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Suguru Geto ( () (とう) (すぐる) Getō Suguru?) is an antagonist in both the Jujutsu Kaisen series and its prequel Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High. He was originally a student of Masamichi Yaga's alongside Satoru Gojo and Shoko Ieiri at Tokyo Jujutsu High. His experiences as a jujutsu sorcerer bred a deep hatred for non-sorcerers, leading to an incident where Suguru massacred over a hundred civilians in a single night. He was expelled from Jujutsu High and came to be known as the worst of all curse users.


Suguru is a tall, slim, and muscular man with long black hair partially tied up in a man bun while the rest drapes down his back. He has thin black eyes and bangs that occasionally cover the left eye. His earlobes are large enough to fit fairly large circular earrings. In 2006, Suguru's hair was much shorter as a student, most of it tied up but his bangs were still as prominent. After August 2007 when Suguru became a curse user, his hair began to grow longer and reflect the length it is in 2017.

As a student, Suguru wore a normal jujutsu high uniform. While masquerading himself under the facade of a Buddhist priest, Suguru dons the appropriate attire. He sports a gold-colored kāṣāya garment over black yukata robes. His monk attire is completed with white tabi socks and zōri sandals.


Suguru Geto hated non-sorcerers, usually referring to them as "monkeys". He felt sorcerers are the superior race and humanity's next stage of evolution. He was smug and extremely condescending towards normal humans, using fake personas to lure in vulnerable people who were cursed. Suguru found non-sorcerers disgusting enough to spray himself in order to disinfect the "monkey stench". He believed monkeys only have two roles in association with him, money-collecting monkeys and curse-collecting monkeys. If they weren't fulfilling their roles, Suguru would gladly allow curses to kill them without any remorse.[4]

Suguru Geto and his congregation (Anime)

Suguru's condescending attitude toward non-sorcerers.

In contrast, Suguru cared deeply for his fellow curse users, referring to his commanders as family. Each of them still looks up to Suguru for putting sorcerers as a race first and hoped that he would have become king of the jujutsu world. Suguru was even polite to jujutsu sorcerers, although this was usually expressed under one of his fake personas. He pretended to befriend Yuta Okkotsu with the full intention of killing him in the future and insulted one of his friends shortly after his expressing a friendly attitude.

Suguru Geto crying tears of joy

Suguru crying tears of joy over young sorcerers protecting each other.

Suguru explained to Yuta that sorcerers live in a paradox where the weak rule over the strong. Jujutsu sorcerers live to serve non-sorcerers with no appreciation. Humanity has hindered their own evolution and in order to ensure their survival as a species and eradicate curses completely, humanity must realize a world of only sorcerers by killing off all non-sorcerers.[5]

After defeating Yuta's classmates, Suguru cried and expressed the joy he felt seeing young sorcerers work together to protect one another. With a crazed smile, Suguru cried out and stated it was the type of world he longed for. Suguru claimed he didn't want to kill Yuta, but had no choice for the future of his vision.[6]

While fighting Yuta, Suguru explained how foolish he thought it was for humans to create the concept of gods when sorcerers already exist.[7] He thought the monkeys didn't want to admit superior physical beings exist and was disgusted by their pompous existence.[8] Afterward, Satoru confronted his ex-best friend and admitted he trusted Suguru enough not to kill the potential of young sorcerers.

Suguru Geto's last moments (Anime)

Suguru and Satoru's last moments.

In the end, Suguru used his final moments to tell Satoru that he simply couldn't be happy in this world no matter what while thinking of their time at Jujutsu High. Suguru even said Satoru should have cursed him at the end, but a bond still existed between them after everything that happened.[9]

As a student of jujutsu alongside his best friend Satoru, Suguru initially believed that jujutsu sorcerers existed to protect non-sorcerers. Satoru argued Suguru shouldn't be proud of himself for being righteous and applying reasoning to jujutsu was stupid. Their clash in ideology caused them to argue and clash heads as young men.[10]

Satoru and Suguru arguing (Anime)

As students, Suguru clashed with Satoru over the idea of jujutsu sorcerers being righteous.

Suguru was a much more kind and proper young man back then, especially compared to Satoru. He understood the importance of manners and carrying himself with dignity as a jujutsu sorcerer. Satoru had far too rude of an attitude in his opinion.[11] Despite disagreeing from time to time, Suguru and Satoru were still best friends. They encouraged each other to be the strongest and were confident they could accomplish anything as long as they had each other.[12]

However, following Riko Amanai's death, things began to change. The followers of the Star Religious Group applauded her death, a deplorable action that stayed with Suguru. He decided not to kill them because there needs to be a reason for jujutsu sorcerers to kill.[13]

Suguru begins to lose his way (Anime)

A young Suguru beginning to lose his way.

