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The Wacky Spirit Bash Race (チキチキ (じゅ) (れい) (とう) (ばつ) (もう) レース Chikichiki Jurei Tōbatsu Mō Rēsu?) is a team battle competittion held during the 30th annual Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event in 2018 at Tokyo Jujutsu High.


Megumi and Nobara agree to participate in the Goodwill Event.

Following their chaotic battle against the cursed womb, Nobara and Megumi are approached by second-year students Maki, Toge, and Panda. They recruit the two first-years to participate in the Goodwill Event as a way to get stronger and pay homage to their fallen friend.[1] Even to the second-year students, it became clear the Jujutsu Higher-Ups targeted Yuji by giving Gojo's students such a dangerous mission. They doubt they'll target Megumi or Nobara, or do anything out in the open, but they know their Kyoto rival students love to talk trash.

The Kyoto students arrive to scout the new competition.

On the day of the meeting to prepare the event, Aoi and Mai visit Tokyo High and confront the two first years in order to get a read on the competition.[2] The two duos end up coming to blows as a result, forcing the second-years to step in and rescue their teammates.[3]

After several weeks of training, the day of the Goodwill Event arrives. Nobara brings the luggage to school assuming they're going to Kyoto, but the event is with Kyoto not in Kyoto. The previous year was dominated by Yuta Okkotsu in Tokyo's favor, so the event this year is being held in Tokyo.

Shortly after, the Kyoto Team arrives and Aoi is disappointed not to see Yuta. Mechamaru feels the Tokyo Team has a handicap with two first years but Noritoshi argues that Megumi is a Zenin more capable than the head of the family. Everyone convenes expecting souvenirs for one another, but Satoru is late. He arrives moments later with souvenirs for the Kyoto students and surprises the Tokyo students with Yuji's return.

Yuji is introduced into the Tokyo Team.

Megumi and Nobara are borderline horrified by Yuji's sudden resurrection, shocking Yuji, who expected them to be happier. This angers Kyoto Principal Gakuganji, who is outright defied by Gojo.[4]

Gojo is punished by Principal Yaga, who explains the Team Battle competition at the same time. He reveals that the Spirit Bash Race is won by the team that exorcises the Grade 2 cursed spirit first, or whichever team exorcises the most spirits before sunset. After the short explanation, each team is given a short break to meet with their teammates before the event begins at noon.

"We will all attack Yuji Itadori!"

In the Tokyo Team meeting, Yuji is introduced to his three second-year senpais for the first time. They ask him about his capabilities and Megumi explains his friend would dominate in a brawl without cursed energy. In the Kyoto Team meeting, Principal Gakuganji orders his students to murder Yuji Itadori. Aoi refuses and storms out, leaving the rest of his teammates to decide to all attack Yuji at once.[5]

After their meeting concludes, the Tokyo Team heads toward the battleground. Megumi and Yuji reconnect and agree they refuse to lose ever again. Nobara interrupts and claims that she'll be the winner, inspiring Yuji to declare the team must do their best to go out and win.[6]

Team Members
Tokyo Jujutsu students at the Goodwill Event (Anime).png
Tokyo Team
Kyoto Jujutsu students at the Goodwill Event (Anime).png
Kyoto Team


Yuji holds off Aoi so his team can go on ahead.

The Goodwill Event begins and the Tokyo Team rushes as a unit toward the center of the battlefield, where they believe the Grade 2 curse will be located. Megumi instantly summons his Divine Dog and leads their team to a spider-like curse. Panda identifies it as a Grade 3 curse and Maki prepares to take it out. Megumi tells his senpai to stop as Aoi suddenly breaks through the nearby brush, knocking the curse aside. Excited to see everyone close together, Aoi demands they all come at him at once.

Yuji steps up to the plate and instantly delivers a flying knee that smashes Aoi's face. Now that Yuji has isolated Aoi, his teammates scatter into smaller groups. They accurately predicted beforehand that Aoi would come straight for them and decided that it would be Yuji who would hold him off. All Yuji needs to do is buy time, but he's determined to win this bout against Aoi.

The Kyoto Team ambushes Yuji.

Aoi quickly recovers from the blow and counterattacks with a right hand that obliterates the Spider curse. The curse softened the blow for Yuji, but it still sends him reeling back. Aoi follows up by pummeling Yuji until it appears his rival has fallen unconscious. Moments later, Yuji gets back up angry from the assault. Intrigued by Yuji's willpower, Aoi asks what kind of girl he likes. [7]

Yuji reveals he likes tall girls with big butts, the same as Aoi's taste, surprising the upperclassmen. Inside Aoi's mind, a memory was born of a past memory that never actually took place. After a brief flashback of their time in junior high together, Aoi is convinced Yuji is his best friend. They're interrupted when suddenly all the remaining members of the Kyoto Team ambush Yuji.

