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Slicing Exorcism ( (かり) (ばらい) Karibarai?) is a Blood Manipulation attack.


A mid-to-long ranged attack that allows the user to slice their opponents by manipulating their own blood in different formations.


Noritoshi Kamo

Noritoshi Kamo forms some of his blood into a chakram-like projectile: a circle with a hollow middle, and four spikes protruding from the edge. He then spins the circle and throws it at a target with great force.[1]


Choso manipulates his blood in a form of stream that is capable of easily slicing through human bodies. Due to his unique body, he can use large amounts of blood to increase the range and effectiveness of the technique. [2] Later on, it is shown that he is also able to utilize this ability by forming a rotating chakram.[3]


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