Suguru Geto ( () (とう) (すぐる) Getō Suguru?) is an antagonist in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a Special Grade Shaman who specialize on cursing others. He was also a classmate of Satoru Gojo and Shoko Ieiri, and thus a student of Masamichi Yaga.




History Edit

Geto has attended the magic college along with Satoru Gojo and Shoko Ieiri. Suring his second-year student, Geto along with Gojo and Shoko go to check up on Mei Mei and Utahime after not hearing from them for two days. After saving Utahime and Mei Mei and dealing with the spirit, Geto attends a meeting with Shoko and Gojo were Gojo is punished by Masamichi for not putting up a screen. Later Geto is in the classmate with Gojo and Shoko, were Geto and Gojo discuss the importance of putting up a screen. Geto and Gojo then get into an argument about the strong protecting weak, which alos results in a fight. Masamichi then shows up and assigns Geto and Gojo a mission from Tengen. Masamichi informs the two the importance of the mission and how the two will have to look out for two groups that want to stop them. After being informed about the mission, Geto and Gojo head out.

As they arrive at the location to pick up the vessel for the mission, an explosion happens and the vessel falls to the ground. Before the vessel hits the ground, Geto manages to save her with Gojo's help. Geto is then confronted by a Q soldier, Kokun. Geto easily defeats Kokun, and even shows Kokun that Gojo has defeated his comrade. When Riko wakes up, Geto and Gojo introduce themselves to her. They then start to talk, which Riko explains to them the reason she is so spunky even through she is going to fuse with Tengen.

Riko then has them take her to her Junior high, which they contact Masamichi about their circumstance. After talking with Masamichi, they check on the surveillance spirit, which Geto tells Gojo that two have been exorcised. Geto heads out to deal with the intruders while Gojo and Misato looks for Riko. Geto manages to encounter one of the intruders, who manages to figure out what Geto's ability is. Geto easily defeats the intruder and starts to interrogate him. After finishing his interrogation, Geto meets up with Misato and asks about Riko. When another intruder escapes from the school, Geto calls Gojo and informs him about the situation. When Misato is kidnapped, Geto meets up with Gojo and Riko to discuss what they are going to do next. The three decide to rescue Misato, and meet with the kidnappers in Okinawa for the meeting. Once they arrive at Okinawa, they manage to save Misato and then decide to have some fun in Okinawa before heading back. Geto talks with Geto about why the kidnappers wanted the exchange to happen in Okinawa, until its time for them to head back. Riko manages to convince them to stay for one more day, which Geto asks if Gojo is okay since he has been using his ability for days. Gojo tells Geto they he is doing fine, and they continue to have fun. The next day, the four head back to the college and are attacked when they arrive at the college.

Sometime later Geto was expelled from the college for unknown reasons.

Cursed Child Arc Edit

Geto releases a cursed spirit at an elementary school that swallows two children, which Yuta manages to defeat the spirit and rescue the kids.

Three months later, Geto heads to the Hapin Shopping district to see the special-class spirit Rika. Geto releases a power spirit and has it fight Toge and Yuta. After the two manages to defeat the spirit, Geto says that he wanted to see the special-class spirit Rika. Geto also says that he will have to meet with Yuta soon since he will have to return Yuto's student ID that one of his spirits has stolen. Afterwards Geto heads back to his base.

Days later, Geto is helping out a woman that is cursed by a spirits. The woman expresses how grateful she is that the curse has been exorcise and leave, which Geto expresses his true feelings towards non-shamans. One of Geto's followers show up and inform him that the others have arrived. As Geto and his follower head to the meeting, one of Geto's donators, Kanemori, suddenly show up. Kanemori complains that Geto need to preform an exorcise on him since he has donated some much. Geto's follower informs Geto that Kanemori donated between 50 to 100 million, but no donation has been made for half a year. Geto then kill Kanemori and heads to the meeting. Geto meeting with his fellow Shamans and informs them that they will take on the magic college soon.

Later Geto arrives at the magic college along with his shamans. Geto quickly greets Yuta and explains to him why he want to create a shaman only world, which Yuta doesn't agree with. The faculty suddenly shows up and asks why Geto it here, which Geto says that he will release 2000 spirits all over japan on December 24th. Geto then leave with his followers, but leaves some cursed spirits for the college to handle.

