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Straw Doll Technique ( (すう) (れい) (じゅ) (ほう) Sūrei Juhō?) is an innate technique used by Nobara Kugisaki. It allows her to attack using a toolset that includes a hammer, nails, and the signature straw doll.


This technique incorporates a toolset that features a hammer, nails, and straw doll capable of being improved by the user's cursed energy. Straw Doll Manipulation allows the user to imbue nails with cursed energy and levitate them in the air at all.

Nobara attacking a Cursed Corpse

Nobara using her cursed energy infused nails as projectiles.

These nails are sent into the user's target using a hammer to hit them and propel them forward as projectiles. The cursed energy allows the nails to be suspended in mid-air, allowing the user to easily hit them at their intended target.

If the target is hit by the nails, the cursed energy flowing through them can be used to deal further damage.[1] The Hairpin ability can generate explosive cursed energy from the nails once they've pierced the user's opponent as well.

The straw doll acts as a proxy for the user's intended target once they've established a connection with them. Using Resonance, the user can pierce the straw doll with nails and effectively do the same to their target at the same time. This gives the Straw Doll Technique limitless range as long as the user has a piece of their target to establish a connection.[2]


Nobara inherited the Straw Doll Technique from her grandmother and has honed it to a degree where she can rely on it as her primary form of combat. She generally uses it to fight at mid to long-range, sending nails flying at her opponents by striking them with her hammer. Once pierced, Nobara can easily concentrate her cursed energy and expand it to increase the destructive force of her nails.

Hitting mobile opponents like Momo Nishimiya with her nails is difficult for Nobara. Instead, she had to rely on manipulating the environment around her to her advantage, by sticking nails into nearby trees and breaking them. After connecting her straw doll to Momo's broom, Nobara was able to use her technique to completely nullify Momo's innate technique by using Resonance on her broom.[3]

The Straw Doll Technique is also compatible with Black Flash. By concentrating with incredible focus, Nobara was able to apply her cursed energy to her opponent via her nail at just the right time to unleash the sparks of black. This attack was devastating enough to grievously injure Kechizu, a special grade Cursed Womb: Death Painting.[4]

Related Techniques[]

Extension Techniques
Resonance Resonance ( (とも) () Tomonari?) is an ability that curses Nobara's opponent by using the straw doll as a proxy for her target. In order to be effective, Nobara must use a piece of her opponent to establish a connection with the straw doll. Then by striking the straw doll with her hammer and nails, she unleashes the same effect on her target.
Hairpin (Anime) Hairpin ( (かんざし) Kanzashi?) is a move that exceeds the limit of cursed energy within Nobara's nails, detonating them with explosive force and expanding the reach of the violent cursed energy beyond what Nobara can normally achieve.



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