Suguru attempted to maintain his ideology but his path became more and more unclear as time went on. Satoru became the strongest alone and Suguru started going off on more dangerous missions alone. He felt caught in an endless cycle of exorcism and consumption. Eventually, he began questioning for whom he was doing these grotesque things for and remembered the non-sorcerers from the Star Religious Group. He saw a hideous evil that day and still chose to protect them, an action he grows to regret, calling them "monkeys" for the first time as he looks back on the memory.[14]

Yuki Tsukumo educated Suguru during a conversation with the information that non-sorcerers are the main reason curses are born. Cursed energy flows far more freely out of them compared to normal sorcerers. Yuki either wanted to eradicate cursed energy from all of humanity or teach everyone how to control it. This made Suguru come up with a third solution: killing all non-sorcerers.

Suguru Geto goes rogue (Anime)

The worst curse user is born.

When Yuki asked Suguru if he hated non-sorcerers, he wasn't able to answer. He replied that he used to think protecting non-sorcerers was right but began doubting if they're worth fighting for. Unable to tell the difference between the preciousness and ugliness of the weak, Suguru compared being a jujutsu sorcerer to running a marathon where the finish line is much too unclear. She advised him to choose between the side of him that's devoted to being a jujutsu sorcerer and the other side that looks down on non-sorcerers.[15]

Suguru takes over the remnants of the star religious group (Anime)

"I don't like monkeys. That's the truth I chose."

After losing young Yu Haibara, Suguru's enthusiastic junior, the unsure young sorcerer revised the idea that being a jujutsu sorcerer is like running a marathon where the end of the road is just a mountain made of his fellow sorcerers' corpses. On a mission following that incident, Suguru finds two young girls being mistreated by non-sorcerers for having curse-related abilities.

Suguru finally made his decision in that moment. He rescued the two girls, Mimiko and Nanako Hasaba, and killed all one hundred and twelve residents of the village, officially becoming a curse user and leaving his Jujutsu High pin behind.[16] Suguru chose the true side of himself, deciding that he doesn't like monkeys and will fight for a world of only sorcerers.[17]

Abilities and Powers

Suguru summoning two strong Cursed Spirits (Anime)

Suguru summoning two high level cursed spirits with his technique.

Overall Skill Level: Suguru Geto was one of just four special grade sorcerers and was deemed the worst of all curse users due to the level of danger he presented to humanity.[18]

As a student, Suguru and Satoru were both considered "the strongest".[19] Suguru was capable of making short work of experienced curse users on multiple occasions with little effort.[20] His collection of cursed spirits was wide with a high variety of different abilities and roles in battle. Suguru was not overly dependent on his curses and was a highly capable close-quarters fighter as well.[21]

Yuta Okkotsu vs

Suguru fighting against Yuta and Rika at the same time using a cursed tool.

During his time as a curse user, Suguru used his religious group as a lure to collect thousands of cursed spirits. Over the course of a decade, Suguru became a bigger threat to humanity than any curse at the time. With thousands of curses and several curse users by his side, Suguru had enough power behind him to declare war on Jujutsu High, the cornerstone of the jujutsu community.[22]

Suguru understood despite all his resources he had a low chance of defeating all the Jujutsu High sorcerers. His tactical intellect allowed him to deceive them and isolate Yuta Okkotsu at the school itself. The true goal of the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons was to kill Yuta and steal special grade vengeful spirit Rika Orimoto from him.[23] If his curses were not split between Kyoto and Shinjuku, Suguru would have been successful.[24][25]

Suguru pummels the old curse user (Anime)

Suguru as a student effortlessly beating a much more experienced curse user.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Most of Suguru's opponents assume he would fight like a shikigami user and allow his cursed spirits to attack for him. Suguru uses this misconception about his technique to his advantage, letting him surprise opponents with expert martial arts skills in hand-to-hand combat.

Geto kicks Panda (Anime)

Suguru overpowering Panda.

Suguru allowed an armed curse user to get close so he could pummel them with a mix of punches, palm strikes, and hard chops capable of knocking out teeth and leaving his opponents in a bloody heap.[26]

Panda, a cursed corpse who excels in close quarters fighting was even outstruck by Suguru in a brief exchange of purely physical blows.[27] While armed with Playful Cloud, Suguru engaged Yuta and a fully manifested Rika at the same time in close combat. He was able to parry Yuta's sword strikes and Rika's physical blows at the same time, keeping both at bay with masterful skill.[28]

Great Tactical Intellect: Suguru Geto was always a brilliant student at Jujutsu High. While Satoru would forget key points about Master Tengen and other detailed aspects of their missions, Suguru would be the one to remember and explain things to him.[29] His intellect translated well to battle, always able to think a step ahead of his opponent. An older and more experienced curse user attempted to outmaneuver the curse manipulator into getting closer, only to fall into Suguru's trap.[30]

Suguru fails to capture Toji's curse (Anime)

Suguru attempting to use his technique to cut off Toji's weapons cache.

