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To Do List

How New Users Can Help
  • Please be sure to review the wiki's policies and manual of style before making any edits!
  • Mark any underdeveloped page with Category:Stubs and help expand them in any way!
  • Mark pages that violate the wiki's policy with Category:Candidates for deletion.
  • Proofread any page and fix any distinguishable grammar and spelling errors.
  • Add wiki links to any pages missing them by using brackets like this:
Advanced Tasks
  • Expand character synopsis.
  • Add Unused Images to character galleries.
  • Add any missing references.
  • Maintain updated terminology usage throughout each article.
Contact a Moderator Before
Certain projects are already assigned staff members that we ask other editors not to edit without permission. Please open a channel of communication before making any of these major edits.
  • Creating a new page: Newer content is best left to experienced editors, moderators or staff members to set up properly. Feel free to add content once a new page has already been established.'
    • New Character
    • New Technique
    • New Arc
  • Creating a new category
    • Adding deceased category
  • Adding chapter/episode/arc synopsis.
    • These are taken care of by admins.
  • Making large edits to character pages
    • We call the red tables used to display a character's cursed techniques a jujutsu box. Please do not add or edit jujutsu boxes.
      • Character abilities sections are under construction. If you notice a character is missing a jujutsu box, please do not add one. Feel free to expand the section but understand it will be overhauled eventually.
        • If you wish to help contribute to developing jujutsu boxes, reach out to User:Young Mako.
  • Adding Images.:
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