"Take her down."

Yuji's speed is enough to evade Mai's bullets and even Kasumi's Batto Sword Drawing. Mechamaru appears to cut off Yuji while Noritoshi and Mai both take aim, forcing the Tokyo first-year to realize the other students are trying to kill him. However, Aoi claps and everyone suddenly switches places, throwing their ambush out of balance and moving Yuji out of harm's way. He appears behind Noritoshi and nearly crushes him with a right-handed punch that breaks apart the ground.

The other Kyoto students decide to retreat and Noritoshi tells Aoi to kill Yuji. Aoi defiantly declares that this is up to Yuji because he's not the type of person to go easy on his best friend. Momo floats on her broom and watches from above, regretting the team's decision to interfere with Aoi. She's taken off guard when Megumi summons Nue to hit her out of the sky with its electro-shock wings.

Maki takes Kasumi by surprise.

Noritoshi orders Mai and Mechamaru to secure Momo and the four students split off into two groups. However, Noritoshi and Kasumi are instantly cut off by Megumi and Maki. Maki clashes her spear with Kasumi's sheathed sword while Megumi clashes his tonfa with Noritoshi's bow. Having seen through the Kyoto Team's motives, Megumi asks Noritoshi if his team plans on killing Yuji. [8]

Just after the other members of the Tokyo Team break away from Yuji, they discovered all of the Kyoto Team is moving toward him rather than the main target. Megumi figured the Kyoto Team might attack Yuji and the second years agrees that Principal Gakuganji would give that kind of order. Panda asked Toge to search for the Grade 2 curse in order to end the event as quickly as possible while the others moved to protect Yuji.

Nobara and Panda isolate Momo.

Momo is knocked into a tree by Nue and confronted soon after by Nobara and Panda, who try to tease her into a fight. At the same time, Megumi clashes with Noritoshi, who claims to have no knowledge of an attempt on Yuji's life. Megumi doesn't believe him and knows there's a reason members of the big three Sorcerer Families would try to end Sukuna's vessel.

As Aoi and Yuji continue to clash, the third-year is continuously impressed by Yuji's raw talent. However, he believes that Yuji's Divergent Fist isn't the proper way for him to be utilizing his abilities. Maki hears Aoi and realizes that he's been keeping Yuji alive. Kasumi apologizes for the attack but readies herself for battle. The Goodwill Event is is followed by many sorcerers and anyone who stands out will receive recognition. Kasumi needs that recognition to climb the ranks and earn money for her family. Even so, Maki claims she won't go easy on her.

Aoi guides Yuji down the path of the mighty.

Aoi confronts Yuji about his abilities and claims that Divergent Fist holds him back. He wonders if Yuji is okay with being weak, which the first year immediately refutes. Inspired, Aoi decides to guide Yuji on how to properly become a strong sorcerer.[9] They continue to fight as Yuji learns to adapt to Aoi's fighting style. Aoi realizes that Yuji is devouring him to grow stronger. However, he third year wants his junior to evolve in a different manor.

Aoi abruptly halts their bout to teach Yuji about how cursed energy flows. Divergent Fist makes Yuji utilize his cursed energy only in his hands, creating a habit of treating his body as disproportionate parts. In truth, the mind, body and soul exist at one and many people simply overlook that maxim. Thanks to this guidance from Aoi, Yuji makes the next step in venturing down the path of the mighty.

Panda fakes an injury to sucker-punch Mechamaru.

The attack from Nue leaves Momo stunned for a moment, lying defenseless in a tree. Nobara and Panda catch her off guard and use the opportunity to taunt her from the ground. Angry about the order to kill Yuji, Nobara threatens Momo and asks about the Kyoto rival's motives. They're interrupted when Mechamaru suddenly arrives to save his classmate. He appears to strike down Panda in a single hit and Momo recovers, descending from the tree to challenge Nobara one on one.

Suddenly, Panda recovers, and sucker punches Mechamaru, and verbally exposes Kyoto student out for being a cursed corpse like himself. Irritated, Mechamaru goes on the offensive and challenges Panda, who asks what happened to the games being about hunting curses.[10] Kokichi Muta, the sorcerer who's controlling Mechamaru is actually a normal human being. However, his body is fragile in exchange for his vast reserves of cursed energy. As Mechamaru and Panda exchange blows, Kokichi grows more irritated that Panda can live a carefree life while he cannot.

Panda unleashes Gorilla Mode in order to defeat Mechamaru.

