Suguru Geto ( () (とう) (すぐる) Getō Suguru?) is an antagonist in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a Special Grade Shaman who specialize on cursing others. He was also a classmate of Satoru Gojo and Shoko Ieiri, and thus a student of Masamichi Yaga.


Geto is a tall man, black hair that extends past his shoulders with some tied in the back of his head and some hanging down the right side of the face, narrow eyes, and piercing on both his ears. After someone has taken over his body, Geto has a scar across his forehead which the top of the head can come off when the stitches are undone.

Geto wears a light colored rakusu over a black yukata, black pants, tabi, and zori.

As a student, Geto had shorter hair that he kept in a bun. His school uniform consist of a black long sleeve jacket, black baggy pants, and black shoes. A year later, Geto wore a button down long sleeve shirt with a pocket on the left chest and black pants.

While at the beach, Geto wore a dark colored button down shirt with a flower pattern, and black swim trunks.

In casual, Geto wore a light colored short sleeved shirt, black pants, and flip flops.

After leaving the school, Geto wore a black sweat shirt, black pants, and white shoes.


Calm and calculating, Geto refuses to take half measures when dealing with his enemies. He was willing to sacrifice one of Sukuna's fingers to better understand his powers and is fully aware of the threats his allies face. Much like Joro and the cursed spirits, he does not place any value on human life. While willing to cooperate with cursed spirits, Suguru gets agitated if one of them acts superior to him.


Physical Powers

Suguru is a very capable hand-to-hand fighter, having knowledge of both armed and unarmed martial arts. Due to his ability to manipulate cursed spirits to fight for him, enemies tend to underestimate his physical abilities.

Cursed Technique and Form

Geto cursed technique is called Curse Manipulation. This ability allows him to absorb and control cursed spirits.




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