On December 24, Geto arrives at the tokyo college in order to obtain special-class spirit Rika. Geto kills all that get in his way and puts a screen over the college. Geto then encounters Maki, Panda, and Toge, which he easily defeats the three. As Geto is glad that shamans are defending each other, Yuta shows up and becomes enrages at what Geto had done to his friends. Geto sends multiple spirits at Yuta and Rika, which Yuta takes this time to rescue his friends and heal them. As Yuta returns to the fight, Geto releases more spirits but Yuta uses the power of Rika to easily defeat them all. Geto manages to figure out what Rika's power is and expresses a desire for Rika even more. Geto then takes Yuta on in close combat and manage to overwhelm him, which Rika gets Yuta away from Geto. All the while Geto is facing Yuta, Geto expresses his view on the non-shamans. Yuta rushes at Geto, which Geto manages to break Yuta's katana. Geto then get punched by Yuta and listens as Yuta expresses his desire. Geto decides to use all his spirits on Yuta, which Yuta responds by releasing all of Rika's power at Geto. Geto's spirits are all exorcised and Geto's arm is blasted off.

Geto is forces to retreat, and thinks about how he must obtain Rika next time. Geto encounters Gojo and the two start to chat, which Geto returns Yuta's student ID. Geto is then taken care of by Gojo.

Disaster Curses Arc Edit

Geto meets with Jugo, Hanami, and another Cursed Spirit at a restaurant. They talk about how the Cursed Spirit want to kill all the humans and what they need to do to stop the Shamans. Geto tells them that in order to accomplish that, they will need to make Gojo unable to fight and get Sukuna on their side. Geto then explains how they will need to seal Gojo within the high-grade cursed charm, prison gate's boundary, since they can't kill him. Jogo gets excited, which Geto tells him to no cause a seen but Jogo simply kills everyone in the restaurant. Jojo then asks Geto how many of Sukuna's fingers does his strength equal, which Geto says that Jogo's strength is equal to 8 or 9 fingers. Jogo responds by telling Geto to give him the cursed charm and that he will kill Gojo.

Later Geto watches Jogo fight against Gojo, along with Hanami. When Jogo is pushes into a corner, Geto heads off while Hanami goes rescue Jogo. Afterwards, Geto arrives at a location when Mahito is at. When Jogo and Hanami arrive, Geto says that they now know that attack Gojo is meant for a certain time and place. Geto also tells them that they will seal Gojo on October 31 in Shibuya and that he will contact them with the detail later, which Mahito agrees with.

Vs. Mahito Arc Edit

Days later, Geto comes across Yuji and Junpei and is glad about this. Geto then heads out to meet with Mahito. Afterwards they place one of Sukuna's fingers inside of Junpei's apartment, which cause a cursed spirit to kill Junpei's mother.

The next days, Geto is with Mahito when Mahito places a screen over Junpei's school. They talk about how they plan to have Junpei fight Yuji in order for Sukuna to take over Yuji's body. After talking Geto heads off.

Goodwill Event Arc Edit

Later Geto, along with Mahito, meet up with Jogo. All three talk about how they will have to offer Sukuna all his fingers if they want him on their side. Geto also tells them that they will have to invade the Tokyo College to go retrieve the six fingers that they have. Later Geto meets with the others and discuss who they will send to the college and how they will invade.

The Origin of Obedience Arc Edit

Days later, Geto is with Mahito when Mahito has three of the Death Womb Painting curses possess bodies. Later Geto plays a board game with Mahito and Choso, when Choso tells them that he had just sensed that his brothers have been killed. Geto then contact someone, who informs him that Nobara and Yuji had kill Choso brothers. Geto tells the two, which Mahito smiles from this.


Physical Powers Edit

Cursed Power and Form Edit

Geto cursed power is called Cursed Spirit Manipulation. This ability allows him to absorb and control the curses that occur naturally from those who are unrelated to actual Jujutsu.

  • Extreme Quantity Cursed Spirit Manipulation "Tornado": Geto turns 4461 curses into a single cursed spirit, that is then thrown at a target.




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