In his fight with Toji Fushiguro, Suguru managed to surprise the Sorcerer Killer for just a moment. He moved behind Toji knowing his confidence would keep his guard down and nearly absorbed the inventory curse as a means to cut off Toji's weapons supply. However, this ultimately backfired due to circumstances Suguru could not have foreseen, leaving him open to getting exploited at close range.[31]

Geto returns to Jujutsu High (Anime)

While the jujutsu sorcerers are preoccupied with the Night Parade, Suguru infiltrates Jujutsu High.

Soon after becoming a curse user, Suguru was able to take over the remnants of the Time Vessel Association and other like-minded religious groups.[32] Doing so created a legitimate base of operations for cursed humans to come to seek exorcisms, allowing Suguru to absorb their curses or exploit them for money. Suguru was able to collect thousands of curses over that time using this method.[33]

Thanks to resources accumulated over the course of a series of strategic moves, Suguru took on the entire Jujutsu High sorcerer community. The Night Parade of a Hundred Demons effectively declared war on Jujutsu High and baited all their sorcerers into Kyoto and Shinjuku. Meanwhile, Suguru infiltrated Jujutsu High to take on Yuta Okkotsu directly. He understood that he had less than a twenty percent chance of victory initially but confidently calculated his win percentage to far greater by capturing Rika.[34]


Cursed Energy Manipulation
Immense Cursed Energy: Suguru is famous for being able to manipulate thousands of curses at the same time with high reserves of cursed energy. He has a high understanding of how cursed energy and techniques generally work. Suguru is capable of manipulating it to hide his residuals[35] or imbuing energy it into weapons[36] among other applications. He's also able to read the flow of cursed energy of other sorcerers without any difficulty.[37]
Innate Technique
Geto summons curses against Maki (Anime)

Cursed Spirit Manipulation ( (じゅ) (れい) (そう) (じゅつ) Jurei Sōjutsu?): As the name implies, Suguru's technique allows him to control vagabond cursed spirits. Dominated curses are absorbed into small black orbs that Suguru must ingest orally in order to use. If the difference in grade is more than two levels, Suguru can absorb a curse with no consequences.[38] He's also able to absorb other sorcerer's curses as long as he kills the master first.[39]

Maximum: Uzumaki ( (ごく) () (ばん) 「うずまき」 Gokunoban・Uzumaki?): The maximum technique of Cursed Spirit Manipulation combines a massive number of collected curses into one powerful attack. Suguru used over four thousand curses in his maximum technique during the climax of his battle with Yuta and Rika.[40]

Geto's Uzumaki (Anime)
Barrier Techniques
Geto summons a curtain over Jujutsu High (Anime)

Curtain ( (とばり) Tobari?): A type of barrier that is cast over a large area to hide everything within it from the outside world. Suguru can cast curtains capable of trapping sorcerers inside of it and can do so over another weaker sorcerer's barrier as well.[41]


Cursed Tools
Geto weilding Playful Cloud (Anime)

Playful Cloud ( (ゆう) (うん) Yū-Un?): A special grade cursed tool Suguru used to fight Yuta and Rika at the same time. He was effectively able to block, parry, and counter-attack against both adversaries at the same time with the three-section staff.[42]

Battles & Events

Gojo's Past Arc

Cursed Child Arc


  • Suguru's surname contains the kanji for "summer" ( () ge?) and "oil" ( (とう) ?), and his first name contains "great, excellence/excellency, merit, distinction, goodness, worth, eminence" ( (すぐる) suguru?).
  • Suguru ranked 15th place in the manga's 1st Character Popularity Poll with 1,840 votes.
  • According to Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook[43]:
    • Enrollment method: Scouted.
    • His specialty is martial arts.
    • Favorite food: Zaru soba served on a woven bamboo tray.
    • Least favorite food: None.
    • Cause of stress: Taking in cursed spirits.
  • Among male characters, Suguru is considered the most popular.[44]
  • The real name of Suguru's attire is called Gojō kāṣāya ( () (じょう) () () Gojō-kesa?), the same characters as Satoru's family name "Gojo" ( () (じょう) Gojō?).
    • This is due to there being 5 columns of stripes within the robe, a reference to the semantic meaning of the idiom "Gojō", lit. "Five Stripes".


  • (To himself) “An endless cycle of exorcism and consumption. Exorcise. Consume. It's a taste that nobody knows. The taste of a curse. Like ingesting a rag used to wipe up vomit. Exorcise. Consume. For whom? Ever since that day, it's been running through my head. What I saw was nothing out of the ordinary. A hideous evil, known to everyone. Knowing that full well, I chose to protect them as a jujutsu sorcerer. Don't lose your way. Follow through with your duty as a jujutsu sorcerer."[45]
  • (To Satoru Gojo) "Are you the strongest because you're Satoru Gojo? Or are you Satoru Gojo because you're the strongest?"[46]


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