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Sotomura ( (そと) (むら) Sotomura?) is a minor character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a teacher at Satozakura High School where Junpei Yoshino attended.


Sotomura is an overweight man with mid-length hair that is short on the side of his head, square eyebrows, and stubble on his upper lip. Sotomura wears a white dress shirt that is tucked into his black pants that is held up with a white belt, and black shoes.


Sotamura is a non-confrontational person, where he rather ignored Junpei being bullied by Shota Ito then helping.[1] Despite this he seemed to care for his students and regretted his actions against Junpei, now having a close eye on his bully.


Vs. Mahito Arc

Sotomura was seen waiting for Junpei Yoshino and asking him if he heard about the death of his "friends" and why he wasn't at their funeral. At that moment, Yuji Itadori showed up and started talking to Junpei. Sotomura, annoyed that Yuji interrupted them, asked who he was, but then Yuji took Sotomura's pants and ran, with Sotomura running after him, in an attempt to get his pants back.[2][3]

The next day, Sotomura attends an award ceremony for his students. When all the students collapse, Sotomura wonders what is happening. Junpei suddenly shows up and tells Sotomura to watch what is about to happen. Sotomura then watches as Junpei confronts Shota Ito.[4][5]

After the incident, Sotomura confronts Ito about him bullying Junpei. Sotomura tells Shota that they will have to both carry the burden of murdering Junpei's heart, and that he will be watching him.[6][7]

Abilities and Powers

As an ordinary human, he doesn't possess any additional abilities.



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