After revealing Mechamaru's trump card, Ultra Cannon, Panda matches by unleashing his Gorilla Mode![11] In his new form, Panda easily outmatches Mechamaru in close quarters combat. After both sides analyze their best chances at victory, they engage in one final exchange. Mechamaru appears to get Panda to bite on a fake and blasts his core to finish the fight. However, Panda fakes the site of his cursed energy core and strikes down Mechamaru once and for all. Afterward, Panda wishes Kokichi well and reminds him that he lost by underestimating a doll before asking for his phone.

Elsewhere, Maki continues her clash with Miwa, effortlessly outmaneuvering her Kyoto rival in close combat with her polearm.[12] Mai always speaks very lowly of her twin sister, so Kasumi didn't expect Maki to be so powerful. She attempts to even the playing field using Batto Sword Drawing, but Maki surprisingly breaks her own weapon and utilizes several decoys to get in close to Kasumi before disarming her.

Maki surprises Kasumi with her strength.

Watching from a room where sorcerers can spectate the event while keeping track of a score, Mei Mei notes that Maki should be promoted. Inside this conference room, there are talisman on the walls corresponding to each of the curses on the battlefield. Tokyo exorcisms burn the talisman red while Kyoto burns blue. After defeating Mechamaru, Panda is able to dispatch a weak curse and score a point for the Tokyo team.

Nobara tries to fight with Momo, who rides above her on her broom. While evading Nobara, Momo strikes with brushes of cursed energy fused wind and even strikes her with the telepathically controlled broomstick. The Kyoto third year takes a moment to tell her junior that girls like them are treated unfairly in the jujutsu world. However, all Nobara cares about is victory and is only annoyed by Momo's monologue.[13]

Nobara finally closes the distance and gets close to the illusive Momo.

Momo continues to speak on the injustices that affect female jujutsu sorcerers like Mai. Internally she's worried about Toge appearing at any moment and is attempting to keep Nobara away. Nobara rejects all of Momo's notions because she looks down on people like Yuji without even knowing them. Using a combination of her Straw Doll Techniques, Nobara is able to gain the upper-hand on Momo and nearly defeat her. However, she's suddenly eliminated when she's knocked out by a rubber bullet shot from Mai's pistol.

Maki decides to confront her younger twin alone to settle their score. She suggests Mai call for backup but the Kyoto student insists that their fight be one on one.[14] Despite having little cursed energy, Maki is a far more superior sorcerer than her sister. She not only possess poise and abilities beyond Mai's, but her ambition as well. Mai was content living at the Zenin household as a simple maiden, but Maki had bigger aspirations. Mai resents her sister for forcing them both into this life, and attempts to defeat her by revealing her cursed technique.

Maki puts her sibling rivalry to bed.

Despite Mai's best efforts to deceive her older sister, she's ultimately defeated by Maki's physical prowess. Defeated, Mai asks her sister why she didn't remain content at home and Maki reveals that she could never live like that. She apologizes but Mai still feels that her sister is a liar all the same.[15]

Meanwhile inside a temple on the battlefield, Megumi and Noritoshi are locked in combat. The Kyoto third year exhausts his supply of blood stained arrows, which can defy physics thanks to the Kamo families prized Inherited Technique. Noritoshi uses his technique to increase his physical abilities and takes the fight into close quarters with Megumi.

Principal Gakuganji originally planned to use a Semi Grade 1 cursed spirit to kill Yuji. He trusts that Noritoshi will see it done following Yuji's fight with Aoi. After tricking Kasumi into falling for a sleeping curse, via Mechamaru's phone, Toge encounters this very cursed spirit. However, it is suddenly killed and a special grade cursed spirit that emerges in its place. Hanami appears from the shadows of the forest and Toge readies himself to face the special grade threat.[16]

Megumi and Noritoshi's duel is abruptly interrupted by the appearance of Mahito's group.

As Megumi and Noritoshi trade blows, they exchange ideals as well. Noritoshi believes they will both become pillars for the Sorcerer Families but Megumi has no loyalties to people who would see his friend assassinated. Megumi will follow his conscience and save Yuji no matter what, and suggests they agree to curse each other if they can't agree on ideals. By unleashing a new shikigami he had just recently attained; Max Elephant, Megumi gains the upper hand on Noritoshi and forces him out of the building using a large volume of water. Just as their battle reaches its climax as they charge at one another outside, gigantic tree roots arise from the ground, interrupting the fight.

Toge appears before them fleeing from the wooden spikes before ordering them both to run. At this point, curse users and spirits from Mahito's group invade Jujutsu High and unofficially end the event by throwing the school into a state of emergency.[17]



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