoru Gojo. Suguru responds by summoning two of his strongest cursed spirits and tells the assassin to die.[1]

Toji begins revealing how he snuck his way into the school. The barriers hiding the Tombs of the Star are for hiding and can't be guarded. So long as the location is already known, infiltrating isn't that difficult. Jujutsu sorcerers are busy this time of year and the school is infested with Fly Heads at the moment. In this situation, Toji believes himself to be an invisible man. However, by holding a cursed tool he's no longer invisible.


Toji effortlessly slices apart the Rainbow Dragon.

Suguru's Rainbow Dragon curse lunges at Toji, who simply responds by nonchalantly firing off several bullets at Suguru while telling him to slow down. Suguru is able to block them with a squid-like curse while Rainbow Dragon crashes into the wall. Toji avoids the curse and continues revealing his hand. He possesses a cursed spirit that can store objects and shrink itself within its own body so Toji can swallow it. This keeps it invisible, allowing Toji to pass through the barriers with cursed tools. He chose to use a normal weapon at first and claims he could have killed Riko first but it was safer to deal with the Six Eyes.

Suguru demands Toji shut up and asks how they managed to follow us without having left any residuals behind. Toji reveals that his five senses are enhanced enough to use traditional tracking methods on them. Suguru's last question is about Kuroi's fate but Toji says she's lucky if she survived. Suguru tells Toji to die once again and sends Rainbow Dragon at him.

Before the dragon-like curse can even react, Toji slices it in half with his longsword cursed tool, exorcising it in an instant. Suguru gets on top of one of the buildings to create space, surprised Toji was able to exorcise his curse with the hardest skin with ease. Toji recognizes the technique as curse manipulation and calls it a bunch of rubble.

Kuchisake-Onna's scissors threat the sheer Toji to pieces.

Suddenly, Toji gets caught inside a Domain by Kuchisake-Onna, an Imaginary Vengeful Spirit. This locks him into a Binding Vow that can't be broken until he answers her question. Kuchisake-Onna asks if he think's she's pretty but his smug response only angers her. A pair of scissors suddenly appears in her hands and larger forms of the blades instantly appear ready to sheer off his limbs. The Sorcerer Killer uses the Inverted Spear of Heaven to deflect all the blades with incredible speed that surprises the spirit.

Toji completely defeats Suguru.

Bored, Toji notices Suguru behind him but doesn't bother to turn around. He knows Suguru doesn't stand a chance at close range and says this is the end. Suguru flips that on Toji and claims it is the end for him while attempting to absorb his cursed spirit. The curse manipulator believes he can take the curse and eliminate the weapons cache. However, Suguru is repelled and Toji tosses the Inverted Spear of Heaven in the air. Toji draws his longsword from his cursed spirit's mouth and slices both Suguru and Kuchisake-Onna several times.

The cursed spirit is instantly exorcised and blood spills viciously from Suguru's slashed chest. Before a moment has even passed, Toji catches the Inverted Spear of Heaven and knocks Suguru unconscious by smashing his face with it.[2]


Toji kicks Suguru's unconscious body aside and assures him he'll be fine since he's a sorcerer. He would have killed Suguru had he been a shikigami user but he's not sure if the cursed spirits he's taken in will be released when he dies. Toji disrespectfully places his foot on Suguru's head and tells him to thank his parents.

However, with all their blessings, all four of the sorcerers are left in pools of their own blood by a "monkey" who can't even use jujutsu. This makes Toji remember that his son's name is Megumi, and he gave him that name because it means blessings.[3]


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