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Suguru Geto vs. Shikigami Curse User is a battle between Tokyo Jujutsu High second-year Suguru Geto and an unnamed curse user who utilizes shikigami at Renchoku Girls' Junior High.


The escort team rushes through the school to find Riko.

While escorting the Star Plasma Vessel as she attends school, Suguru's surveillance curses are taken out by curse users intruding on campus. While Satoru and the vessel's caretaker Misato Kuroi run to find the girl, Suguru goes the other direction to confront the two intruders.

Suguru wonders if the intruders are remnants of Q or muscle hired by the Time Vessel Association. Suguru turns a corner and is met by one of the intruders, an old man who stands down the hallway from the jujutsu student.[1]


The curse user brings the fight into close range...

The curse user notices the student's uniform and recognizes he's from jujutsu high. He assumes their could be multiple students and covers his front and rear with shikigami. Suguru instantly recognizes the old man's strategy and gives him credit for knowing what he's doing. He counters by summoning two curses in front of him as well. The shikigami user realizes that Suguru's technique is curse manipulation, which the student affirms.

The old man compares it to his own technique, he recognizes it's stronger but feels it's functionally the same. He believes he has the upper hand due to experience and can read Suguru. The placement of his curses makes it appear as if he wants to keep his distance and likely won't expect a close range assault from an elderly shikigami user.

...and pays dearly for it!

Suguru notices his opponent plotting out his moves and tells him not to waste his time. He dispels his decoys and summing his giant hookworm curse, filling the entire hallway with its mass as it rushes to devour the old man. Suguru appears to have one and prepares to move on to the next intruder, but suddenly the curse user crashes through the window behind him with a knife in hand. The curse user claims it was foolish for Suguru to use a giant curse and create his own blind spot, allowing him to go around.

The curse user gets close as he desired, but Suguru brutally pummels him with only his bare hands. He disarms and smashes the man's head, knocking off his glasses and the knife at the same time. Then he follows up by clinching the man's arms and slamming his jaw with a fierce uppercut that shatters some of the old man's teeth.[2]


The brutality causes the old man's life to flash before his eyes. As he falls over from the beating, he surmises that Suguru's attack was a ruse. Suguru reveals he knew his opponent was looking to get close. Fighters who are focused on a singular method of fighting are easy to manipulate when presented the opportunity.

Suguru moves on to interrogating his defeated opponent, questioning whether he's with Q or the Time Vessel Association.[3] He learns that this man was trying to cash in on a bounty placed on the Star Plasma Vessel's head. It was posted on a dark website for curse user's with Riko Amanai's picture.[4]


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