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Smallpox Deity (疱瘡神 (ほうそうがみ) Hōsōgami?) was a special grade disease cursed spirit summoned by Pseudo-Geto using Cursed Spirit Manipulation.


The Smallpox Deity is a cursed spirit relative to the size of a human. The upper portion of the curse is covered in light-colored hair that makes up most of its face and back. Its mouth has two large tusks as well as sharp teeth.

The Smallpox Deity has a tail on the other end of the hair that features dark triangular designs. The tail is connected to a sphere that makes up the disease curse's lower body while it levitates. The Smallpox Deity also has two muscular arms covered in pox bumps.


Shibuya Incident Arc

Geto summons Smallpox Deity to have it battle with Mei Mei. After Geto leaves, Smallpox Deity quickly traps both Mei Mei and her brother Ui Ui within its Domain Expansion. After also trapping Mei Mei within a coffin, Smallpox Deity uses its Grave attack to smash the coffin with a large boulder. Smallpox Deity starts to count down from 3 but Mei Mei quickly smashes the boulder to pieces.[1] Smallpox Deity continues to use its grave attack on Mei Mei until Mei Mei has Ui Ui release his cursed energy. Smallpox Deity then uses his attack on Ui Ui but it doesn't work since Ui Ui counters it with simple domain. Mei Mei then distracts Smallpox Deity, so that one of her crows can exorcise Smallpox Deity in exchange for its life.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill: The Smallpox Deity is one of the registered special grade cursed spirits, qualifying its level of power as extremely rare. Pseudo-Geto assured Mei Mei its power was of the utmost quality among his collection. The curse user used it as a benchmark to test the grade 1 sorcerer's abilities to judge if she was worthy to face him. The disease curse is exceptionally powerful, proven by its ability to fully manifest a Domain Expansion.[3]

Mei Mei alone likely could not have dealt with the domain's guaranteed hit that repeatedly trapped her under a gravestone. However, the Smallpox Deity only possesses minimal intelligence while under the possession of Geto's curse manipulation. It acted on instinct and targeted the enemy with the most cursed energy. With Ui Ui with her, a simple distraction with Ui Ui's jujutsu was enough for her to create an opening and exorcise the curse.[4]


Innate Technique
Smallpox Deity Gravestone Technique.png Gravestone Technique: The Smallpox Deity's cursed technique begins when it traps its target inside a cramped coffin. After the target is caught, the curse takes its left fist and lowers it into its right hand. This motion drops a giant gravestone on top of the coffin, dealing heavy damage and burying the coffin underground. Once the gravestone is placed, the disease curse begins to countdown from three. If the count reaches one, the target will be infected with smallpox and die.[5] (Unnamed)
Domain Expansion
Smallpox Deity Domain Expansion.png Graveyard Domain: Using its fingers to craft hand signs, the Smallpox Deity can active their domain, instantly trapping an opponent inside. The domain itself is a graveyard befitting the theme of the disease curse's abilities.[6] The automatic-hit granted by the domain enhances the cursed technique and guarantees death once the conditions are fulfilled.[7][8] (Unnamed)

Battles & Events

Shibuya Incident Arc


  • Gege Akutami wanted to respect those who may have been affected by illnesses and decided to use smallpox because it's been eradicated.
  • Pseudo-Geto lied by naming this disease curse a "smallpox deity" when it is actually a "smallpox hag" by classification. He did so to intimidate his opponents. Mei Mei could have been tricked if she wasn't familiar with disease curses. [9]


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