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The Six Eyes ( (りく) (がん) Rikugan?) are an innate gift rarely inherited within the Gojo clan. They are a nonstandard jujutsu trait manifesting as a pair of bright blue eyes that grant a bearer extrasensory perception. This includes seeing the flow of cursed energy in extreme detail and the ability to use that flow to read cursed techniques. The eyes also allow for ultra-precise control over the user's cursed energy, which is indispensable for properly utilizing the Limitless technique.

Satoru Gojo is the first sorcerer to be born with both the Limitless and the Six Eyes in approximately four hundred years.[1]


Six Eyes

The Six Eyes.

The Six Eyes were always bound to Master Tengen and the Star Plasma Vessel by fate. At some point in the past, Kenjaku was defeated by two different users of the Six Eyes. After his second defeat, Kenjaku did not take any chances and killed another Six Eyes user a month after they were born. Despite Kenjaku doing the same to the Star Plasma Vessel, the Six Eyes reappeared alongside a new Star Plasma Vessel on the day of the merger.

This connection was severed by Toji Fushiguro, a man who escaped cursed energy through Heavenly Restriction and destroyed all of their destinies. This inevitably led to the current user of the Six Eyes getting sealed by Kenjaku.[2]


Six Eyes (Anime)

The bearer of the Six Eyes gifted with advanced perception even as a child.

The Six Eyes are an idiosyncrasy rarely inherited within the Gojo clan. They are not a cursed technique that needs to be activated, but an innate gift that grants the bearer the ability to master the Limitless.[3] Several hundred years can pass before a bearer of the Six Eyes appears, and no two bearers can exist at the same time.[4]

A Six Eyes bearer has immense perception and unrivaled visual prowess far beyond that of any other sorcerer. Their eyesight is comparable to high-definition infrared camera, allowing them to see even when their eyes are covered. They can easily see things from several kilometers away and distinctly tell apart different figures within that range.[5][6]

Miguel recognizes the Six Eyes (Anime)

"It's thanks to those eyes."

The Six Eyes can see the flow of cursed energy, empowering their bearer with the ability to read an individual's cursed technique in use and determine its function.[7][8] They can even differentiate between different types of cursed energy[9] and help the user identify a person based on it.[10]

Satoru Gojo surveying the battlefield (Anime)

Satoru using the Six Eyes to quickly survey a vast area.

The Six Eyes allow for the extremely precise manipulation of cursed energy, down to an atomic level. This not only allows the bearer to operate the Limitless through complex control of cursed energy but enables them to process it with great efficiency as well. The amount of cursed energy loss when a bearer spends cursed energy to activate a cursed technique is infinitesimally close to zero, making it impossible for them to run out of cursed energy normally.[11]

Gojo reveals his Six Eyes (Anime)

Satoru revealing his Six Eyes to activate Unlimited Void.

The Six Eyes are a passive trait that the user cannot deactivate. They also do not appear to require cursed energy to function, as Satoru Gojo could still use his Six Eyes even after his cursed energy was sealed by Prison Realm.[10] Leaving the Six Eyes uncovered for extended periods of time can fatigue the bearer. In order to reduce fatigue, the user can cover their eyes using a blindfold, bandages, or dark sunglasses among other things. Any sorcerer can see cursed energy but a Six Eyes bearer can read the flow of cursed energy in their environment even when their eyes are covered, allowing them to even detect objects that lack cursed energy.[12]

In order for the user to utilize the advanced techniques of the Limitless such as Hollow Purple and Unlimited Void, the Six Eyes needs to be fully uninhibited.[13][14]


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